Carol Glover's #MyBiosphere

In our regular feature, authors from different walks of Manx life offer a personal perspective on #MyBiosphere. This month, Carol Glover writes:

In our regular feature, authors from different walks of Manx life offer a personal perspective on #MyBiosphere. This month, Carol Glover writes:

To me, our Island’s beauty is ethereal and, no matter where I have lived, travelled or worked across the world it has always been home: 'Rising like a vision, sparkling bright in nature’s glee.'

I celebrate our UNESCO Biosphere status and I encourage you all to do the same, especially on social media.

As a proud nation, we are the best advocates for our Island.

A previous role involved marketing the Island and we quickly shared our nature, countryside, activities and unique wildlife, most notably Loaghtans and basking sharks, in our advertising and imagery.

Meanwhile, the first TTXGP (TT Zero), a world first in 2008, showcased leading edge zero emissions technology for motorcycles.

As a Board member of Department for Enterprise Business Agency, I believe that this approach to innovative thinking based on our strengths, inventive heritage and skills, could drive a unique, world-class, sustainable development strategy – one in congruence with our Biosphere status, unique for a nation, currently.

This excites me and resonates with many of the young business people I mentor today.

Top-quality Manx food was a feature of my young life, growing up in Douglas, with regular visits from farmers’ vans full of Manx fish, meat and produce, to our doorstep.

Today, emerging local food innovation in the restaurant and catering sector alongside award winning artisan producers, using naturally produced local ingredients, is integral to the essence of our Biosphere story.

The Island also has great strength in locally owned businesses. They contribute disproportionately to the economy, are well supported by locals, and committed to the long term future of the Island. Many of these are now Biosphere partners.

Since living back here, I have had the great delight of having three dogs, Hector, Bertie and Charlie.

To walk alone in nature with my dog(s), anywhere in the Manx countryside, is one of the greatest joys of my life. There are so many special dog walks with such differing landscapes, beauty, sounds and aromas.

Even better. Taking Bertie for a walk today, we can enjoy some Manx produce in a café with a beautiful view, no matter what the weather.

One of my great passions in recent years has been coaching and mentoring younger people, and to interact with a generation whose first priority is the future of the planet.

It’s not surprising to me that the Biosphere, Climate Change Coalition, Green Party, Beach Buddies, and others, are growing so rapidly on the Island.

As our national song says:

‘And the Fair Isle shines with beauty, As in youth it dawned on me.’

I would love to see a greater focus on the environmental benefits of living, working and enjoying life in our Biosphere at the heart of our future policy and plans – as happens in New Zealand, Scotland, Iceland, and Costa Rica.

Living our Biosphere message in everything we do could be the best way to grow our younger, working population, while ensuring those who come to join us respect and contribute to the sustainable future of Ellan Vannin.

  • Carol Glover is a punk-inspired, disruptive leader, speaker and executive coach from the Isle of Man who has helped entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide. She has held senior leadership roles in retailing and the public, tech, distribution, property development and voluntary sectors. She helps inventive leaders and founders find clarity, focus and success from opportunities and challenges.

Posted up on 2nd September 2019


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