April - September 2022

Biosphere Bee Community Picnic

A community picnic to connect people with nature, promote local produce and enhance wellbeing and connectivity in our Biosphere.
A community picnic to connect people with nature, promote local produce and enhance wellbeing and connectivity in our Biosphere.
  • Background

    The word 'bee' has natural connotations, is Manx Gaelic for 'food' and also means 'gathering of people to do something together'.

  • What's it all about?

    UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is encouraging the public to engage with friends, neighbours, and with the natural world, by organising or attending a Biosphere Bee Community Picnic in 2022. 

    It is all about enjoying local produce in a natural setting in a way that is safe, sustainable and inclusive for the community.

    The Biosphere Bee Community Picnic is not one single event. It provides a platform for businesses, organisations, schools, charities and neighbours to plan a sustainable get-together based on their own ideas and interests, throughout the months of April to September.

  • Tell me more...

    The Biosphere Bee Community Picnic will celebrate our community connections and natural environment whilst appreciating our Biosphere’s food, culture, creations and biodiversity. Like our communities, every ‘Bee’ will be different.

    Nature and green spaces are vital to us and contribute to wellbeing, stress reduction and recuperation. Everyone should have access to green space and be able to engage with nature safely and sensitively.

    The Biosphere Bee Community Picnic puts the plans in your hands. If you register you will receive ideas and resources to help you to bring people together in outdoor spaces and enjoy local produce while leaving the creative control to you, the organiser.

  • How can I get involved?

    It’s as easy as A, Bee, C…

    Watch this space as, come 6th September 2021, you will be able to register your own event via an online form here on this page. Sign up to our newsletter if you haven't already, and we will issue a gentle reminder when registration opens.

    When you register, you will receive a full package which will include the Biosphere Bee Community Picnic 2022 logo set with guidance for usage, editable posters and invitations, sustainability guidance and much more. In the meantime you can email biopshere@gov.im with any queries you may have.

  • Our Minister says

    Hon Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, says:

    'We have a strong sense of community in our Biosphere and rebuilding connections with old friends and making new friends is really important after Covid lockdowns. Picnics will also connect people with nature and the outdoors in our beautiful Biosphere and promote and celebrate local produce. The creative aspect of planning a picnic will be appealing to many and we look forward to the imaginative ways people celebrate Biosphere Bee in 2022. We hope we’ll see a blanket of Biosphere Bee Community Picnics across the Island.


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