UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Awards 2021

Organisations contributing to a more sustainable Isle of Man were rewarded today at the third UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Awards.

Organisations contributing to a more sustainable Isle of Man were rewarded today at the third UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Awards.

The awards celebrate those contributing to the Man and the Biosphere Programme’s global aims of sustainable development, conservation and education.

They are organised in line with the five Es of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man’s local strategy, ‘Working Together for a Sustainable Future’.

The economy award went to Capital International Group for its ‘Conscious Capital initiative, integrating environmental, social and governance initiatives, with a target of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

The education winner was Dawn Colley, biodiversity and education officer with Manx Wildlife Trust, who educates schools and the community about nature and wildlife, partly under contract to the Isle of Man Government.

The energy award went to The Children’s Centre, which has, with expert guidance, converted its whole site to solar energy and planted 100 trees.

The enjoyment and engagement winner was Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens, who shares her love of gardening and nature on TV and radio, on her popular social media channels and in a new book.

The environment award went to PlasticBusters, whose community clean-up initiative, encouraging people to adopt and keep clean areas has global participation.

The awards were hand-crafted from local wood. Winners were chosen by a panel from Government and the private and third sectors.

Howard Quayle, Chief Minister and Chair of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man, said: ‘Our Biosphere status connects us with the issue that challenges us all - how to live more sustainably now, to conserve what we have for the future.

‘It encourages us to make good decisions and take positive actions - as individuals, as organisations and as a Government.

‘It proves that economic growth can be achieved in a way that is sensitive to our natural environment, our culture and our heritage.

‘All our awards entrants make a fantastic contribution to that sustainable future.’

Geoffrey Boot, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, said: ‘I congratulate everyone who entered the awards for their investment in a sustainable future.

‘Today’s awards ceremony heard about so much good work in the five areas we covered.

‘Myself and my fellow judges had a tremendously difficult task choosing winners, such was the quality of entries.

‘I hope winners’ actions inspire others.’

The awards ceremony was held at the Manx Museum, Douglas.

Photo: Bill Dale BEM

Posted up on 4th October 2021


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