Meet Mariella, our Biosphere volunteer

Local undergraduate Mariella Craig has joined the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man team as a volunteer for a year. We catch up with her.

Local undergraduate Mariella Craig has joined the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man team as a volunteer for a year. We catch up with her:

Hello! In this article I am introducing myself as a new member of the Biosphere team here on the Isle of Man. First things first, my name is Mariella Craig and I am a Geography student at the University of Leeds.

I am currently taking a sandwich year between my second and final year to gain some work experience within the environmental/sustainability sector in which I wish to pursue a career in the future. My hobbies include hiking, playing music, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

I have had the privilege of growing up here on our beautiful Island and believe part of my inspiration and motivation to help protect our environment stems from my inherent appreciation for how special our Island is.

I have always found nature’s ways to be very intriguing and inspiring, I shared this interest with my dad growing up. I feel a need to protect our environment so that future generations can also have the privilege of growing up and living in such a special and unique Biosphere just like I did.

During my time in the Biosphere team, I will be helping encourage the growth of the Refill scheme both online and in person. My ambition is to help the community become more environmentally conscious by making small changes which become part of the natural routine, such as remembering to take a reusable water bottle and/or a reusable coffee cup out and about as you would remember to take your house keys out with you or sunglasses on a sunny day.

I’ll also be getting involved with lots of other projects.

I am particularly interested in helping within the Environment, Education and Engagement aspects of Biosphere Isle of Man’s vision and strategy, ‘Working Together for a Sustainable Future’.

I believe the success of environmentally conscious changes occurring across the community are very closely linked with increasing education around these subjects.

Understanding why we must make changes and how we can help live in a more sustainable way is fundamental to maintaining a healthy Island Biosphere.  

If you are involved in UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man, I hope to meet you soon.

Posted up on 22nd October 2022


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