Scouts fly the flag at Isle of Wight biosphere event

Scouts, Cubs and Beavers in the Isle of Wight will fly the Manx flag at a Biosphere-themed Mardi Gras Carnival on Saturday (30th June).

A public celebration of the UNESCO Biosphere programme has been organised as the Isle of Wight applies to join the world network of Biosphere reserves.

Schools and youth groups in the Island have each researched and will 'represent' different Biospheres the world over.

1st Brading Cubs and Scouts will fly an Isle of Man flag, loaned by Tynwald, and tell people about UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

A highlight of the event, taking place through the streets of Ryde, will be the premiere of the Mardi Gras Carnival anthem, 'Global Biospheres', which all 1,000 young participants will sing.

The Isle of Wight's formal bid to join the UNESCO world network, was launched at the island's Environment Conference, held yesterday (Tuesday).

The event, and the Isle of Man's showcasing, featured in an article in the Isle of Wight County Press.

Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture said: 'It is great that a fellow British island may soon be part of the global network of Biosphere reserves – and that people will learn about UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man at the Mardi Gras Carnival this weekend.'

Joel Bateman, who is leading the Isle of Wight bid, said: 'Through the Mardi Gras Carnival, we want to enthuse and excite people about the wonderful Isle of Wight and its culture.

'The event engages schools and the island as a whole, through dance, music, costume and carnival and will help spread the message of what Biospheres are all about.

'If the Isle of Wight becomes a UNESCO Biosphere reserve, we can shout about being an eco-island and feel proud knowing that we are doing what we can to sustain our environment for future generations.'

Posted up on 27th June 2018


If you love the Isle of Man and want to help keep it special, there are a variety of ways to get involved in UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man projects. Here are a few suggestions.

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