New Manx books in time for Christmas

From first letters to Christmas carols, a scutch of new books have been just released by Culture Vannin.

From first letters to Christmas carols, a scutch of new books have just been released by Culture Vannin.

They are a part of a wave of exciting new books focused on the language, some for learners but others simply calling on it to enhance our sense of place here on the Isle of Man.

A Manx Alphabet is a beautiful new book illustrated by Vicky Webb specifically for young families looking for something special and Manx. Its simple full-page illustrations for each letter are ideal for young children and are inspired by things which can be seen around us here on the Isle of Man. It was inspired by Vicky’s daughter, who Vicky felt needed something special to realise her unique Manx home.

Manx Phrases is a wonderful new book for learners of Manx, collecting together clusters of phrases around appropriate topics of conversation. Ranging from work and school to living in the south and watching the races, the book was inspired by the needs of those enjoying Manx lessons all over the Isle of Man today. It will be perfect for both new learners and confident speakers of the language.

Nollick Ghennal: Songs in Manx for Christmas is a new book of Christmas songs in Manx, new, old, translated or composed. The book boasts 40 Christmas songs in Manx Gaelic, with full melodies and lyrics. It is ideal for anyone looking to make their Christmas a little bit more Manx.

With wonderful books like this, the Island’s language has perhaps never been more accessible or enjoyable.

More information about the books and the language can be found on the Culture Vannin website:


Posted up on 13th December 2018


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