Villa Marina

Villa Marina swaps throwaway plastic glasses for reusable versions

The Villa Marina is replacing single-use plastic glasses with more durable, reusable versions.

The change comes into effect from the Isle of Man Darts Festival in March.

The venue gets through around 70,000 single-use pint and half pint glasses a year at its concerts and large-attendance events, when it cannot allow glassware into its main halls.

When events end, staff will collect in and wash the glasses, which are branded with the Villa Gaiety logo.

The initiative is in line with the Single Use Plastics Plan for the Isle of Man Government, which all areas of public service are helping to deliver.

Bars and catering manager Matt Child is one of Government’s new sustainability champions, who are helping their Departments and areas to enact the plan.

Matt said: ‘While this increases work for our staff, introducing reusable glasses means we’ll massively reduce our dependence on single-use plastic at the Villa. We have also switched to biodegradable straws.

‘Hopefully in future, new materials will allow us to switch from plastic entirely.’

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