Energy-saving tips

Take the chill out of winter energy bills

Winter can be an expensive time of year. Temperatures drop and heating gets cranked up, nights draw in and lights are on for longer.

The Isle of Man Government has 10 simple energy-saving tips to encourage householders to reduce their energy usage, carbon footprint - and bills.

1. Turn off appliances at the plug

2. Fit a water-efficient shower head

3. Switch to LED lightbulbs

4. Switch off lights in rooms you’re not using

5. Only boil as much water as you need

6. Wash your laundry at 30 degrees

7. Insulate your loft

8. Draught-proof windows, doors and chimney

9. If replacing appliances; buy energy saving models

10. Only heat the rooms you are using.

Some of the tips above are free to implement and can be used on a daily basis to save around £80 a year. Others are simple and relatively inexpensive actions that can ensure maximum savings through the winter.

Find out more here.

Keep your home warm and comfortable this winter.

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