Mannin Quilters' Biosphere Wall-hangings go on display

Wall hangings that celebrate UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man have gone on show.

Wall hangings that celebrate UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man have gone on show.

Mannin Quilters has created hangings depicting life in the Isle of Man’s six sheadings.

The group has spent more than a year researching and crafting the hangings, which will tour four venues this winter and spring.

Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK – chairman of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man – launched the exhibition at Castletown Civic Centre on Monday 3rd February.

He said: ‘Our UNESCO Biosphere status celebrates all that we hold dear in the Island: our green hills by the sea, our diverse nature and wildlife, our rich heritage, our abundant culture, which has shaped the way we live in the past and continues to do so today, and, not least, our strong sense of community and desire to work together to keep the Isle of Man special.

‘This delightful project by Mannin Quilters brings together all the strands of our Biosphere.

‘The quilters use traditional skills to create beautiful works of art such as these.

‘They embody the community spirit that makes the Isle of Man so different from other places.’

Chris Eastham, Chair of Mannin Quilters, said: ‘This has been an enjoyable project that has got the whole group talking and exchanging ideas as well as showcasing the amazing and varied talents of our members.’

The wall hangings can be seen at Castletown Civic Centre until 14th February (9am to 3.30pm); Jurby Health and Community Centre, hosted by Jurby and Northern Community Initiatives, from 19th to 28th February (varied opening times, see facebook/check with venue); the Hodgson Loom Gallery at Laxey Woollen Mills from 2nd to 21st March (10am to 5pm) and at the Villa Marina from 24th March to 17th April (10am-8pm). Admission is free.

The Isle of Man is the only ‘entire nation’ UNESCO Biosphere, part of the UN body’s Man and the Biosphere Programme.

Mannin Quilters celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

To find out more about the group, visit

The Chief Minister, Chris Eastham, Chair of Mannin Quilters, and David Parnell, Vice-Chair of host venue Castletown Commissioners, at last night’s opening.  

Posted up on 7th February 2020


If you love the Isle of Man and want to help keep it special, there are a variety of ways to get involved in UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man projects. Here are a few suggestions.

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