Exhibition showcases wildlife and conservation work

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Partners Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch (MWDW) and Cathedral Isle of Man will showcase the Island's wildlife and its conservation work via The manx Nature Show, an exhibition running in 2023.

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Partners Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch (MWDW) and Cathedral Isle of Man will showcase the Island's exceptional wildlife and its conservation work via The Manx Nature Show, an exhibition running in 2023.

The exhibition is being run in collaboration with, and celebrating, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

Taking part:

Please send images and information to info@mwdw.net by 23rd December 2022.

Dates for exhibition:

The exhibition will open on 18th February 2022 and run until Manx Wildlife Week, May 2023.

Required to take part are:

Name of your organisation.

A brief description of the work you do (not too long) and how to get involved, report sightings, etc.

Your contact phone number, email, website and social media @s

Between five and 10 high quality/resolution photos with captions, species, location, photographer if credit needed.

More information on the type of information to send in is here.

Supplying images:

Note that if these are too large for an email to reach MWDW, you should send them via a file transfer site such as WeTransfer with a supporting email. Or pop in to the MWDW shop in Michael Street, Peel. Opening hours vary depending on weather conditions and whether staff are out delivering work, so do check.

You can also supply:

Leaflets etc for a table.

Can we supply existing pop up banners etc?

As the Cathedral has kindly granted hanging space, and is a multi-purpose building, and is unmanned for much of the time, other pop ups etc cannot be accommodated.

What will happen next:

After you register to take part, MWDW will work with you and its designer to create A1 hangers for display within the Cathedral.

Associated activities:

Activities linked to the exhibition will be held. More information to follow.

About the venue:

Cathedral Isle of Man, a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Partner, is working to become as eco-friendly as is possible. There is a bug hotel, bird boxes, a large compost heap, a wormery, a stumpery and, community recycling facilities. The Cathedral holds a silver Eco Church Award and is working towards a gold award.

Taking a look in advance:

If you wish to look at the exhibition space, the Cathedral is open till 6pm every day and MWDW would be pleased to meet you there by appointment.

If you have great images but are not involved in a group:

Please submit images – your name and contact details, species, location, etc – and MWDW and the Cathedral will include as many as they can in the exhibition.


Jen Adams, Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch

Tel: 610131/393496

Email: info@mwdw.net

Web: https://www.mwdw.net

 Main photo: Hoverfly by Bill Callow.


Posted up on 26th November 2022


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