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Ramsey Grammar School is taking part in Schools Farm Day on 30th April. Student Ciara Fromm tells us about the farm and the event.

Ramsey Grammar School is taking part in Schools Farm Day on 30th April. Student Ciara Fromm tells us about the farm and the event:

Biosphere Partner Ramsey Grammar School is the only school on the Isle of Man that has a farm. 

We have barns, we have crops, we have bees, we have pigs, we have sheep , we have chickens and we have chicks. We have everything a big farm has.

We have also won awards including Best Secondary School Farm and School Farm Leader.

All students in Years 7 to 9 study Rural Science, where they learn how to look after farm animals and crops, as well as understand where their food comes from and the role that we have in promoting sustainable food production and the effects of climate change on our ability to feed ourselves in the future.

On our farm, many students help with the day to day running of the farm. This could be with mucking out, feeding the pigs or even helping our sheep or pigs give birth. 

We have a farm club for every day before and after school, where you can help around the farm for a while helping with either big or little jobs. 

We are inviting people to come to a free and family friendly open day when we take part in the UK-wide School Farms Day celebration organised by UK charity Social Farms & Gardens and the School Farms Network.

Visitors will be able to meet the animals, talk to staff and students and discover a little more about the school farm, Manx agriculture and we all try to ensure that we give to nature more than we take.

The event will be taking place on Saturday 30th April at Ramsey Grammar School Farm.

The event is part of a national day of celebration and action that will see School Farms from all over the UK throw open their gates to welcome in the public in and showcase the amazing work they do. There will also be lots of online activity, farm tours and farm life videos – so follow the #SchoolFarmsDay hashtag in the lead up to and on the day.

There are more than 120 School Farms across the UK – connecting people in cities and some rural areas with food and farming, and hands-on learning.

The School Farms Day is all about celebrating the important role that these special places have in communities and education.

Why don't you come along and visit our school and our animals?      

Posted up on 12th March 2022


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