Ramsey Forest

Wild play at the Hairpin

The woodlands above Ramsey have been a playground for generations of local children.

In 2018 the Manx Wildlife Trust have been creating a junior play area for younger children to discover the joy of playing in nature.

An amazing 500 hours of volunteer time has gone into creating this play area so far this year, with much work still to do. All play features are made from timber sustainably felled on site that are part of wildlife conservation works to ensure children play in an area rich in birdsong and wildflowers for generations to come.

Find the play area by walking through the woods for about five minutes west from the Hairpin pull in.

This scheme is part of a larger of the Manx Wildlife Trust's large scale Ramsey Forest Project that looks join and enlarge the woodlands between Ramsey and Sulby to benefit wildlife, people and the Manx economy.

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