Island's tree protection highlighted at conference

The Island’s unique approach to tree protection was highlighted at a national conference.

Andrew Igoea, Arboricultural Officer with DEFA, was invited to speak to the National Tree Officers’ conference, held in Shropshire in November.

Andrew told the 250-strong audience about the protection afforded to the Island’s trees under legislation and how this complements the Island’s UNESCO Biosphere status.

He described the blanket protection afforded to trees over 8cm diameter, which cannot be felled without DEFA’s approval, and the extra protection offered to trees of significant value which are registered.

Andrew said: ‘The invitation to talk at this conference was a great opportunity to tell UK arboriculturists how the Isle of Man values and protects its trees. It stimulated some great discussions about the purpose and principles of tree protection and offered a different perspective for UK tree officers who have only ever dealt with the UK legislation.’

DEFA’s input into the conference features in the December edition of ‘essential ARB’ magazine.

Tree Felling and the Law

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