Updated building regulations

Updated Building Regulations coming into force at the start of October will improve energy efficiency and workmanship.

New legislation aimed at improving the energy efficiency, design and performance of buildings in the Isle of Man will come into operation on 1 October.

The Building Regulations 2014, which were approved at the July sitting of Tynwald, will result in long-term energy savings for property owners and provide greater assurance in respect of standards of workmanship.

The new regulations focus on the energy efficiency and performance of new and existing buildings, covering issues such as ventilation, combustion appliances and fuel storage systems, hot water safety and water efficiency, and crime detection and prevention.

The move represents another important step in the Department of Infrastructure's efforts to encourage better and more sustainable designs for all types of building work.

Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne MHK said:

'One of the core aims of these changes is to improve energy efficiency in buildings, which in turn will help to reduce the impact on the environment. We also believe that encouraging higher standards and accountability will result in more confidence in our building industry, which has an important role in efforts to grow the Manx economy. The Department instigated the changes after consulting the public and conducting a comprehensive review of building regulations in the Isle of Man and other parts of the British Isles.'

He added:

'We want to help people to make informed choices about the types of buildings they would like to live and work in. The new regulations strike the right balance between the long-term needs of our community and affordable best practice for the future. This will have a part to play in reducing energy costs for residents and businesses and lowering our reliance on imported fuel.'

Chris Thomas MHK, Member of DoI with responsibility for Planning and Building Control, said:

'These regulations do not mirror precisely those across. Instead an appropriate and reasonable approach has been taken which should raise standards of workmanship and of our buildings.'

Since the Building Regulations 2014 were approved in July, officers from the Department of Infrastructure have taken the opportunity to brief builders, architects and project managers.

The Building Regulations 2014 can be viewed on the Government website at: http://www.gov.im/media/1345662/building-regulations-2014.pdf 

If you are in any doubt about any Building Control or Planning issues please call 01624 685950 during office hours, or look at myhouse.im 

Posted up on 11th September 2014


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