UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

Introduction to January newsletter

January is a time of renewal and reinvigoration, after the excesses of Christmas and the new year and, perhaps, the frantic time leading up to them.

We vow to exercise more, look after our minds and bodies more and take up new interests and pursuits.

Our January newsletter is an 'outdoors special' and connects us with the wonders we have right on our doorsteps in the Isle of Man and some of the ways of enjoying them.

Of course, we are now in the midst of a circuit-breaker lockdown to eliminate Covid-19 from the Island and must all follow Isle of Man Government advice, including the instruction to stay at home and exercise just once a day, and then locally, if we can.

However, as we temporarily stay in more than usual, we hope you find our content uplifting and that it encourages you to fully appreciate the full benefits of being outdoors again when we can safely do so.

As always, we welcome your feedback - and your own articles.

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