UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

Who is involved?

Our list of project partners is growing rapidly and encompasses businesses, schools, charities and community groups across the Island.


Douglas Borough Council
Douglas Borough Council

Douglas Borough Council is the Island's largest local authority, serving the Island's capital.

It recycles its own office waste wherever possible and runs household and commercial recycling schemes. Along with other eastern local authorities, it supports the town's Civic Amenity Site reuse and recycling facilities.

It is trialling vegware to replace single use plastics in Council buildings.

Douglas Borough Council invests in bin sensors which indicate when public litter bins need to be emptied, thereby reducing the number of journeys required, which reduces the costs and the Council’s carbon footprint. It promotes trade waste collection of recyclables, reducing avoidable waste levy charges being passed on to the Council’s business customers.

The Council educates on recycling issues and assists schools with environmental projects.
Various events are used to educate on recycling as well, e.g. Heritage Open Days.

Douglas Borough Council changed its lighting in all its public lighting columns to energy efficient LED. It invests in energy efficient vehicles and those with electric components to reduce its carbon footprint. This also reduces fuel costs.

The Council invests in an air source heat pump at its nursery to heat greenhouses. This decreases reliance on fossil fuels and results in lower running costs.

The Council uses harvested rainwater at its nursery to irrigate Council-maintained public open spaces and floral displays. Material gained from open space maintenance, eg. grass, hedge and tree cuttings, is composted and used in planters and floral displays throughout the town. Both measures save money.

Savings in costs are reinvested into public services.

The Council has an environmental policy which assists it in delivering public services in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

The Council promotes late night Christmas shopping for town centre retail businesses through the Christmas light switch-on as an annual event, in support of the Island's economy.

In April 2019, the Council will extend free library membership of the Henry
Bloom Noble Library to all Island residents, to help boost the town centre retail economy and will lead to greater access to and use of the public library’s resources.

It encourages active travel by ensuring provision is made in new developments or regeneration projects for bicycle parking and easy access to public transport.

Douglas Borough Council celebrates democracy with an open house in the Town Hall and recognises Sophia Goulden through a blue plaque.

The Council promotes Manx culture and heritage for example through introduction of Manx Folklore into Summerhill Glen; remembrance of the fallen through temporary and permanent displays at eg. Douglas Head; Archibald Knox themed Marine Garden.

The Council is actively expanding its CCTV network to help reduce incidences of vandalism and anti-social behaviour which have a negative impact on our environment.

It has moved to a system of digital invoicing which has reduced the negative environmental impact of a purely paper driven system. This has also improved efficiency.

Douglas Borough Council is investing in more sustainable properties by upgrading its existing housing stock to improve weather resistance and thermal efficiency.

At its Hazel Court sheltered accommodation, for example, the Council has changed the heating to biomass central heating using sustainable woodchip fuel.

The Council encourages residents to keep Douglas clean, eg. through Keep Britain Tidy campaigns, work in partnership with Beach Buddies and Love Where You Live campaign. Through its Warden Service, the Council helps educate the community on acceptable social behaviour regarding the environment such as dog waste disposal, waste disposal, graffiti, etc.

The Council actively pursues Green Flag awards for its public open spaces and currently has eight such awards.

The Council runs community events such as the Carnival, Tower of Refuge Walk, Noble’s Park Fun Day. The Council’s library runs several community events each year as well including the summer reading challenge and weekly story time.

Each Mayor/Mayoress appoints a local charity and undertakes fundraising events to support those charities.

Elected Members hold regular surgeries in partnership with MHKs to engage with the public more – these started in 2017 and continue to run, now from the Henry Bloom Noble Library.

The Council’s members are involved in community forums such as Hill Ward Community Group.

Douglas Borough Council organised the installation of free public wi-fi in Noble’s Park, which was very well received.

The Council is an active participant in the Government’s apprenticeship scheme, helping young adults to gain valuable skills for the employment.

Isle of Man Constabulary
Isle of Man Constabulary

Keeping people safe is the mission of the Isle of Man Constabulary.

The organisation aims to prevent harm, tackle serious offending whilst creating a culture of continuous improvement, becoming digitally enabled and building a stronger workforce.

The constabulary is proud of its neighbourhood policing style with officers playing an active role in our islands community. It promotes local events and content related to island culture and conservation on its social media platforms.

The neighbourhood teams work with all interested local groups, organisations and government agencies on local social and community issues. Officer’s visit and support all aspects of the community from structured school visits to dropping in to youth clubs and other social groups to engage and understand the communities they serve. The teams also police local community events maintaining safety for those attending and participating.

Officers from the Constabulary regularly support local charities in fund raising efforts as well as having their own charity ‘Give a Gift’ which supports underprivileged families and individuals or those who have fallen into hard times within the community. The Constabulary has food bank supplies at all its stations.

The Constabulary is very proud of its Police youth scheme, the young people support local charities and local events such as the Royal and Southern Agricultural shows and Tynwald Day. Their involvement within the community is very wide and diverse from helping with the training of the Special Olympics team to helping to educate and assist elderly members of the community with digital technology.

During the TT and Festival of Motorcycling events officers undertake additional duties in order to maintain normal policing and community functions whilst also focussing on ensuring the safety of those who visit our island.

The constabulary work with other Government agencies to protect our island wildlife having dedicated and specially trained officers to deal with wildlife crime.

The constabulary is proud of its work to include all of its increasing diverse island community and treat everyone with whom they have contact in a non-discriminatory way, respecting differences and recognising their needs, building trust and ensuring safety for all.

The constabulary takes part in the Government’s Single Use Plastics Reduction Strategy and it recycles as much of its used products as possible, e.g. metals and uniforms. Waste that cannot be recycled goes to the Energy from Waste Plant.

With the introduction of new IT systems and digital strategy the Isle of Man Constabulary plans to reduce its paper use.

It is part of the Department of Infrastructure Energy Group. Part of this includes sharing energy usage data so that Government Buildings can be compared and energy usage can become more efficient. To reduce energy consumption old light bulbs are replaced by LED light bulbs.

In planning for future building requirements the constabulary use the principles of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), an international scheme to certify sustainability performance of buildings will be applied.

Manx Utilities
Manx Utilities

Manx Utilities provides electricity and water to the whole of the Isle of Man.

The company's regional sewerage treatment strategy, and the educational 'Bin it, Don't Flush It' campaign, are contributing to cleaner beaches. The utility's staff support the charity Beach Buddies.

The utility uses the Energy from Waste Plant and hydro power as sources of renewable energy. MU also encourages sustainability with energy efficiency and 'Use Water Wisely' schemes and has a home energy officer advising households and LED lighting schemes in the community.

In-house, it has created an employee sustainability team and is removing single use plastics from its buildings.

Visit Isle of Man

The official visitor website.

Schools involved in UBIOM, alphabetically!
Schools have been big supporters of UBIOM, look at all these logos

Schools have seamlessly linked in UNESCO and UBIOM themes into pupils learning journeys - E in UNESCO stands for Education!
Many schools are very active in Eco-schools and Manx Culture is important too. There are opportunities for UNESCO to show us good examples to talk about in lots of subjects.

Isle of Man Post Office
Isle of Man Post Office becomes Business Partner to UBIOM

IOM PO were very eloquent in how they meet the UBIOM Pledge principles, for example:
• Stamp issues always carry a historical, cultural, people related or topical Manx link
• Using FSC and recycled paper across the business
• Supporting the Manx economy as a global business and one of the Island’s largest employers
• IOMPO Sponsorship of a number of local clubs, organisations and charities
• Energy conscious property portfolio
• Engagement with every household on a daily basis
• Promoting Manx culture on a world stage through its varied stamp and coin issues
• Support the right work/life balance for our valued staff

Dept for Enterprise logo
Department for Enterprise

The Department has a key role to play in the achievement of the Programme for Government’s stated intention to be an Island of Enterprise and Opportunity and we recognise that supporting economic development is of strategic importance for the Island’s future growth and prosperity. The Department’s mission is aligned with these outcomes and objectives: to create an environment, through innovation and collaboration, where the economy thrives.

IOM gov logo
Department of Education, Sport and Culture

The Department of Education, Sport and Culture operates the Island’s 37 schools – 32 primaries and 5 secondaries – and the University College Isle of Man (UCM), which offers professional, exam/degree and recreational courses for adults. The Depatrment has been very active in linking in to the UBIOM concept and has made great use of their "It's Learning" internal resources to share expertise. The majority of schools are engaged in linking UBIOM themes into lessons and pupils learning journeys.

It works with other Government Departments and agencies to deliver services for children, including safeguarding and needs-based assistance.

It runs the Youth Service, which offers play and youth clubs and special projects, Adventure Education at two outdoor learning centres, the Youth Arts Centre and Café Laare.

It runs Manx Sport and Recreation, the NSC and Manx Arts Development and is the sponsoring Department for the semi-autonomous bodies Isle of Man Sport and the Isle of Man Arts Council.

iom gov logo
Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture

The Department works to protect and enhance the Island’s natural assets within the core principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability; whilst optimising quality of life, international reputation, food production energy security and outdoor amenity.

Bright-ideas logo
Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas has been developed as a communication tool to raise awareness in energy efficiency and energy conservation on the Isle of Man. The aim is to share energy saving ideas with visitors and demonstrate ways in which people can save energy with simple no or low cost measures. Find out what others are doing, pick up some tips on saving energy and tell us what you think about our Bright Ideas.

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UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is open to everyone. You are welcome to be involved, providing you support the principles outlined in The Biosphere Isle of Man Pledge. This is the pledge that our partners have signed up to. Encapsulating the aims of the project, this is the Pledge that all our partners sign up to.

If you are interested in being involved as a business, you’ll find more information about the benefits of being a partner and how it all works in the Project Partners Guidelines for Businesses and also for Schools, Community Groups and Charities.

To apply to become a Partner and Supporter of UBIOM, please fill in this application form, and help us to tell others what you are so proud of, and keep us updated about how you will get even better.

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