Hedge hub: your responsibilities and handy guidance

Hedge hub: your responsibilities and handy guidance.
Hedge hub: your responsibilities and handy guidance.
  • Hedge-cutting during bird nesting season

    Hedges house nesting birds and it's important you don't cut them unless absolutely necessary between 1st March and 31st August or you may be breaking the law. Find out more.

  • Where do birds nest

    Birds nest in various places within hedges, many not easily seen. Find out more.

  • Considerations and checks prior to cutting

    Things to consider and checks you must make prior to cutting hedges during bird nesting season. Find out more.

  • Hedges and other wildlife

    Hedges are home to more than just nesting birds and support a wide variety of wildlife that's important to our Biosphere. Find out more.

  • Manage hedges for wildlife

    You can manage hedges, verges and sod banks in a way that encourages wildlife. Find out more.

  • Contact us with queries

    If you have queries about hedges and hedge-cutting, email the Ecosystem Policy Team at DEFA via ecopolicy@gov.im or ring 01624 651577.


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