Island Utopias project unveiled

Culture Vannin's UNESCO Biosphere intern Sarah Mercer has run a project called Island Utopias, seeking views from across the community on what the Isle of Man could look like in the future, post Covid-19, and commissioning artists to interpret this. The work is unveiled at an event this month. Sarah updates us and invites us along.

Culture Vannin's UNESCO Biosphere intern Sarah Mercer has led a project called Island Utopias, seeking views from across the community about what the Isle of Man could look like in the future, post Covid-19, and commissioning artists to interpret this.

The work is unveiled at an event this month. Sarah updates us and invites us along:

We are all faced, every day, with a changing world: new pressures and opportunities emerging, old ones fading away. From climate change and the recent pandemic to the emergence of the internet and digital economy, things are not as they were. The question is: where are they going? 

Culture Vannin has been interviewing people across the Island, from health workers in the midst of a crisis, students facing final year exams gone virtual, scientists looking at parallels between the Covid-19 crisis and the climate crisis, to grandparents unable to see their families.

We interviewed charity workers, actresses, politicians, farmers, astronauts, musicians, artists, parents, teachers and next door neighbours.

We asked about their experiences during Covid-19 lockdown, their ideas for the future: what they hope for and what they fear, and asked people to articulate their re-imagined, ideal, Isle of Man. 

Extracts have been taken from these interviews and compiled into 12 themes. These were then given to 12 Manx artists, who have interpreted the words to create a multi-media collaborative vision of our Island Utopias.

The artists have filmed their creative process resulting in 12 films, each presenting a different vision of utopia.

The Island Utopias film premiere at the Erin Arts Centre on 25th September and accompanying exhibition will present, for the first time, the art and films created by the artists, alongside live music.

There will be the chance to meet the artists, see their art in person and watch the film premiere, with the soundtrack played live by Matthew Warren.

This will be the only exhibition of the work and the first time the film has been screened publicly. It is an event not to be missed.

Tickets are £5 and can be purchased in person at the Erin Arts Centre or via Eventbrite.

Posted up on 3rd September 2020


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