DONG Energy Looks to Research Wind Energy Potential

Lease signed for sea bed exploration

In a deal which could be worth £5 million a year to the Isle of Man, DONG Wind Energy has signed a lease agreement with the Manx government to assess an area of seabed off the east coast. This could be a big and useful project for the Isle of Man, helping us to grow the economy and reduce emissions.

This is an early step forward in the project, with extensive consultation and environmental surveys still to come. The impact of a wind farm on ferry routes and fishing grounds will have also be taken into account.

However if the site is suitable, DONG (Danish Oil and Natural Gas) could erect 100 turbines between six and 12 miles off the eastern coast from opposite Ramsey to north of Laxey, inside the Island's territorial limit. At present it's not known how high the structures will be. DONG is already very active in Offshore Wind elsewhere in the British Isles.

DONG has committed to carrying out a number of surveys of the sea bed to see if it is satisfactory for planting turbines. 

If plans are progressed, wind turbines could be turning by the early 2020's. Before then, DONG will have to negotiate successfully through extensive consultation with the Manx public and conduct environmental studies.

Posted up on 3rd December 2015


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