Biosphere Isle of Man Welcomes New Project Officer

Failt ort, Jacqui!
Welcome, Jacqui!

Failt ort, Jacqui!...Welcome, Jacqui!

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is delighted to welcome Jacqui Keenan as the new Biosphere IOM Project Officer, joining Breeshey Kermode as the other half of the Biosphere IOM team.

Jacqui has taken on the role from Jo Overty, who left the team in May and who leaves a huge legacy of achievements – massive thanks to Jo for all her work and dedication.

Jacqui joins the team with a diverse background in project management, marine conservation science, communications, and community engagement, complemented by experience in finance and hospitality. Originally from the Isle of Man, Jacqui has worked in various international locations, including Fiji, Seychelles, Mexico, Thailand, Cornwall - even Douglas! – and returned to the island in 2022 to manage the Manx Blue Carbon Project. Jacqui is pleased to have handed over the management of Manx Blue Carbon to the exceptionally capable hands of Rowan Henthorn.

Jacqui has a passion for learning and expanding horizons - evident from a wide range of interests which includes the psychology of behaviour change, Manx language and folklore, snorkelling, and as a proud member of Manx Powerlifting. Recently, Jacqui has been studying ecopsychology and nature-connectedness, and its potential to foster a sustainable economy, and a more inclusive and stable society, as well as a healthy environment.

Since its designation in 2016, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man has accomplished significant milestones. Jacqui is excited to lead the project, and looks forward to meeting the Biosphere partners and stakeholders, working together to build on Biosphere Isle of Man’s successes and exploring new areas for development.

If you have an idea for a project, or want to link in with Biosphere Isle of Man, contact the Biosphere IOM team on

Posted up on 24th June 2024


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