Ruth, Alfie and Graihagh will be attending UNESCO forum

Young adults represent Island with pride at UNESCO Biosphere forum

The Island was welcomed into the MAB world network of Biosphere reserves last year, in recognition that it is 'a special place for people and nature'. Other members include such iconic areas as Ayers Rock (Uluru), Yellowstone in the USA, the Cape Winelands in South Africa, Mount Kenya and Central Amazon.

The local delegates were chosen from those who applied to the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA).

'Ruth, Graihagh and Alfie have demonstrated their commitment to the Biosphere principles and, at interview, spoke passionately about their Island and the role of the younger generation in ensuring we maximise all that our Biosphere status offers.

On their return from the forum, the trio will help establish a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Youth Forum, which will ensure the younger generation has a major voice in Biosphere Isle of Man.

Peter Longworth, Project Lead for Biosphere Isle of Man, said: 'It's fantastic that we have such strong representation from the Isle of Man at the first global Biosphere Youth Forum.

'We hope this will be a powerful platform for younger people to have their input on the Biosphere's role in underlining we are a special place to live, work and visit.'

Visit for further details of the young forum.

For information on Biosphere Isle of Man, visit, follow UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man on Facebook and @BiosphereIoM on Twitter and Instagram.

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