Wishing you a happy and sustainable new year

We asked people from across our Biosphere to share their pledges for a sustainable new year.

We asked people from across our Biosphere to share their pledges for a sustainable new year.

Roger Pullin, Founder Secretary of the Irish Sea Centre:

‘In 2019 I will work with colleagues and contacts on the Island and all around the Irish Sea to help those who depend on the Irish Sea ecosystem, in all sectors and jurisdictions, to work together more closely and effectively for its sustainable use and conservation.’

Alan Clague, Director of SCS and President of the IoM Construction Federation:

‘In 2019 I want to push the green agenda for sustainable construction on our Island. Not only in how we construct our new buildings, but also on how we maintain energy efficiency with the introduction of new technologies to reduce both CO2 emissions and energy consumption.’ 

Muriel Garland, of Zero Waste Mann:

‘I believe every ocean is created by small drops of water and we can achieve much by working together. All 17 Sustainable Development Goals apply to the Isle of Man. I’ll be promoting well-being, encouraging clean energy, avoiding waste and fostering co-operation etc through my work at the Green Centre in Douglas on Saturdays.’

Leo Wasley, Senior Associate at PwC and Biosphere Youth Forum member:

'On workdays, I often buy pre-packed sandwiches or salads for lunch and throw the packaging away each day. To reduce waste in 2019, I’ll make an effort to make my lunch at home and bring it to work in reusable containers.'

Alice Quayle of Alice's Illustrations:

'In 2019, I want to get out to more glens in springtime, when they're at their best, and spend a bit more time on beaches...and to learn a bit more about nature and the creatures here.  I also aim to open a renewable energy-linked bank account.'

Carol Kermode, of Biosphere Partner Orrisdale Livestock Ltd and Orrisdale Cottages:

'In 2019, we intend to reduce our use of single use plastics and encourage all those who come, either for agricultural purposes or to stay in our cottages, to prioritise this likewise in order to protect and enhance our environment.'

Viv Davies, Chair of Manx Wildlife Trust:

‘In 2019, MWT will continue to bring people closer to nature and to bring back wildlife to our land and sea. Wildlife and people have never needed each other more than we do now for the health and wellbeing of all; yet we are probably further away from the natural world in our daily lives than ever. MWT will help put wildlife at the heart of modern living.’

Eric Hollreiser, of The Stars Group:

‘In 2018, The Stars Group pledged to reduce our plastic consumption in our global offices. In the Isle of Man offices this meant that 26,000 fewer plastic bottles will end up as waste per year. We will ensure this continues in 2019 and will continue to introduce environmentally friendly initiatives.’

Pete Christian, of Friends of the Earth and the Climate Change Coalition:

'Biosphere's Dr Meriem Bouamrane, a recent visitor, strongly recommended environmental groups to communicate and coordinate with each other, fitting perfectly with our plans already in motion to establish the Climate Change Coalition. Representing a wide range of organisations, the Coalition is committed to helping further two core aims of Man and Biosphere, namely the fight against climate change and maximum use of our available renewable energy sources.'

Bill Dale BEM, founder of Beach Buddies Isle of Man:

‘Human beings over-complicate matters. We make solutions to problems difficult. In the Isle of Man we don’t have to follow what happens elsewhere. We, as a community, can change things - and it’s not difficult. Think about how you, as an individual, impact on the planet, wildlife, animals and society - then make some changes. It makes you feel good!’

Jess Ward, Reporter at Isle of Man Newspapers:

‘In 2019 Isle of Man Newspapers will publicise the work of environmental groups and initiatives and feature the benefits of, and partners of, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man. Our team will also get involved in these community projects.’

Phil Corlett, former Coordinator of Isle of Man Friends of the Earth:

‘I will fight to see 2019 being the dawn of an IoM life which won’t be based on fossil fuels and where renewables like an onshore windfarm would be implemented by our Government as part of our low-carbon energy generation future. Climate change is a serious threat to everyone’s future and we must cut CO2 emissions. Electricity from renewables could charge an ever increasing number of electric cars. Along with this, our Biosphere’s Government could encourage a sustainable and integrated transport system with lots of cycleways, park and ride schemes, cheap buses as one full bus can take up to 40 cars off the road and where people are healthier from walking down roads which aren’t full of pollutants.’

Laura McCoy, Curator of Natural History for Manx National Heritage:

‘For the coming year, I am going to reduce my meat intake to two or three meals a week, choose foods that are as local as possible with minimal or no plastic packaging and try to buy direct from the farmer. The Isle of Man has some lovely produce.’

Wendy Shimmin, Coordinator of the One World Centre:

‘Every week in 2019, the One World Centre will share an idea of how we can each take a small step to create a fairer, more sustainable world for everyone.’

Heidi Baker, of The Flower Studio, which was shortlisted in the inaugural UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Awards this year:

'In 2019 The Flower Studio will ensure that we source as many stems of locally grown flowers and foliage as possible to support our growers and reduce our carbon footprint.  We will also compost all of our green waste and recycle any cardboard, plastics or glass to make our environmental impact as positive as possible.' 

Richard MacNee founder of 3 Pieces of Plastic Isle of Man:

‘In 2019 I will continue to pick up a minimum of #3PoP every day and encourage others to do the same via social media. You can follow us on facebook, Twitter and Instagram – all @3POPIOM.’

Chris Allen, President of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce:

‘The Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce values the importance of the UNESCO Biosphere status for the Isle of Man. In 2019 we shall continue to promote the Isle of Man as a great place to live and work and endorse the unique benefits that UNESCO Biosphere represents for business and visitors.'

Bronwyn Ward and Rebecca Walker, of Laxey School:

‘In order to become a responsible student body who are fit for the future, Laxey School pledges to raise awareness of environmental issues in our community. We will do this by campaigning to improve our environment and reduce single use plastic. As a consequence we hope to take a small step towards becoming a compassionate and sustainable community.’

Martyn Perkins MHK, Political Member of DEFA:

‘Three simple things that save money and reduce carbon emissions. Potatoes don’t need keeping in the fridge. Cooling them down then heating them up in an oven uses twice the amount of energy. Replace light bulbs with low energy ones and turn off lights in the rooms you are not using. Take water-saving showers: rinse all over, turn off the shower use a bar of soap to lather all over then turn the shower back on and rinse off.’

And finally,

Charles Flynn, Chairman of the Society for the Preservation of the Manx Countryside and Environment:

'In 2019 I encourage all young people to read Robert MacFarlane's book "The Lost Words" to encourage a healthy life working with nature.'

Posted up on 11th December 2018


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