Toolkit will help businesses become more sustainable

A new online sustainability toolkit will help businesses in the Isle of Man adopt sustainable practices.

A new online toolkit will help businesses in the Isle of Man adopt sustainable practices.

‘Sustainable Mann: A Practical Guide for Businesses’ is published by UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

It has been researched and compiled by Emma Sayle, a University College Isle of Man Masters’ student in Business and Sustainable Practice.

It complements other work UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is doing with businesses including Sustainable Mann workshops, which run for a second year in autumn 2022.

The downloadable toolkit outlines steps businesses of all types can take to become more sustainable and benefits of doing so, including attracting staff and enhancing reputation. It features case studies of local businesses, many of them Biosphere Partners, that are taking positive steps towards a sustainable future.

Clare Barber MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, said: ‘UNESCO Biospheres promote sustainable development, conservation and learning and our Biosphere does this under its strategy ‘Working Together for a Sustainable Future’.

‘Businesses in the Isle of Man can play a leading role in creating a more sustainable future.

‘They source materials, create products, heat and light premises, use packaging, deal with waste, travel, etc.

‘By moving to more sustainable practices, they can make a positive impact on our Biosphere and influence others to do the same.’

Emma said: ‘Businesses want to embrace sustainability as it’s vital for our economy and environment, but what to do, and how to do it, can be confusing and challenging, and differs greatly from business to business and sector to sector.

‘I hope the toolkit helps businesses identify actions they can take that will benefit both them and our Biosphere.’

Find the toolkit at

Emma's Masters is completed under the heading Work Based and Integrative Studies. 

Posted up on 29th June 2022


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