Stamps mark anniversary of Culture Vannin

Isle of Man Post office has created a set of six stamps in commemoration of Culture Vannin’s 40th anniversary.

The stamp issue celebrates the proud history of Culture Vannin’s support and promotion of Manx culture and the arts.

The organisation's work has been paramount in the revival of the Manx language and culture.

The stamps represent the six core pillars of Manx culture, superbly illustrated by Manx-born artist Jay Cover, and feature archaeology, industrial development, architecture, arts and crafts, history and law, language and literature, music, folklore and folk dance.

The visual concept of the issue is to portray Culture Vannin carrying the Island’s culture and history to the population of the Isle of Man and the wider world, hence the movement of those depicted in the artworks.

Culture Vannin said: 'The team at the Isle of Man Post Office is one of the hidden gems of the Isle of Man. Its knowledge, expertise and support in showcasing a sense of Manxness nationally and internationally is second to none. We have enjoyed every minute of working with it, and with the designer, Jay Cover, who understands the role of culture in building a sense of identity.'

Jay said: 'I’m delighted to continue my work with Isle of Man Post Office, especially being invited to help celebrate and commemorate Culture Vannin’s 40th anniversary. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Culture Vannin on a couple of projects and I’m continuously inspired by its output and dedication to maintaining Manx culture.'

Maxine Cannon, General Manager Stamps and Coins, said: 'It was an honour to be able to continue our strong relationship with Culture Vannin in producing this collection of six stamps. This set, charmingly illustrated by Jay, shows how important Culture Vannin’s contribution and efforts have been in helping Manx culture thrive.'

The collection is available as a stamp set, sheet set, presentation pack and first day cover. They can be found here.

An exhibition exploring the stamps is open to the public at Culture Vannin's headquarters in St John’s until September 2022.

Posted up on 24th July 2022


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