Call from group to Adopt-a-Place and keep it litter-free

Via its Adopt-a-Place initiative, street-cleaning champions PlasticBusters are inviting the public to look after an area that's local or special to them and keep it litter-free. Their founder, Jaime Amoedo, explains how to get involved.

Via its Adopt-a-Place initiative, launched this month, street-cleaning champions PlasticBusters are inviting the public to look after an area that's local or special to them and keep it litter-free. Their founder, Jaime Amoedo, explains how to get involved:

Are you still considering, or maybe rethinking, your new year's resolutions?

We all know that these are often made just to be broken within the first few weeks or months of the new year. Some may also prove difficult to keep considering restrictions due to the pandemic.

At PlasticBusters we are concerned about the amount of litter and plastic pollution in our environment and strongly believe that the best way of tackling the problem is not only by proactively changing our behaviours but also by doing our best to eradicate it.

This starts with all of us taking ownership of the issue and doing our bit to keep those areas that are close to us litter-free. 

Would you like to join our challenge? Whether you are an individual, a family or an organisation, PlasticBusters would like to invite you to do your bit for the environment by joining an initiative to adopt a place of your choice and pledge to do your best to keep it litter-free of items that could harm our habitat.  

It could be the street where you live, or part of it, your favourite park or glen, the beach where you take your dog for a walk, the path where you run in the evening, or a combination of these. It's entirely up to you.

Anyone committed to actively tackling litter can take part and volunteer to get involved and care for our unique UNESCO Biosphere nation – and encourage a sense of civic pride too, as volunteering for this initiative will help to complement and enhance the cleansing and grounds maintenance work of our local authorities.

All it requires is for you to keep an eye on your adopted place, collect from time to time (at least once a month) the litter you may find, and appropriately separate and dispose of what you collect.

As the pandemic continues to strike, nearly every corner of the world, limiting the possibility of participating in group clean-up activities, this is a great opportunity to support the environment on an individual basis. An easy activity you, your kids or colleagues can do when going out for your allowed local daily exercise.

Since we launched the initiative this month, more than 100 places have been already adopted. As an example, areas such as Port Soderick Glen, Fleshwick Bay and Pinfold Lane in Laxey have already been adopted.

And not only in the Isle of Man, but also further away in countries such as India, Maldives, UK, Uruguay, Italy and the USA, where we have supporters.

Thanks so much to all the volunteers that have signed up so far for their support and for their courage to make this resolution. The more volunteers we have, the greater impact we can make.

Those who sign up, either individually or as a business/organisation will receive a personalised certificate.

Which place will you be adopting? Please follow this link and let us know.

Please ensure you follow all current Isle of Man Government Covid-19 advice, as well as health and safety guidance, when out litter picking.

Posted up on 17th January 2021


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