Emma Sayle

UCM student to help businesses adopt sustainable practices

Emma Sayle, who is studying for a Masters degree in Business Sustainability at University College Isle of Man, has started a placement with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man (UBIOM). She writes about her project and how Partners can get involved:

A quick introduction. My name is Emma and I am currently doing a placement at UBIOM as part of my Masters Degree in Business Sustainability through the University College Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man is where I have grown up and spent my childhood exploring so I knew that, once I had finished my undergraduate degree, I wanted to move back to the Island and help our community in some way.

The pandemic helped me to focus on what my goals were and here I am.

My undergraduate dissertation was focused around sustainability within businesses on the Isle of Man so I was already aware of some of the work UBIOM was doing and was keen to be a part of it and luckily the right opportunity arose.

So what’s the aim of the project?

There is a growing trend within businesses of all sizes to become more sustainable but, often, knowing how to achieve this can present a challenge.

And encouraging businesses to engage with the issue of sustainability is always going to be a challenge when there are other issues they face, such as Covid.

The aim of the project is to establish what being a part of the Biosphere broadly means to businesses that are currently partners and how the relationship moving forward between UBIOM and their partners can be enhanced.

I had hoped to start reaching out to partners this month.

However, due to the current circumstances on the Island, I have decided to put the project on hold for the time being.

If you would be interested in partaking in the project please contact me via email at and we can get talking.

I hope to meet you, online or in person, as my project progresses.

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