Glen Maye

Saturday Stroll with Geoffrey Boot MHK

When time permits, what is your favourite Saturday Stroll? This week, Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, and his wife Susie, share theirs.

Where is the walk?

Glen Maye Glen. This is a walk of two distinct parts. The top of the Glen is populated by steep rocky banks and waterfalls. Probably the most spectacular you can see in such a short distance. It’s not hard, it’s all been stepped and tailored for easy access.

There is a lower and upper walk. I would suggest staying in touch with the river and taking the lower walk. The latter half of the walk, with a very distinct dividing point of a bridge, plunges below steep rocky cliffs inhabited by nesting seabirds and windswept trees, leading to a spectacular stony beach with rocky outcrops on both sides.

This can be very dramatic when the sea is rough and there is even a smugglers' cave.

On the way back, it is possible to branch off about a third of the way up and walk up on a small lane or, alternatively, take a right turn a little bit further up and take the upper path.

Start point:

Glen Maye upper car park.

Finish point:

Same, although you can extend the walk by taking the coastal pathway back to Peel.

Approximate duration:

Depending on how long you stand and stare, anything from an hour upwards.

Level of difficulty:

Paths can be slippery but there are steps in places. Medium.

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