Saturday Stroll with Georgie Revill

What is your favourite Saturday Stroll? This week, Georgie Revill, from The Cook Shack, leads us through her favourite part of Maughold.

Where is the walk?

My favourite Saturday Stroll (when time) is what my family and I call the ‘Maughold Loop’. No matter how many times I walk it, the views always take my breath away.

As you start on the road at Port e Vullen, you see the beautiful hills surrounding North Barrule on your right and you often catch glimpses of the tram as it heads from Ramsey to Laxey.

Once you reach Maughold Village, you walk through the churchyard where you can see and touch the incredible Norse and Celtic Crosses on display.

Once you have exited the churchyard, you head to the coastline and follow the stunning Raad ny Foillan along the beautiful cliffs of the Maughold Brooghs with a view of the Island's northern coastline, leading onto Cumbria and Scotland in the distance.

You finish the walk with a wander down to the beach at Port Lewaigue and back to the car.

Start point: Port e Vullen

Finish point: Port e Vullen

Approximate duration: 1.5 hours

Level of difficulty: Moderate

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