UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

Who is involved?

Our list of project partners is growing rapidly and encompasses businesses, schools, charities and community groups across the Island.


The Flower Studio
The Flower Studio

The Flower Studio creates florals for weddings and events and hosts workshops.

Its designs are inspired by the beautiful Manx land and seascapes that are so important to UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man and many of its bouquets carry Manx names, promoting awareness of Manx culture and heritage.

The Flower Studio uses locally sourced produce where possible, adapting its designs to suit what is available seasonally.

Its displays are in reusable or biodegradable containers such as tin cans or baskets, enabling it to reduced use of plastics by two thirds. It also recycles green waste, plastics, paper and cardboard.

At workshops, refreshments come from local suppliers.

The Flower Studio also educates workshop participants about the origins of materials used in designs and reusing and recycling elements of them.

Saltworks SUP

Saltworks-Sup offers stand-up paddle-boarding experiences, safaris, snorkelling tours and dark skies events for individuals, families and groups.
It operates an ethical, ‘leave no trace’, principle on its trips, often collecting litter at sea and on beaches and disposing of it responsibly.
It works to educate customers on the importance of marine eco-systems and wildlife encountered while out on paddles, liaising with the Manx Wildlife Trust to provide information on sightings.
It promotes the Island’s coasts and walks.
It also cleans beaches in Ramsey, in support of the Marine Nature Reserve there, and harder to reach areas of the Island’s coastline, accessible by sea.
It supports, and gives a monthly donation to, Surfers Against Sewage.

Ballakelly Farm
Ballakelly Farm

Ballakelly Farm is a family-run farm and butcher’s business in Andreas, Isle of Man.
The fifth generation of their family to farm the land, Rachel and Alan Teare have 500 acres of grass and arable land and finish almost 3,000 top quality livestock each year.
The farm has a self-sustainable business model and uses as much of its land as possible, growing the grain its cattle eats and putting all its manure back into the land.
It harvests apples from its orchard for cider and feeds the by-products back to pigs.
It has beehives, for honey, which it uses in its products, and plans to expand on this.
Through its engaging online presence, by attending events and by welcoming visitors, Ballakelly promotes education about food provenance, farming methods and their contribution to the biosphere.
Ballakelly Farm is working with the Manx Wildlife Trust to encourage to the farm wildlife that complements farming practices.
It is investigating windmill and other forms of energy to power the farm.
It leads a village initiative to create compost from garden waste that is then used in manure.
Ballakelly minimises use of plastic by offering customers its own, hessian and cotton re-usable bags and upcycling bags, including Morsbags made in Isle of Man Prison.
It uses only compostable vegware at events.

BallaKarran Meat Company
BallaKarran Meat Company

BallaKarran is farmed by Will and Janette Qualtrough. It comprises of various parcels of land, part of which, at Cregneash, has been in the family for generations.
The use of sustainable farming practices, rearing its animals naturally, means there is less reliance on oil-based products. As a result, it has the coveted Pasture for Life certification.
BallaKarran Meat Company is a mobile farm shop run by Will and Janette selling its own beef and lamb, along with Manx reared beef, lamb and pork and Manx vegetables, dairy products and condiments.
BallaKarran proudly displays the Isle of Man food provenance label and is signed up to the Isle of Man Butcher’s Charter.
As well as major towns and villages, it aims to serve communities where there is little choice of local produce, in support of the Island’s economy. It participates in the Island’s burgeoning Food Assembly and in other food events.
In a bid to reduce use of plastics, and waste, where possible, BallaKarran encourages customers to bring their own containers and bags for purchases and serves meat the way traditional butchers did, wrapping meat in paper and using only paper carrier bags.
BallaKarran will promote UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man at every available opportunity.

Hound and Howl
Hound and Howl

Hound and Howl is a newly established natural dog food company that supplies high quality, high welfare, farm-assured Manx meat and farm-assured British poultry in mince and chunk form.
We’re passionate that customers should know exactly what they are feeding their dogs.
We buy all our beef, pork and lamb from Isle of Man Meats, supporting local agriculture and the economy and ensuring provenance, traceability and sustainability.
At our premises, we use A-rated, low-energy, freezers and natural lighting. We deliver products in eco-friendly and reusable insulated cooler bags rather than in cardboard or polystyrene.
We are working to minimise plastic use.
As we grow our business, and take on staff, we will increasingly support community events and will work to promote knowledge of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.


Estera is a leading global provider of fiduciary and administration services.
We take our responsibility to give back to and support our communities very seriously and we are committed to playing a broader role in the communities in which we live and work, beyond what we deliver through our core business activities.
We support charitable causes and initiatives in our communities, collaborating on projects that make a real difference and bring people together.
We work to make a positive difference to the communities in which we operate and encourage inclusivity across all age groups.
We collaborate with charitable and sporting organisations to promote wellbeing and create environments where individuals, families and communities can feel informed, empowered, healthy and happy.
Established for over 25 years, Estera provides corporate, trust, fund and accounting services to clients across the world. It has 500 highly qualified professionals in 12 jurisdictions: Bermuda, BVI, Cayman, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Jersey, Luxembourg, Malta, Mauritius, the Seychelles and United Kingdom.
Estera collaborates with clients and their advisers to deliver smart, considered and most of all practical solutions, whether in a single location or across multiple jurisdictions. Our commercial focus, attention to detail and responsiveness coupled with a resolute commitment to the delivery of service excellence, is what sets us apart.

Ballacregga Corn Mill
Salmon Lake Centre & Ballacregga Corn Mill

The Ballacregga Cornmill and Salmon Lake Centre is situated close to the world famous Laxey Wheel. They offer daytime café and tea rooms, together with a function room for large parties and evening restaurant to cover every occasion. The centre is unique as it utlilises the free energy from the flow of the river adjacent through its hydro turbine. This then provides electrical power not only for the building and its kitchens but also for innovate heat pump renewable technology which heats or cools the building from the adjacent lake. Any surplus power not used is also sold back to the Island grid.

Institute of Directors - Isle of Man
Institute of Directors - Isle of Man

The Isle of Man branch is composed of around 300 directors and senior decision makers. The branch supports local members and organises inspirational and valuable business events in the area.
It was invaluable in the early stages of the project to provide a briefing to members, in Autumn 2013. Members commented that it was clear that gaining UNESCO status for the Island as a World Biosphere Region would be both a prestigious and iconic accolade – if the bid succeeds, that it would be the first time an entire country has been awarded this coveted recognition. What was not so clear to the IoD audience was how relevant the project might be to the business community.Fast forward to spring 2015 and the project name – in direct response to suggestions from the IoD – had changed to UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man. A video has been made, a website launched and a wide range of organisations are now on board. This very range of businesses and sectors was positively commented on by UNESCO HQ in Paris when the nomination was scrutinised, and resulted in the Isle of Man becoming the first entire Island Nation with the UNESCO World Biosphere accolade.

Isle of Man Meats
Isle of Man Meats Ltd

The Business is owned by the FMA which is a farmer owned co-operative that is there to support the Islands agricultural sector. We see the Biosphere status as an important aspect to the Island, and allow our customers to know that we are proud of our island, both in its heritage but also its landscapes. Isle of Man Meats only takes animals from the local agricultural sector, meaning provenance and traceability is really strong, with all suppliers less than 22 miles (30km) away. The farming community is pro-active in their ongoing management of the islands farmland, and ensuring the land remains in good agricultural and environmental condition. Our Terms and Conditions ensure high welfare standards and we actively work with our farmers to increase the value of their animals. When we say local, we mean no distance from Farm to our place of work of no more half an hour. Our ongoing commitment is to become more engaging with our local community. We intent to use the Business Partner status to help show the local community as well as visitors to the Island how important the agricultural sector is to maintaining a special place to live, work and visit.
1. Products will be marketed using the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man label (Lamb, Pork and Beef)
2. All the products will have been grown/reared and processed/slaughtered and packaged on the Isle of Man
3. We will provide a triple lock guarantee that any product using the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man label through Isle of Man Meats will have been processed from Isle of Man sourced meat only.

Stewart Clague Service
Stewart Clague Services

SCS is an Isle of Man registered company, formed in 1969 specialising in all aspects of the building services industry including air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, heating, gas, oil and biomass boilers, fire alarm, power, security, lighting, power, UPS, controls swimming pools, heat pumps, solar panels, facilities management, project management, specialist building works etc.
Long before our certification under the Environmental Management System ISO 14001, the company adopted policies towards the preservation of the environment by carefully selecting equipment/materials, promoting recycling of waste and producing energy efficient designs. We are also proud to be accredited to further Management Systems, ISO 9001, ISO 18001 and ISO 27001 which are also important for our customers.
We are also very pleased to enter our projects into competitions, some of which have been recognised for their environmental performance and innovative nature.

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UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is open to everyone. You are welcome to be involved, providing you support the principles outlined in The Biosphere Isle of Man Pledge. This is the pledge that our partners have signed up to. Encapsulating the aims of the project, this is the Pledge that all our partners sign up to.

If you are interested in being involved as a business, you’ll find more information about the benefits of being a partner and how it all works in the Project Partners Guidelines for Businesses and also for Schools, Community Groups and Charities.

To apply to become a Partner and Supporter of UBIOM, please fill in this application form, and help us to tell others what you are so proud of, and keep us updated about how you will get even better.

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