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Who is involved?

Our list of project partners is growing rapidly and encompasses businesses, schools, charities and community groups across the Island.


Noa Bakehouse
Noa Bakehouse

Noa Bakehouse is an artisan sourdough baker, coffee roaster and café in the heart of the Isle of Man’s capital, Douglas.

Noa uses local produce, whenever possible, and promotes a buy local message. Among its chief suppliers are UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Partners Laxey Glen Mills and Isle of Man Creamery.

When supplying supermarkets, it limits the products it puts onto the shelves to reduce food waste, although this has potential to mean fewer sales.

In 2019, Noa will cease to use plastic in its packaging entirely, replacing it with waxed paper.
Noa celebrates local culture and heritage. Its new bread range will be called Arran, Manx for bread.

It has hosted classes with Manx National Heritage celebrating the local traditions of bread-making.

A community hub, the café hosts concerts and performances by local authors, musicians and poets, displays work by local artists and is home to events such as mindfulness and drawing classes.

Julie Parys, UI/UX Designer
Julie Parys, UI/UX Designer

Julie Parys, UI/UX Designer designs branding, websites and other digital content and is based in Douglas.

She aims to work 100% digital. Julie Parys, UI/UX Designer limits her transport to reduce her carbon footprint and recycles as much as possible.

Julie Parys, UI/UX Designer supported Manx Basking Shark Watch by designing its website and branding for free. She wants to expand on the Manx Basking Shark Watch website with data visualisation and offers similar services to other conservation organisations.

Surfside Holiday Limited
Surfside Holiday Cottage

Surfside Holiday Limited provides self-catering tourist accommodation located in Port Erin.

It promotes recycling of waste to its guests by enabling them to utilise the islands recycling efforts. The business uses recycled domestic products where possible and cleans the cottage with eco-friendly detergents.

Surfside Holiday Limited reduces its paper use by preferring utilisation of electronic and social media.

The business pursues a plastic reduction policy wherever possible, supporting the Islands’ initiative to reduce single use plastics.

Surfside Holiday Limited supports cultural and heritage initiatives by promoting them. The directors continue to support cultural and heritage initiatives in their leisure time as they are members of the Friends of Manx National Heritage, Manx Wildlife Trust, The Erin Arts Centre and Peel Centenary Centre and they share the events and experiences with guests and prospective guests.

Skywind Group
Skywind Group

Skywind Group is a well-established global pioneer of cutting-edge games content and infrastructure. Its headquarters are in Douglas, Isle of Man.

The company strives to effectively facilitate business actions that reflect the moral philosophy and values of Skywind Group and are committed to promoting greater environmental responsibility and sustainability.

The company prefers to work with environmentally-conscious suppliers and distributors and endeavours to support local and fair trade producers wherever possible by buying their products.

The company has various recycling schemes in its offices. To reduce waste it looks at optimising its products life cycles by focusing on better product quality and more energy efficient technology.

The company uses energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LED), as well as motion detectors to reduce unnecessary lighting in many of its offices. Skylights and natural daylight decrease the use of artificial light further.

As part of their corporate social responsibility strategy, employees are motivated, educated and incentivised to live and work in a sustainable manner by participating in environment related charity causes.

Skywind Group aims to generate positive, lasting change in our local communities through the establishment of long term strategic partnerships, volunteerism and philanthropic initiatives. The company is actively involved with a multitude of charity, non-profit and community engagement projects. Outreach support is offered via grant making, donations, fundraising, volunteering initiatives, promotional activities and the provision of products and/or services.

The company donates working surplus products and redundant equipment to non-profit organisations, e.g. schools, community groups and charities.

Skywind Group supports young people through internships and quality work experience.

Skywind Group celebrates local heritage and raises awareness of environmental and community issues through sponsorship initiatives and promotional activity on its social media platforms. The company also utilises the online giving platform Pass it Forward (https://www.passitforward.com) to safely manage and promote its philanthropy and volunteering activity.

Seven Kingdom Distillery
Seven Kingdom Distillery

Seven Kingdom Distillery is a distillery, bar and restaurant based in Douglas.

The company supports the local economy by buying seasonal produce for both the bar and restaurant. The company also collaborates with many other businesses on the Island (including other Biosphere partners, such as the Foraging Vintners). The first gin to be created on the Island in recent times is the company’s Douglas Dry Gin, this includes local ingredients, for example, Manx Gorse.

Seven Kingdom Distillery supports the community by hosting charitable events and donating products or experiences to charities and auctions. In 2017 the company created a Pink Gin. Profits from the sale of the gin were donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness charity.

The company sponsors local athletes in events on and off the island. It also produced a TT branded vodka for TT 2018.

Seven Kingdom Distillery recycles as much waste as possible. It encourages its customers to return bottles by giving discounts. The company has implemented a number of strategies to minimise the use of plastics.

Beautiful Blooms Ltd.
Beautiful Blooms Ltd

Beautiful Blooms Ltd is a family run business located in Ballasalla.

Besides the obvious services of all aspects of floristry the business also provides an office plant rental service. It is well documented that office plants do much more than simply decorate a space. They help cleanse the air and there is evidence that they can contribute significantly to the well-being of staff - physically, emotionally and mentally. The company maintains the plants without the use of pesticides.

Beautiful Blooms Ltd reduces the importation of foliage and flowers wherever possible by growing more and more of its own. It has an onsite garden and a nearby smallholding where plants grow and flourish in line with organic principles.

Hedgerows on the smallholding benefit wildlife. They are mostly managed by livestock.

The business recycles as much of its used materials and waste as possible.

Beautiful Blooms Ltd reduces its use of presentation cellophane wrapping by increasing the use of water resistant paper wrap instead. The paper wrap is renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable at home. Furthermore the paper wrap is FSC certified and approved by internationally agreed environmental and quality standards as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Beautiful Blooms Ltd uses LED lighting throughout its premises.

The company supports charity events through donations of lovely bouquets or gift vouchers as raffle prizes. Additionally it supports other institutions, e.g. schools and local residential homes.

Clearwater Fiuduciary Services Limited
Clearwater Fiduciary Services Limited

Clearwater Fiduciary Services Limited is a fiduciary service provider for families and companies. It is based in Douglas.

The company acts responsibly and ethically with due respect for the impact of its business upon the wider community. This includes e.g. compliance with human rights.

The company encourages suppliers to embrace ethical principles in the operation of their own businesses. Clearwater Fiduciary Services Limited is internationally active. Its ethical principles reach people all over the world.

As a local business, Clearwater Fiduciary Services Limited provides employment on the Island.
The company minimises the environmental impact of its business operations where possible. Part of this is proper waste management, e.g. through support of local and national recycling initiatives.

Clearwater Fiduciary Services Limited promotes and supports local heritage events. It is a corporate supporter of Manx Wildlife Trust.

The company encourages staff and families to take part in environmental activities.

Orrisdale Livestock Ltd
Orrisdale Livestock Ltd

Orrisdale Livestock Ltd is a large, family-run and award-winning beef and sheep farm in Ballasalla, Isle of Man.

It has grown its business steadily and reinvested its profits as appropriate to expand in a sustainable way.

It proudly competes in all local farming events and works to foster pride in the community’s ability to organise and run such events.

To further knowledge of farming, it holds an annual Open Farm Sunday event, hosts farm visits and takes animals to schools, allowing pupils a hands-on experience.

With the modernisation of farming, disused stone barns have been turned into holiday cottages, enhancing visitor accommodation. These use low voltage lighting and energy efficient appliances.
The farm recycles all appropriate material. It intends to establish small shelter areas and wildlife margins on its land.

Swagelok Limited
Swagelok Limited

Swagelok Limited is one of the Isle of Man’s largest employers and exporters and has invested millions of pounds into an advanced manufacturing base that makes a major contribution to the Island’s economy and showcases its skilled workforce.

Swagelok designs and makes fluid system products that we depend on to support our everyday lives. These products are used by market leading companies producing commodities such as fuel (for transportation and heating), food and drink and many others.

Companies that process hazardous fluids such as oils, gases and chemicals buy Swagelok products because they are specifically designed to prevent any kind of leak or fluid escaping into the environment.
Swagelok products are designed and used to support this wide range of needs in the safest and most environmentally friendly ways possible, using the most advanced technology available.

In the manufacturing process, potentially harmful wastes (e.g. oils, solvents and particulates) are segregated and disposed of via the energy from waste plant. Swagelok takes great care to ensure that there is no environmental contamination resulting from its manufacturing operations.

Waste metals are also segregated. High value metals (exotic alloys and solids) are recycled. Low value metals (steel and swarf) are skipped and collected by responsible scrap metal specialists. Carbide (cutting tools) are recycled.

Electricity usage is constantly monitored using Manx Utilities’ Energy Eye software. Swagelok employs local energy consultants to identify ways to reduce consumption. Several projects are complete and others underway and planned. Energy wastage has been reduced by 60% in a year (to September 2018).
Oil mists are filtered from all CNC machines to prevent contamination of the air. A sophisticated HVAC system constantly filters and cycles the air in the factory. Oil usage is minimised by continual oil and coolant concentration analysis.

At Swagelok’s Tromode premises, plastic cups have been replaced with paper and vending machines have been reset to allow use of normal mugs.

Swagelok has invested in a waste compactor and the compressed general waste is sent to the energy from waste plant and not to land fill.

Swagelok regularly surveys its employees to seek feedback on how they feel about working for the company. This drives improvements in facilities, values and behaviours. Swagelok runs a wellbeing initiative that focuses on improving its employees’ physical and mental health.

The company supports employees to undertake further and higher education and partners with University College Isle of Man for the manufacturing apprenticeship, employing several apprentices each year.
Swagelok employees play leading roles in such organisations and initiatives as the Chamber of Commerce Council, the Chamber’s Engineering and Manufacturing Committee, the Engineering Sector Skills Group, the Awareness of Careers in Engineering initiative, the IoM Aerospace Cluster, the Business Isle of Man Agency and Junior Achievement. They also play lead roles with local charities and engage in fund-raising activities.

Swagelok’s own social club organises many activities within the community.

The company also sponsors different community projects every year, voted for by employees, providing both funding and volunteer time.

Engineering is a strong part of the Island’s cultural heritage and Swagelok employees have strong connections with motorsport and engagement with motorcycle clubs, the cycling fraternity and the steam and model railway communities.


Fedelta is a financial services provider based in Douglas, Isle of Man.

A member of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce, the company supports the Island’s economy by using local suppliers, where possible.

It adopts a positive and friendly approach to business, supporting new start-ups and ventures.

It works with young, independent artists and designers, helping them to establish their businesses.

Fedelta champions reuse within its business to protect the environment.

The company is committing time and skills to the current A Life Less Plastic campaign to encourage reduction in the use of single-use plastics. Its marketing manager is also investigating the launch of a reusable coffee cup scheme for the Island.

Fedelta endeavours to avoid printing but shreds any paper it does print and donates it to animal shelters for bedding.

It is proud to sponsor the ACE scheme – offering schoolchildren access to Manx National Heritage attractions – in 2018 and, as a result, promotes Manx heritage and culture.

Fedelta’s community engagement includes assisting with events that encourage entrepreneurial skills among the young, visiting schools and allowing staff time to commit to good causes.

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