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Who is involved?

Our list of project partners is growing rapidly and encompasses businesses, schools, charities and community groups across the Island.


Sound Records

Sound Records is a Vinyl Record Store dealing in new and old vinyl, record players, and vintage clothing. They also host intimate live music gigs and offer a place to come and listen to music. They aim to grow consciously as a business to ensure no unnecessary waste of local and global resources.

Sound Records is an important part of the community and prides itself on providing community events and nurturing a sense of community in store and with its customers. Local music is showcased in store, and at events, which celebrates Manx heritage and provides a platform for new Manx music to grow and develop. For example, Sound Records are involved in creating a stage and festival space at Dark Horse Music Festival; which will promote local musicians and give artists an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Sound Records is passionate about promoting vintage records and clothing, both for their cultural and historical value, and as a way of reducing consumption of new resources. A lot of the stock is pre-owned. When records which are unsellable, the sleeves are re-used to reduce waste and when possible, damaged records are donated to other creative projects. All unwanted vintage clothing stock is donated to local charities to further reduce waste.

The company strives to be an environmentally friendly as possible, selling items in paper bags rather than plastic, recycling all possible waste from the shop and events, and re-using the plastic sleeves used to protect records. The shop also tries to minimise energy consumption by switching off appliances at the end of the day, using solar powered display lights and dimmable light bulbs within the shop. As the business grows, Sound Records will continue to develop practices that adhere to guidance that helps to combat climate change.

The Good Health Store Ltd

The Good Health Store Ltd is a located in the south of the island, and offers the community a wide range of quality products that support a healthy lifestyle.

The Good Health Store strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible, in the store and by supporting of various environmental initiatives. They choose their suppliers based on their quality products, ethically balanced choices in respect of the environment, the community they operate in and the products they produce.

The Good Health Store do not sell plastic water bottles and are part of Refill Isle of Man scheme that offers free tap water refills to the public. They also offer a refill service on a range of cleaning products, sell reusable bags and when needed, use paper bags instead of plastic, which also include a charge in a bid to further reduce unnecessary waste. The store asks suppliers to reduce packaging when delivering to them, and in store they recycle their customer’s egg boxes and honey jars.

The Good Health Store has always aimed to grow their business organically, with local people. They support local producers, and stock a number of lines. The store encourages their customers to buy locally when possible and actively participate in local business organisations to help make Port Erin become more sustainable. The Good Health Store also supports local art and cultural events; which includes, displaying posters and donating prizes.

M&P Legal
M&P Legal

M&P Legal is a legal practice based in Buck’s Road, Douglas, Isle of Man.

At its offices, the company recycles paper, plastics, metals and send plastic lids to Lush for reusing. Water for meetings is supplied by filtered tap water rather than plastic bottles. Employees use Skype or phone to avoid unnecessary travel.

M&P is a long-standing member of Manx Wildlife Trust and support the charity’s events. The company’s staff give their time to other charities, too.

The company is involved, on a pro bono basis with A Life Less Plastic, a new Isle of Man charity striving to reduce plastic consumption and pollution through inventive solutions that can be trialled locally.

Craftworks Studio
Craftworks Studio

Craftworks Studio is a ‘paint your own pottery’ studio in the heart of Castletown.

Guests paint pottery, in a relaxed setting, and take it home and reusing this eliminates the need for single-use cups, plates etc.

To serve drinks to guests, the studio uses compostable cups and wooden stirrers to serve drinks and has switched from plastic coffee sachets to a bean-to-cup machine, sourcing milk in glass bottles from a local dairy.

The business reuses plastics and other packaging that its materials arrive in and generates little waste.

It uses bamboo toilet rolls and buys cleaning fluid from dispensers at Braddan store Top Banana rather than in throwaway bottles.

The studio has also installed low-energy lighting.

The studio was closely involved in the early development of Balley Cashtal Beg (also a Biosphere Partner), an initiative that encourages visitors to explore and enjoy Castletown while searching out ceramic fairy doors.

Some members of the studio’s management belong to the Isle of Man Green Party and the Isle of Man Climate Change Coalition and the studio is pleased to host meetings of environment groups.


Gelling's is a long established Isle of Man company supplying hygiene and janitorial products including catering and industrial equipment, glassware, patient care supplies, paper disposal products and more.

It evolves to ensure its products and practices meet standards and requirements in its sector.

Internally, it recycles cardboard and plastic, using a compactor to bale. It conserves fuel by having set area delivery days.

Externally, it promotes compostable and biodegradable products.

Gelling's follows Food Packaging Association and Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers' Association codes of practice.

In the community, the company supports a number of local clubs and associations.

Zurich International
Zurich International

Zurich International is headquartered in the Isle of Man and has more than 300 employees. It is part of the Zurich Insurance Group, offering life insurance, investment and protection solutions throughout the world.

The company has a new office on the outskirts of Douglas, where energy saving is a key design feature. It uses timed LED lights, temperature controlled workspaces and on demand heated water via automatic taps.

Zurich International became the first Isle of Man business to switch to using compostable cups in vending machines through a partnership with Mannvend. The company is committed to minimizing their environmental footprint and apply a continuous improvement approach in reducing use of plastics and paper waste where possible.

Employees are involved in projects to improve the Island’s environment and encourage others to go out and enjoy it. These include carrying out work over several years at Archallagan Forest and adding a nature trail to the Curraghs Wildlife Park.

The workforce have spent thousands of hours working on community activities such as Beach Buddies’ beach cleans, lane cleaning, the Parish Walk and 1st Onchan Guides. Zurich International have a pledge signed to allow colleagues one day of volunteering at the company’s expense.

Zurich International is also a major supporter of Junior Achievement where they provide funding for the Junior School Programme Manager, and sponsorship of the ‘Learn to Earn’ programme.

The partnership with Junior Achievement aids in providing volunteers for the programme deliveries and are further committed to supporting the youth in the community.

In addition Zurich International also have a Manx registered charity, the Zurich Financial Services (Isle of Man) Charity Fund which has donated more than £40,000 to local charities in 2018.

Dee & Bees Wax Wraps
Dee & Bee's Wax Wraps

Dee and Bee’s Wax Wraps is an Isle of Man company that provides a plastic-free and reusable alternative to cling film for wrapping foods.
The company’s ethos is to reduce the amount of plastic purchased and consumed.
It purchases all its beeswax from Isle of Man producers and some of its fabric from local shops. Fabric offcuts are reused by a local school or for cleaning equipment, and then as home-made firelighters.
Wax wraps are packaged in recycled card and any bags used are paper.
Bronnie Ward, who founded the company with Debbie Carcas, is a schoolteacher who teaches about sustainability and its importance in our UNESCO Biosphere.


Gravity is established via Junior Achievement's companies programme. It creates and sells bamboo toothbrushes as an alternative to plastic and to reduce plastic in the Island's environment.

It intends to plant a tree in the Isle of Man for every 50 toothbrushes sold.

Turning to community involvement, it promoted local talent at a fund-raising 'Night with the Stars' and raised funds at 'Light the Night', held at Kirk Braddan Church.

Pepsi Max Bowl
Pepsi Max Bowl

The Pepsi Max Bowl is a family leisure centre offering bowling, a diner, bar and play area in Ramsey.

The attraction is run as a social enterprise and is a living wage employer. Several directors are volunteers.

It is always seeking ways to reduce its carbon footprint and support the local community.
It has stopped selling soft drinks in plastic bottles and those served to children in the diner are served in reusable beakers, while adults’ drinks are served in coated paper cups.

Cutlery is now metal rather than plastic. It discourages the use of straws by placing them behind the counter and provides only biodegradable straws, when they are requested.

Takeaway coffee is served in biodegradable cups and takeaway food in coated recycled cardboard.

It replaced its heaters with more energy efficient versions in 2017.

The venue donates space to the Manx Wildlife Trust to highlight its work and will launch a scheme to encourage customers to clean Ramsey’s beach, assisting Beach Buddies.

Mannin Group LTD
Mannin Group LTD

The Mannin Group LTD is a long-established Manx family business employing around 26 people on the Island at its modern headquarters in Cronkbourne. You may know them from their well-known magazine brands – Manxlife and Business365 – or as one of the islands largest print companies, creating many products including banners and signs.

The groups Manxlife magazine takes pride in promoting local wildlife, recycling, community projects and activities, and the company ensures that materials are sources locally when possible and that the majority of its products are printed on recycled paper.

In addition to recycling all paper and metal in the office, in 2018, the Mannin group removed all single use plastic cups from their premises. In addition, the Mannin group are currently working closely with other local businesses on an exciting project to further minimise the use of single use plastic cups within the commercial sector.

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