UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

Who is involved?

Our list of project partners is growing rapidly and encompasses businesses, schools, charities and community groups across the Island.


3 Pieces of Plastic

3 Pieces of Plastic was set up to encourage people to pick up 3 pieces of plastic every day, whether it is on a beach, in the countryside or simply on the street.

The initiative not only encourages people to pick up litter, but also to stop littering in the first place. 3 Pieces of Plastic hopes to inspire people to look after the Island and to remember that every little effort counts towards improving our environment.

3 Pieces of Plastic encourages people to post photos of their activities on the group’s social media page to help spread the word and inspire more people to join the initiative. The organisation have also worked closely with groups such as Beach Buddies and A Life Less Plastic on campaigns such as the 3 week ‘3POP’ event that asked participants to pick up 3 pieces of litter every day for 3 weeks and culminated in a 3 Beach Cleans with Beach Buddies. The organisation also works with schools and at other events, for example this year 3 Pieces of Plastic will supply plastic and other waste stations around the Parish Walk.

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As Manx as the Hills

As Manx as the Hills is a Facebook page and website dedicated to promoting Manx history, folklore, traditions and culture.

In 2013, Bernadette Weyde created the As Manx as the Hills Facebook page to share her love for the Manx history and folklore and to date there have been over 2,000 post supporting and promoting our Manx Culture. In 2015 a website was also created to make some of these posts easily accessible and for people to learn about and enjoy our wonderful heritage.

As Manx as the Hills created a google map showing over 2,000 ancient and historical sites from the first OS Maps done in 1867-70. The map can be found here http://bit.ly/3aeJcxL. Further maps are planned and details are here https://bit.ly/3f4Zo87 with the latest farmstead map approximately one quarter complete.

Facebook messages and emails are received from people all around the world with questions about the Isle of Man, where they ask about historical events, planned visits, family history etc. As Manx as the Hills always answers them, providing them with relevant information or given contacts to pursue their enquiry elsewhere.

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Balladarree in Jurby, Isle of Man, demonstrates permaculture and methods of sustainable, low-impact, living.

There is a Manx native oak tree preservation project, fruit and nut trees and a forest garden. There are also chickens and pet sheep.

Complementing it are yurts, a turfed-roof cabin, a gypsy caravan, solar power, green woodworking and a compost toilet.

Balladarree strives to have a neutral carbon footprint.

It is open by appointment, during school holidays and at weekends and welcomes school visits.

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Ballafayle Limited

Ballafayle Limited is a Manx farm situated in the Northeast of the Island. The farm aims be as sustainable as possible, with both resource use and environmental protection in mind. The farm applies minimal lime and fertilizer to their land to sustain their soils fertility; they use natural water sources for their livestock when feasible and are conscious to maintain their natural carbon sinks. The farm is Red Tractor Assured.

At the head of the Cornaa valley the farm has an extensive array of traditional Manx stone sheep handling pens, including a stone shed.

Ballafayle Farm is also passionate about protecting the natural resources and rich cultural heritage around the island. Ballafayle work closely with Charites such as Beach Buddies and the Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch, to keep our coastlines clean and promote the marine life around our coastlines. Ballafayle also support the following initiatives on their land: Hang-Gliders, Mountain Marathon, Manx Ornithology, Woodland Maintenance, Search & Rescue Dogs, Venture Centre Activities, Tholton Register.

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Beach Buddies

Beach Buddies is a volunteer-run charity group which meets weekly throughout the year, and more frequently in spring and summer, to transform our beaches, glens and footpaths for the benefit of the environment, residents, visitors and most importantly, wildlife.

Facebook: Beach Buddies Isle of Man

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Colas (IOM) Ltd

Colas (IoM) Ltd is a civil engineering, construction, waste management and quarrying company based at Billown quarry on the Isle of Man. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Colas SA, which is based in France and is part of the international Bouygues group of companies.

Colas (IoM) has been operating on the Island since 1963. As part of Colas long established activities, the group has two operational quarries, Billown and Earystane Billown, producing various grades limestone aggregates, Armour stone, Gabion Stone, Type 1 Single sized aggregates 6,10,20 & 40mm and walling and facing stone.

Colas also has the Island's only private asphalt plant, which produces asphalt for the local construction industry and private commercial market.

The Billown site has many previous excavation areas some are restored through natural regeneration and others by turning them over to other industrial use.

An example of a site where nature has been being encouraged is Rose Hill quarry, which was left to regenerate, with minor clearance works, carried out by Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) and Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture. This summer, bee orchids have grown there for the first time since around 1990.

Colas Group is committed to carrying out environmental initiatives and is planting trees on its current site with the assistance of the MWT, and it is a MWT corporate member.

The Group has always supported young people, participating in Junior Achievement, the STEP programme and offering work experience.

It is generous to the local community, offering products, support and raffle prizes to charities and good causes. The company is a supporter of Beach Buddies and its employees regularly assisted this project.

The company operates its Isle of Man facilities to UK best practice standards and is accredited for ISO 14,001, an environmental management standard.

It has undertaken fuel and energy monitoring, saving, and efficiency programmes and monitors and records all water and waste material discharges from its site.

The company is a bronze member of Investors in People.

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Culture Vannin

Culture Vannin works to take Manx culture forward in the areas of Manx language, literature, music and dance, arts and crafts, natural history and ecology, folklore, history, law, archaeology, architecture and industrial development – because a vibrant and dynamic living culture has at its heart in what we have to say and how we want to say it; it is how we choose to define our world.

Culture Vannin supports both our living culture and our cultural heritage, engaging with local communities. In 2020 they launched the Mann’s Green Footsteps https://www.culturevannin.im/footsteps/index.shtml projects led by their graduate intern, examining the Island’s response to the climate crisis, inspired by Biosphere IOM.

In their social media, in particular their short films, Culture Vannin celebrates the Island’s living landscape and seascapes:. You can watch the videos at https://vimeo.com/culturevannin

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Dark Horse Music Limited

Dark Horse Music Limited holds an annual music and arts festival that culminates over a three day period in July. The festival promotes Isle of Man talent, alongside UK artists and performers. Dark Horse Festival involves five stages of live music and performances, and includes acts as diverse as poetry, circus workshops, dance troops, juggling workshops and fancy dress. In addition, the festival hosts areas for local food vendors and arts and crafts activities for all ages.

In 2019 Dark Horse Festival will be working to reduce their use of plastic by offering people the option to buy cups that will be branded and reused. By doing this they hope to encourage their customers to keep the cups as a memento of the event and in turn reduce the amount of waste produced by the festival. The festival also want to engage people in arts projects that will encourage recycling and help remove plastic bottles and bottle tops from the site.

Dark Horse Music Limited is also a strong supporter of the charity ‘Sound Check’ and provides a stage for the group at the festival in addition to donating a portion of the festivals profits to the charity. The company also organise events outside of the festival that incorporates Sound Check to help provide a platform for performers all over the island.

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EcoVannin is a new collaboration between organisations, individuals and Government. It aims to secure a flourishing, vibrant and sound future for our environment, community and economy.

EcoVannin aims to deliver on these aims by focusing on a number of key strategic 'workstreams', each playing a role in delivering secure, productive and environmentally beneficial outcomes - including support for emerging and clean technologies (both advanced and smaller scale), fresh business models and new opportunities for the Island's population.

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Erin Arts Centre

The Erin Arts Centre in Port Erin is a long established, multi-purpose, arts centre and home to a variety of music and drama performances and art and related exhibitions and groups.

A hub of the community in Port Erin, it brings world leading performers to local audiences and promotes local arts and culture to new and wide audiences.

The centre relies heavily on the support of its volunteers, who benefit from playing a part in their community.

It is focusing on more effectively managing the old building's energy requirements and avoids use of paper where possible, reusing any waste paper for note-taking.

The centre actively supports the local commissioners and traders association through local events.

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Erin Arts Centre
Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

Isle of Man Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group encourages the support of wildlife alongside commercial food production in Agriculture and Horticulture on the island.
Also run regular talks and farm visits.

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Isle of Man FWAG
Footpath Friends

Footpath Friends is a volunteer-run group working alongside the Department of Infrastructure, to maintain and repair overgrown and damaged footpaths and hiking trails across the Isle of Man.

Footpath Friends help to protect the island’s natural resources by repairing and maintaining footpaths in the natural environment, many of which have existed for centuries.

Footpath Friends is also helping to develop the Manx economy as they are working with Visit Isle of Man to promote hiking, cultural and environmental holidays, attracting more visitors to the island.

Their work also means that sites of cultural and historical interest will be preserved and it is easier for the public to access these sites safely.

Footpath Friends leaves footpaths in a much better condition and enhances the environment in various areas including wildlife, flora, fauna and drainage.

Footpath Friends regularly engages with the local community and has already signed up more than 760 volunteers (October 2020) with many more expected during 2021 and beyond.

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Friends of the Neb

Friends of the Neb is a volunteer group piloting a project to identify the location of damaging Himalayan balsam and Japanese knotweed in the River Neb catchment, manage their treatment and, ultimately, eradicate them.

The group works in sympathy with the environment and conscious of surrounding flora and fauna, nesting seasons, spawning times, etc.

As it visits locations, it also collects any litter it finds and reports any other issues that need attention, such as fly tipping, structural defects etc, to relevant authorities.

All the equipment volunteers use is reusable. Himalayan Balsam is composted on site, negating the need to use bags.

The group educates the public about the importance of its work via its lively facebook page and media coverage.

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Friends of the Neb
Go-Mann Adventures

Go-Mann Adventures offers guided tours, hill walks, hill skills and navigation training on the Isle of Man.

It encourages use of the Manx countryside for enjoyment with no negative environmental impact, working on the ‘leave no trace’ principle.

The business ensures no litter is ever left on its tours and removes paper, cans and plastics that it does find, tidying up the countryside.

Its tours and training encompass education about the Island’s culture and heritage that participants may otherwise miss out on learning about. Respect for the Island’s heritage is at the core of the business.

Where possible, clients are encouraged to get to and from tours and training via public transport. Where this is not possible, clients are encouraged to share cars, park responsibly etc.

Go-Mann Adventures tells clients about the Island’s UNESCO Biosphere status and, as a partner, will incorporate it into its marketing.

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Go-Mann Adventures
Guild of Manx Registered Tour Guides

The Guild of Manx Registered Tour guides take pride in growing tourism on the island, whilst ensuring visitors enjoy and respect the island and its outstanding living landscape and seascape.

Supporting and promoting the islands unique features and its rich cultural heritage is at the heart of the guilds ethos when promoting the island to tourists, local groups and individuals.

Through active involvement with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man, the guild’s aim to promote, explain, protect and deliver the experience of our Biosphere to all.

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Island Heritage Tours

Chris Callow of Island Heritage Tours is a registered blue badge tour guide who promotes the Isle of Man.

The company introduces visitors and residents to the Island’s heritage, widening understanding of its unique history.

It encourages residents to explore part of their Island they may not otherwise reach, contributing to fitness and wellbeing.

The company uses public and heritage transport where possible, encourages responsible use of the countryside and avoids environmentally sensitive areas.

It supports heritage initiatives of the Isle of Man Government, Manx National Heritage, Culture Vannin, Isle of Man Railways and heritage organisations such as the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust.

As a partner, it will raise the profile of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man to cruise passengers, package holiday visitors and other visitors it works with.

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Island Heritage Tours
Isle of Man Arts Council

The Isle of Man Arts Council exists to promote the Island’s cultural identity and encourage enjoyment of, and participation in, the arts.
A sponsored body of the Department for Education, Sport and Culture, it offers grants, sponsorship and underwriting to a wide variety of individuals, schools, groups and venues across the community.

With Culture Vannin, it delivers the National Development Strategy for Culture and the Arts.

The Arts Council supports events and organisations that help boost visitor numbers and contribute to a sustainable economy such as live music festivals, exhibitions, Dark Skies events and the Annual Isle of Man Arts Council Lecture.

It supports projects that showcase and educate people about the Island’s beautiful landscape and environment such as music, photography and outdoor art.

The Arts Engagement Officer works closely with Biosphere IOM’s Project Officer on special collaborations which highlight the use of art to celebrate our natural landscape. For example, many articles interviewing artists on this website have come as a result of ideas and contacts with island based artists provided by the Isle of Man Arts Council.

The Arts Team continuously seek ways to reduce their own impact on the environment such as avoiding unnecessary travel and car sharing to meetings when possible. They have transitioned their entire application process from paper to online form filling to reduce paper and recycle their waste when this cannot be avoided. They support and implement Isle of Man Government’s strategy to eradicate single use plastics by encouraging colleagues to recycle in staff kitchens and take part in fun challenges such as Plastic Free July.

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Isle of Man Arts Council
Isle of Man Beekeepers

• Promoting best practice in beekeeping

• Raising awareness of the vital importance of bees for pollination

• Helping to increase the native Manx black bee population

• Working to safeguard the Island's Varroa-free special status

• Supporting beekeepers in monitoring bees for disease

• Collaborating in international research for programmes in bee conservation

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Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation
Isle of Man Financial Services Authority

The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (IOMFSA) is a statutory board and financial services regulator, whose objectives include effective regulation of the Island’s financial services industry, the protection of that industry’s consumers, and the reduction of financial crime.

Our remit at IOMFSA is such that environment, culture and heritage is not our main focus, nevertheless, we encourage appropriate behaviour and take part in activities which promote the Biosphere ethos.

We have contributed to the Small Countries Financial Management Centre’s activities, which is an annual event for other jurisdictions that travel to the Island to learn about its heritage and culture, as well as financial regulation.

We have undertaken various initiatives to protect our natural resources including: installation of ‘auto off’ light switches, removal and replacement of all plastic cups with reusable glasses, and the enabling and promotion of recycling within our offices.

The team take part in regular litter picking and gardening in the grounds of the office, volunteer with Beach Buddies and the Hospice, and organise fundraising activities for local charities, with a different local charity supported each year.

We also have an Environment Team, who promote various responsible initiatives across the office. In 2019 we had a Green Advent, where environmental and waste reduction tips were shared each day during the countdown to Christmas, to encourage staff to make better Christmas choices.

The IOMFSA actively promotes consumer outreach initiatives, including involvement in World Investor Week whereby we undertook consumer outreach in relation to business investment, and via production of consumer awareness materials on various financial services products and services.

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Isle of Man Financial Services Authority
Isle of Man Flower Festival

The Isle of Man Flower Festival is a much-loved annual, Island-wide community event, held to coincide with Manx National week in July.

The event celebrates a different aspect on Manx life each year through spectacular floral art displays in venues such as churches, community spaces and Manx National Heritage sites.

The 2019 theme 'Working Together' encouraged venues to include the positive environmental impact of 'recycle and reuse' in their displays. In 2021 the organisers will encompass UNESCO Biosphere IOM in the Festival with the theme 'A Special Place for People and Nature'.

Although fresh flowers predominate at the event, discriminative use of artificial flowers encourages participation by children from schools, playgroups and youth organisations when arrangements may necessarily have to be made in advance.

The hugely popular event enhances the cultural offering to residents and visitors of all ages, and many enjoy tours of the venues, often lingering for refreshments. Entry is generally free (except MNH sites) but donations are always welcomed.

The Festival committee also organises workshops at locations around the Island to encourage people to learn more about floral art and to appreciate the Island’s flora. These workshops are widely advertised especially on social media, and are open to everyone, whether or not they are involved with the Festival, to encourage participation in a new hobby or interest.

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Isle of Man Flower Festival
Isle of Man Friends of the Earth

Isle of Man Friends of the Earth (IoM FoE) is an organisation of concerned volunteers. We’re a local group, and part of Friends of the Earth UK. We campaign for a cleaner, greener Island.

Members come from all walks of life: students, pensioners, builders, accountants, self-employed and many others. Dealing with man-made climate change is the most important issue of our time.

IoM FoE is campaigning hard to ensure action is taken by government to dramatically reduce Manx CO2 emissions, to develop renewable energy sources, and to prepare for the impact climate change will have on our weather.

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Isle of Man - Friends of the Earth
Isle of Man United Nations Association

The aim of the charity is to encourage Isle of Man residents to take an interest in international affairs and support the principles and work of the United Nations and its Agencies, including education and humanitarian activity.

Isle of Man United Nations Association aims to encourage the discussion of matters and events of international and universal concern, particularly in relation to the Isle of Man, and to provide a forum for persons and entities within the Isle of Man interested in and concerned with international affairs. It organises discussions and events each year, helps Manx students attend a UN Summer School and runs an annual Model Security Council for sixth formers.

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Isle of Man United Nations Association
Isle of Man Young Farmers

The Isle of Man Young Farmers is the Island's leading youth movement.

It is split into four clubs representing the regions of the Island, Northern, Eastern, Southern and Central.

Membership is open to anyone from 10 to 36-years-old.

Many members are actively engaged in farming, an industry that manages four fifths of the Island’s land and is worth millions of pounds to its economy.

Members are naturally engaged in supporting the environment but planned initiatives for 2020 include tree-planting with the Manx Wildlife Trust.

The organisation is enthusiastic about finding ways to reduce single-use plastics and plans to take part in clean-ups and educate members on reuse and recycling.

The Young Farmers are at the heart of the community and organise and participate in many of the Island’s long-standing events.

They have launched a new 'act in the community' scheme, under which each club will help projects in their local area. For example, the Northern club will help to create a wildlife area at Andreas School.

Young Farmers’ now legendary concerts at the Gaiety Theatre each spring see people queuing from dawn for tickets.

In December 2019, the organisation staged Christmas Tractor Run, a parade of 50 festively-decorated vehicles, to raise awareness of their industry and money for two Island charities.

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Isle of Man Young Farmers
James Vickers Building Consultancy Ltd

James Vickers Building Consultancy Ltd specialises in designing ecologically good houses and improving the energy performance of existing dwellings.

The Isle of Man Government plans legislation to tackle carbon emissions and the company plans to play a significant role in building and retro-fitting houses to zero or close to zero emissions.

James Vickers uses local labour and locally supplied materials where possible. Among several accolades, company principle James Vickers designed and managed the building of Build-It magazine’s best eco house in the UK in 2017 and was again a finalist in 2018. The award-winning Passive house utilised a timber frame that was manufactured on the Island.

Mr Vickers gives lectures and talks to professionals, community groups and schools on sustainable and Passive construction and finds interest high across the Isle of Man community.

Mr Vickers did voluntary work in Romania, building energy-efficient housing for the poor and needy, for a decade. His company continues to support Manx charity Hands of Hope, which carries on this work.

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James Vickers Building Consultancy Ltd
Knockaloe Centre for WW1 Internment

Knockaloe internment camp in Patrick housed some 23,000 ‘enemy aliens’ in its 23 compounds at any one time during World War One and has a significant place in the Island’s history.

Joseph Pilates developed his world famous method of fitness while working in the camp hospital; Archibald Knox was a parcel censor at the camp and it is believed that Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed furniture that was built by internees.

Knockaloe.im is a registered charity, established by the Patrick community, that is using the former village schoolrooms to develop an online visitor centre, app and web-based archive for the Knockaloe Internment Camp.

The former schoolrooms are being developed into a permanent exhibition centre.

The centre will add to the Island’s tourism proposition, welcoming and educating people from all over the world who are interested in the history of Knockaloe and in coming to the Island to see where their relatives were interned.

It will provide a learning base for local schoolchildren.

The last surviving gathering point for the whole of Patrick, the schoolroom will also be an important venue for community and cultural events.

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Langness, Derbyhaven and Sandwick Nature Conservation Partnership

Langness, Derbyhaven and Sandwick Nature Conservation Partnership is a partnership of organisations and individuals committed to safeguarding and restoring the special wildlife of Langness.

Our aim is to make a positive contribution to conserving the biodiversity within the Langness, Derbyhaven and Sandwick ASSI and Marine Nature Reserve, complementing and working with our partners, and other stakeholders, including the Government.

We have a shared commitment to turning the tide of continuing biodiversity loss and damage and to restoring the unique wildlife of the Area of Special Scientific Interest and Marine Nature Reserve (Biosphere Core areas), in an inclusive and sensitive way.

We are raising awareness of the significance of Langness area, through teaching people about birds, monitoring bird numbers and activities with a view to having evidence-based management and explaining the ecological importance of the Langness peninsula, including through the media and within Government.

We wish to make this an exemplar Biosphere project, respecting and restoring nature while encouraging sustainable enjoyment without it being detrimental to wildlife.

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Manx Basking Shark Watch

MBSW is a registered charity working to understand and protect this endangered species and we would like your help. We conduct surveys from our boat the Happy Jack, however if you have seen a basking shark and can remember the location we would love to hear about it. Please report your sightings on our website on this link - http://www.manxbaskingsharkwatch.com/report.aspx

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Manx Basking Shark Watch logo
Manx BirdLife

Manx BirdLife is the pre-eminent wildlife conservation charity based on the Isle of Man working to protect the Island's wild birds and the habitats on which they depend.

Since 1997, we have monitored the abundance and diversity of Manx birds, collecting more than eight million records. We use this data to inform environmental policy and conservation action.

We work with government, corporations, NGOs, educators and the local community so that future generations might continue to enjoy the Isle of Man's natural environment and the magnificent spectacle of its wild birds.

Major new nature reserve for the Isle of Man:

We have now started working with our partners, Island Aggregates and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, on the restoration for nature of the quarries at the Point of Aye.

You can find out more about this exciting project, and how you can help, to create a very special place for birds and people at http://manxbirdlife.im/point-of-ayre/.”

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Manx Competitive Music, Speech and Dance Festival

The Manx Competitive Music, Speech and Dance Festival is the charity that organises the Manx Music Festival, known to many as The Guild.

The Island’s oldest major event, the much loved festival began in 1892 and has run for 127 unbroken years, continuing even during the two World Wars, and is an important part of the Island’s culture and heritage.

More than 40 hard-working volunteers run the festival and 4,600 competitors of all ages take part.

It attracts entries and nurtures talent from across the community.

In 2019, some 217 classes took place over eight days of competition at the Villa Marina and St Thomas’ Church.

In 2020 we were, unfortunately, forced to cancel the Festival as a result of the Coronovarius pandemic and consequent lock down. However, in order to ensure our 128 year unbroken record continued we organised a virtual festival which we named ‘The Guild Goes On!’. Entrants recorded their performances in their own homes and gardens and sent them to us for forwarding to our off-Island adjudicators for feedback. In all, 91 people entered and received thorough, constructive and supportive comments from the adjudicators who were delighted that we had carried on. Parents, competitors and teachers were very pleased to be able to have an outlet for all their hard work and some uploaded their entries on our Guild Skeet Facebook group and other sites.

Classes include music (folk, operatic, oratorio, choir, popular and rock music for voice and woodwind, string, organ, keyboard and percussion for instruments), drama (poetry, character study, public speaking, Bible reading and choral speaking) and dance (modern, tap, ballet, national and character dance). In 2019, Stand Up Comedy was introduced and attracted brave competitors and enthusiastic audiences.

Manx features strongly, with classes for dialect, Gaelic and dancing and a T. E. Brown class ensuring the work of the Island’s national poet is heard.

The event offers scholarships to participants to study at acclaimed music, drama and dance schools.

It organises offshoot events such as workshops, concerts and recitals featuring internationally recognised performer and adjudicators.

It works with partners across the community.

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Manx Music Festival
Manx Energy Advice Centre

The Manx Energy Advice Centre is an independent charity which has been created as a service to promote energy conservation, the use of renewable energy and provide independent advice and information.

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MEAC logo
Manx Geological Survey

The Manx Geological Survey is a charity that encourages public interest in geology by promoting research and education.

The charity is building a database of geological and geophysical data on the Isle of Man’s rocks, soil and natural resources, onshore and offshore.

The data will assist anyone carrying out land management programmes and planning projects that impact on the natural environment.

Using maps, animations and information, the charity’s interactive website engages visitors about the Island’s geological development.

The charity hosts events and conducts school visits and public talks.

It is investigating the feasibility of running a postgraduate training course on Global Energy, at University College Isle of Man, covering future power generation, use and storage.

It’s intended to make resulting data publicly available to inform decision-making and demonstrate that the Isle of Man embraces new ideas and encourages new technologies.

Subject to securing funding, the charity also hopes to develop educational materials for primary schools, develop geological trails to encourage people to learn about how the Island is formed and produce more educational animations and videos.

Its Partnership with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man will add a ‘Geosphere’ element to the project.

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Manx Geological Survey
Manx Hedgehog Conservation Society

Manx Hedgehog Conservation Society (MHCS) is a charity that focuses around the protection of injured, sick or orphaned hedgehogs on the Isle of Man. Hedgehogs are important species that help balance ecosystems for sustainable plant grown. They also act as an important indicator of the general health of an ecosystem.

The Manx Hedgehog Conservation Society have over sixteen volunteer hedgehog foster carers throughout the island which care for hedgehogs and help to educate and increase public awareness. The charity gives approximately 140 talks per year to the general public on hedgehog protection and the environmental aims of the charity. The charity also attends many public events throughout the year.

The Manx Hedgehog Conservation Society is passionate about protecting our natural resources and as such, have started a crisp packet recycling scheme to help reduce plastic pollution and educate the public on the issues of single use plastics on the island. Having invited all the schools to join the initiative, the charity has collected over 10,000 crisp packets which upcycle and reuse into other products, including ‘eco-bricks’.

The charity are passionate about engaging with the next generation through education and awareness and work on topics in such as the importance of the conservation of hedgehogs, a healthy ecosystem and understanding the consequences of environmental change for species and habitats.

The charity also runs events throughout the island such as the winter garden workshop which engaged with schools and the public from all over the island and encouraged people to have care and consideration for their environment.

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Manx Mountain Activities

Manx Mountain Activities offers guided walks and mountain bike rides in the Isle of Man.

The organisation encourages people to learn about the Isle of Man while using self-powered travel. All walks and rides operate to a 'leave no trace' policy.

In addition to planning and leading bespoke walks and rides for all levels of fitness and experience Manx Mountain Activities also regularly advertises ‘Friday Hill Walks’ and occasional days exploring the geology of the island.

Manx Mountain Activities contributes to the Isle of Man’s tourism industry.

John Barker, its founder/guide, is passionate about sharing his knowledge of astronomy and Manx wildlife and geology with clients.

He holds Mountain Leader and British Cycling Level 2 Mountain Bike Leader awards.

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Manx Mountain Activities
Manx Society for Marine Conservation

The philosophy of manxsmc is to act as advocates for research, education and conservation and through the establishment of a non-for-profit scientific initiative, aim to preserve and enhance the Manx marine environment.

Our objective is to learn about, protect and conserve the Manx marine environment for the future.

Our vision is to generate knowledge to further understand the uniquely rich habitats and associated marine flora and fauna found in Manx waters.

By understanding this diversity, we hope to establish links between people and marine life, which is vital to protect the distinctive Manx marine environment.

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Manx SMC
Manx Utilities' Smart Metering Programme

In line with global moves, the Isle of Man is taking action to address the climate emergency.

As part of its commitment to tackling climate change, Manx Utilities is looking for ways to help decarbonise the home.

Manx Utilities is launching its Smart Metering Programme, and complementary Smarter Living branding.

Over the next four years, 50,000 meters in homes Island-wide will be replaced with smart meters.

Smart metering sets the scene for a paradigm shift in our relationship with the environment, including electricity generation and consumption.

Consumers are increasingly turning into 'prosumers' – generating their own electricity and feeding back into the grid, as well as consuming.

There is increasing demand for more sustainable energy sources and greener technologies.
In order for Manx Utilities to maintain an efficient and reliable network that will enable the uptake of renewable sources of energy, it needs to understand demands on that network.

Timely surveillance of how much renewable energy is connected to the grid will assist us in matching supply with demand and safely introduce new generation sources.

For example, more and more people are considering acquiring an electric car, so future energy systems need to accommodate smart charging for electric vehicles.

Smart meters are the first step in changing the way we all think about energy.

They will allow Manx Utilities to track and record not only how much electricity we use, but also when we use it. Consumers will be able to review consumption habits and introduce behaviour changes that reduce both bills and carbon footprint.

Even if these changes are small and the resulting effect seems insignificant on an individual level, the cumulative effect will be worthwhile.

Many benefits can be realised straight away with the introduction of smart metering. Others unlock potential for future change, where innovation coupled with community engagement can bring about a much greener island and planet.

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Manx Utilities' Smart Metering Programme
Manx Walks

Manx Walks is owned by Catriona Livingstone, a friendly and knowledgeable guide who takes small groups on specially tailored guided walks of the Manx countryside.

The business encourages residents and visitors to explore the Island on foot, and in a sustainable way.

Catriona's training in planning and teaching have given her a grounding in environment issues and these are imbued in her approach to guiding walks and imparting information about the Island to residents and visitors.

Leading by example, Catriona takes bags on walks to collect litter, follows the Countryside Code and avoids environmentally sensitive areas.

Manx Walks engages with other local groups and charities promoting the Isle of Man, such as Friends of Manx National Heritage, the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society, Isle of Man Family History Society and Kirk Michael, Peel and Ballaugh heritage societies.

Manx Walks makes a point of stopping at cafes and shops that sell local produce, further supporting the economy.

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Manx Walks
Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch

Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch is a registered charity aimed at conserving whales, dolphins and porpoises around the Isle of Man through active research and education.

We raise awareness of these amazing species through outreach such species identification talks and public spotting events, as well as visiting local schools interest groups. An active online presence also helps spread the message of this fascinating part of our island's natural history.

A dedicated team of volunteers carry out land and boat based effort watches, along with other ongoing research projects. Public sightings are a very important part of our research and help us collect extra information when we are not in the field.

You can report your sightings of any whale dolphin or porpoise to our website https://www.mwdw.net/

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Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch Charity
Manx Wild Bird Aid

Manx Wild Bird Aid is an Isle of Man charity that looks after sick, orphaned and injured birds.

The charity is staffed entirely by volunteers who have a passion for birds and come from all over the Island. They collect injured birds and take them to volunteers who offer rehabilitation or to veterinary surgeons.

The charity gives presentations to groups across the community on how pollution in our environment can affect wildlife.

As an organisation, it is keen to limit its own impact on the environment. Much of its equipment is reusable and it tries to minimise the use of medications such as antibiotics.

Manx Wild Bird Aid also captures it work through videos and imagery, shared on social media, demonstrating to a wide audience what is happening in the Isle of Man and encouraging others to set up similar organisations.

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Manx Wildlife Trust

Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) was founded in 1973 and is the Isle of Man’s leading conservation charity. Its members, staff and volunteers all contribute to delivering benefits for wildlife and people by:

Protecting wildlife in our 24 MWT Nature Reserves and the other areas we manage.

Working in partnerships to create an enhanced and expanded network of places for wildlife across the land and waters of the Isle of Man.

Developing natural solutions to mitigate climate change impact, including peatland restoration, increasing seagrass beds and planting more trees.

Reducing our own environmental impact, while encouraging others to do the same.

Connecting people in the Isle of Man strongly to the nature that surrounds them and educating, inspiring and enabling them to take action to value and enhance it.

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Milntown is a historic country house, café and gardens in the north of the Isle of Man that is open to the public and popular with locals and visitors.

The estate is significant in that it formed part of the site of the Battle of Skye Hill in 1079.

The house is the former home of the Christian family, whose notable members included Fletcher Christian and Illiam Dhone, who was born on the estate.

The family has played a major part in Manx history since the 15th Century and Milntown is dedicated to researching and telling that story.

The house and estate are run by a trust established by Milntown’s most recent resident, the late Sir Clive Edwards.

The demands of maintaining a historic house and grounds mean that in addition to its staff, Milntown employs the specialist skills of local workmen and craftsmen, in support of the economy.

A team of volunteers is busy recording and archiving Milntown’s history. There are regular public tours of the house and schools and other groups are encouraged to use it for educational purposes.

Milntown’s beautiful grounds, operated on organic principles, draw many admiring visitors.

Work constantly goes on to regenerate the gardens and the surrounding woodlands to create a landscape of significant horticultural interest.

The 15 acres of grounds are home to an extensive collection of local and exotic trees and plants and shrubs developed from cuttings and seeds.

The result is a habitat for birds, including wildfowl, butterflies and insects and breeding hedgehogs.

Milntown's gardens have (2020) become the first in the Island to be awarded coveted Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) Partner Garden status, recognising that they are run to the highest horticultural standards, meeting exacting criteria. RHS members can visit the gardens free on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The estate grounds host community and educational events and private functions and feature work by local artists.

The popular café at Milntown uses local produce as much as possible, including that from its own gardens.

Milntown also offers year-round visitor accommodation in three self-catering apartments.

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Pedal To Progression

Owner, Adam Henderson, has over 15 years of coaching experience and has gained a British Cycling Level 3 mountain bike coaching award, making him one of the UK's highest qualified coaches. Committed to delivering the highest standard of educational courses to people of all ages and abilities, Pedal To Progression aims to improve skills and knowledge to enable sustainable enjoyment on the island’s vast network of trails and encourage individuals to explore and be inspired by the outdoors.

They use their strong social media presence to promote the Islands natural beauty and as a top mountain biking tourist destination. They also actively choose routes which take into consideration Refill Isle of Man sites and operate with a ‘leave no trace, take only pictures and memories’ policy.

Pedal To Progression has designed and consulted the Isle of Man’s only purpose built mountain bike skills area, which is free and open to the public and is designed to give users a positive experience of cycling outdoors.

The kit that Pedal To Progression use is PFC free, contains no PTFE repellents and 98% of the point of sale packaging is made from recyclable materials. They describe their character as more ‘David than Goliath’ as they try to be and do better while having fewer opportunities than organisations worldwide.

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PlasticBusters launched in December 2019 and are a volunteer-run organisation focused on protecting natural habitats from environmentally hazardous waste. They promote and organise individual and group litter-picking activities, educate the community on the issue, and collaborate with key public and private stakeholders.

PlasticBusters proactively educate their members and local communities to ensure that plastics are Refused, Reduced, Reused, Repurposed, and Recycled. They have near to 1800 supporters on social media, many of whom regularly participate in organised volunteer activities.

All materials used in the group’s activities are, where possible, sourced locally to support the economy. Volunteers are encouraged to use public transportation whenever possible. Local amenity sites are supplied with all the recyclable materials collected during events, which can then be sold to third parties and generate revenue for the local authorities. PlasticBusters reduce the clean-up costs of local authorities and public bodies due to the volunteer-ran nature of the organisation.

PlasticBusters support the Isle of Man cultural Heritage by preserving its natural ecosystems and ensuring outdoor cultural sites are free of litter.

PlasticBusters have already, in their short time in operation, carried out 18 group events and collected over 2,400 pounds of litter, despite the restrictions imposed on getting together during Covid-19. This has come from the roads, streets, glens, paths and rivers.

PlasticBusters have engaged over 200 volunteers from the Isle of Man community. They have launched global campaigns such as “March is 3-pieces-of-plastic month”, with the participation of over 350 volunteers from 27 countries. PlasticBusters have also engaged with local schools, businesses, and government representatives to participate in their clean-up activities, and engage with other groups and charities promoting the preservation of the Isle of Man environment, such as 3POP and Beach Buddies.

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Smeale Farm Cottages

Smeale Farm Cottages nestle into the beautiful countryside in the north of the Isle of Man.

The holiday cottages are located on a sheep and cereals farm where farming practices are chosen to protect wildlife alongside commercial farming. The on-farm nature conservation area covers 7 acres, and links with the Ayres National Nature Reserve to provide a wildlife corridor stretching inland.

The Martin family strive to make the farm cottages as environmentally friendly as possible, by providing firewood from the farm nature reserve which is a sustainable source, using energy efficient light bulbs, providing recycling opportunities and air drying laundry. The cottages are also furnished with beautiful vintage wooden furniture to enhance the cottages and reduce use of new resources. The single storey cottage is wheelchair accessible.

The farm promotes the island’s cultural heritage through farm tours, which cover over 500 years of family history on the one farm. The farm buildings have retained original features such as the wattle canopy and ziggurat style fireplaces, the Georgian farmhouse (known as the new farmhouse), the horse walk and the remains of a beggars’ house for itinerant workers. The family have an interesting heritage textiles collection available too.

When the family are moving sheep, they collect any litter they see along public roads and hedges. The farm provides lots of apples to the Apple Orphanage, a community business, in return for juice.

Looking back over the last year we were delighted to see a brimstone butterfly, unmistakably bright yellow. Gary Curtis, the “butterfly man” has been trying to establish a colony in the north of the island and his efforts have obviously borne fruit.

Gary has now supplied us with alder plants this Spring to grown on in our conservation area. This plant is their sole food supply so Mr. Curtis is keen to get more established. The little plants are thriving.

For farm tours, COVID-19 has played havoc, but latterly we have enjoyed entertained Peel Heritage Trust with the farm history. A story telling session is planned in August based on pre-release readings from the book “Stories from Stone” by Kim Kneen and Vicki Lloyd-West – we are very excited about this event. Books can be pre-ordered on the night. Smeale Farm will again be on the programme for Manx National Heritage’s “Heritage Open Days” events, restrictions allowing.

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The Manx Bard - The Poet of the Isle

The Manx Bard is an exciting cultural initiative for the Island, sponsored by the Isle of Man Arts Council and endorsed by Manx Litfest and Isle of Man Poetry Society.

Each year sees the Island’s most worthy poet appointed as Manx Bard via an annual competition. In recognition of our proud poetic heritage, the title of First Manx Bard was awarded posthumously to our national poet T.E. Brown. There have so far been three living Manx Bards.

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Manx Bard logo
Visit Mann Tours

Visit Mann Tours is an Isle of Man business founded by John Shakespeare, who has been involved in promoting the Island for more than 30 years.

Working closely with Government agencies, Visit Mann Tours organises visitor itineraries covering all aspects of our unique Island.

By sharing great local knowledge and a passion for every aspect of life here, we are able to demonstrate that the Isle of Man is a special place for people, nature and culture.

By helping our visitors to enjoy and celebrate our environment to the full, we aim to showcase the stunning land and seascape that make up the majority of the Island Biosphere.

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Visit Mann Tours

Walking.im is run by Ken Harding, a qualified walking guide.

The business enables groups, families and individuals, whether residents or visitors, to explore the Isle of Man.

It takes in public footpaths and ramblage, including the Calf of Man, so walkers enjoy the Island's diverse nature, wildlife and landscapes.

The business collaborates with the Manx Footpath Conservation Group and those who promote the Island's culture, heritage and geology.

All activity respects the environment.

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Yn Chruinnaght

Yn Chruinnaght (meaning ‘The Gathering’) is a celebration of Manx culture and the relationship between the Isle of Man and the other five Celtic countries (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany).

The annual Celtic Gathering festival is held in July and has been for the last 42 years. It includes music, dance, language and arts and crafts events, lectures and more.

In recent years, it has become increasingly important for the Celtic Gathering festival to promote sustainability.

The event has been innovative when it comes to using less plastic and in 2019 ordered all their merchandise boxed up without individual plastic bags, used reclaimed glasses and mugs instead of plastic glasses for the water station and created its own Manx tartan ribbon festival wrist bands with a metal clasp as it was almost impossible to find plastic free ones.

It also provided water refill stations for all performers and audience members and, where possible, purchased sustainably packaged, local snacks and drinks as riders for performers and for their corporate evenings. Everything is recycled.

The festival is based in Peel – with lunchtime sessions at Noa Bakehouse in Douglas – and accommodation is provided for performers in Peel itself to reduce miles travelled and keep their carbon footprint low.

Festival organisers provide outreach concerts for local schools with the final weekend being a family gathering based in Peel, focused on local performers and local crafters.

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Yn Chruinnaght
Zero Waste Mann

At Zero Waste Mann we believe a rethink of current ideas on WASTE DISPOSAL is long overdue. Instead we should be aiming for 'RESOURCE RECOVERY' because everything we throw away has value.
'Zero Waste' is happening all around the world. We want it to happen on the Isle of Man.

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Zero Waste Mann Logo


Balley Cashtal Beg

Balley Cashtal Beg (Manx for Little Castletown) is a community organisation that promotes the Island’s ancient capital.

Its fairy doors appear all over the town, prompting interest in, and visits to, the town, with resulting benefits to business.

Balley Cashtal Beg encourages to learn about and take an interest in their surroundings, promoting pride in and knowledge about the town’s history.

Balley Cashtal Beg also brings Manx language and culture to life through leaflets, stories, activities, craft sessions and competitions.

All crafts use natural materials, avoiding damaging glitter and plastic.

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Balley Cashtal Beg
Christian Aid Isle of Man

Christian Aid Isle of Man stands up for dignity and equality and works to educate and mobilise people to build a movement that can change the course of history and bring social justice to all.

The charity believes climate and ecological disasters are instrumental in trapping those already affected by poverty. Through education, campaign and conversation, it aims to influence the use of natural resources and the ethical investment of funds.

The charity takes the generosity of the Island to remote corners of the globe. Most recently, beekeeper Harry Owens travelled to the east African country of Burundi to share his beekeeping knowledge with local women.

The charity works with local churches, schools and the community to educate people about, and encourage, ways we can look after the Island and the world for generations to come.

Its education programmes and campaigns encourage people to be more thoughtful in their use of resources.

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Christian Aid Isle of Man
Cycling Club Isle of Man

Sporting Club Isle of Man showcases and promotes the Isle of Man through the actions of the sports teams it owns, formed to compete at the highest levels of UK and European sport.

It has so far launched Cycling Club Isle of Man and Football Club Isle of Man, with other sports to follow.

Sport is an important part of the Isle of Man’s cultural heritage and uniting behind the Island’s sporting success bring together our community.

The clubs’ motto is ‘Be Better’ and this is intended not just in a sporting sense but reflects the ethos of making sustainable contributions to all aspects of Island life, complementing the Island’s UNESCO Biosphere status.

The clubs’ crest has been designed around one of the Island’s national birds, depicting the Raven (synonymous with our Celtic and Viking heritage).

The parent club crest is gold to reinforce the highest reward in sport and its seniority. The red of the football and cycling clubs’ crests represents the Isle of Man’s stunning sunsets, with the white backdrop representing a vale of mist drawn by Manannán Mac Lir. The four water lines recognise the importance of the surrounding sea and symbolise the north, south, east and west of the Island. The motto is incorporated in Manx Gaelic: Bee ny Share.

The clubs are ensuring they make a positive environmental impact.

They have committed three years’ support to Beach Buddies Isle of Man, which cleans up and educates the Island about plastics with support from DEFA.

The clubs’ competition, training and replica kits are made of recycled ocean plastics. A portion of sales from replica kits will go to Beach Buddies, with online purchasers encouraged the match the clubs’ donation.

The clubs’ sportsmen and women will also act as positive role models, attending Beach Buddies event and school sessions and encouraging young people to take positive action against plastic pollution. Athletes will also be involved in other schemes that assist the Island’s natural environment, such as tree planting, too.

Cycling Club Isle of Man will also promote the Isle of Man Government’s Cycling to Work and Active Travel programmes.

Tickets for all Sporting Club Isle of Man events will be digital, reducing the consumption of natural resources in the ticket-issuing process and also waste.

Football Club Isle of Man will work with fans, caterers, suppliers and charity partners at home matches to ensure that, wherever possible, materials are recycled and waste is reduced. This, too, will be publicised, to demonstrate that large events can have a much lower environmental footprint.

FC IOM will encourage progress in green energy usage and is working towards creating green energy at its home ground, The Bowl, Douglas.

International media coverage of the clubs, by BBC Sport, TalkSport, and international football publications Four Four Two and 11 Freunde is promoting the Isle of Man to new audiences, with potential economic benefits.

Digital platforms, which users will use to tune into the club’s activities, will tell the world that the Isle of Man is a UNESCO Biosphere and promote the Beach Buddies’ model for others to follow in their locations.

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Cycling Club Isle of Man
Diocese of Sodor and Man

The Diocese of Sodor and Man oversees all of the Church of England churches in the Isle of Man.

The Diocese is working on developing an Environmental Policy and has created the role of Diocesan Environmental Officer, who will liaise with Eco Representatives in each Parish to encourage best practice. It has also set up an Eco Forum for information and skill-sharing for the Eco Representatives and is putting together a database of local expertise they can draw upon.

The Diocese is encouraging those responsible for churches, halls, offices and vicarages to register as Eco Churches, through the A Rocha Eco Church Scheme.

The scheme’s Eco Church Survey requires a carbon audit, as well as implementing ways of energy reduction: from the insulation of buildings, installing double glazing, using more sustainable heat sources, energy efficient lighting and establishing water butts to carbon offsetting, using recycled paper, setting up recycling stations, lift-sharing, reducing single-use plastics and using locally sourced, organically grown food.

The survey encourages the installation of bird boxes, bird feeders, planting fruit bushes and trees, wildflowers and sustainable land management.

The Diocese has held a workshop with Christian Aid and A Rocha on ‘Greening Gods’ Acre’ looking at setting aside church land for greater biodiversity, to encourage more churches to explore the possibility of creating greener grave yards, wild flower meadows, gardens, allotments, and tree planting as well as planting orchards and fruit bushes. Some of the Islands’ churches are already well on the way with community initiatives to green their small corner.

The Diocese has a number of Fairtrade Churches and was awarded the status of a Fairtrade Diocese in 2012.

The Islands’ church buildings form an integral part of the Island’s cultural and architectural heritage. The Diocese is committed to maintaining these unique buildings while equipping them to function more sustainably in the 21st Century.

Churches are working to become more accessible to people, celebrating their diverse histories, advertising and incorporating local history exhibitions, leaflets, tours, their Celtic Crosses, standing stones and ancient graveyards in their welcome to visitors.

Churches are also places where people can enjoy peace and contemplation, away from a busy world and deepen their Spiritual awareness through small group studies, meditation and regular worship.

Churches have a rich and varied involvement within their local communities: offering pastoral care, baptisms or thanksgiving services for a child, marriage preparation and support, bereavement support, prison, hospital and hospice visiting; and hosting concerts, fayres, parent and toddlers groups, youth clubs, flower festivals, community lunches and coffee gatherings, film screenings, whist drives etc; serving as TT and Parish Walk feeding stations, and even serving the community as their village shop. The Islands churches are here are for anyone at any time.

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Diocese of Sodor and Man
Disability Networks

Disability Networks is an Isle of Man charity whose website connects disabled people and their families up with advice, information, equipment and services that help raise their quality of life.

Connecting users electronically to more than 200 sources of information provides an important community service and helps save on printed materials.

The charity has received a Celton Manx Recognition Award, enabling it to buy a beach wheelchair, giving local and visiting wheelchair users the freedom to access and enjoy the beach and its nature and wildlife.

An adult wheelchair will be trialled to measure demand and it will be based at Ramsey Outdoors on Mooragh Promenade.

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Disability Networks
Douglas Town Centre Management

Douglas Town Centre Management is a service provided by Douglas Borough Council to ensure the town centre is a thriving place to visit, shop and work. It works with business and other agencies.

The service operates monthly markets on the second Saturday of each month from April to September, selling local craft and produce and promoting the local economy. Extra Christmas markets encourage local gifting.

It runs many Manx-themed events in the capital, celebrating heritage, culture and the language.
The Tower of Refuge Walk has been running for eight years on one of the lowest tides of the year, raising money for the RNLI, which was founded in the Island by Sir William Hillary.

At Hop-tu-Naa, there’s a grotto at which members of the public can meet Jinny the Witch. In 2019, DTCM held a world record attempt for the Largest Gathering of Fairies and it’s hoped this will be an annual event.

The popular annual winter ice sculpture integrates Manx Gaelic.

DTCM communicates regularly with retailers in relation to recycling and reminding them that, as a Council ‘rubbish customer’, they can have cardboard collected for free.

The service supports the Isle of Man Government’s Active Travel Strategy and has started a cycle to work scheme. Its office at 13 Church Street has indoor bicycle stands and showers for staff to use. It has an electric bike that staff are encouraged to use to travel to meetings.

Bicycle lockers have recently been installed in Shaws Brow car park in the town. There are electric vehicle charging points in Chester Street car park.

In the coming years, DTCM plans to work more with Manx Wildlife Trust and Manx BirdLife to promote and encourage wildlife in the town centre.

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Douglas Town Centre Management and DDP
Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

Isle of Man Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group encourages the support of wildlife alongside commercial food production in Agriculture and Horticulture on the island.
Also run regular talks and farm visits.

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Isle of Man FWAG
Football Club Isle of Man

Sporting Club Isle of Man showcases and promotes the Isle of Man through the actions of the sports teams it owns, formed to compete at the highest levels of UK and European sport.

It has so far launched Cycling Club Isle of Man and Football Club Isle of Man, with other sports to follow.

Sport is an important part of the Isle of Man’s cultural heritage and uniting behind the Island’s sporting success bring together our community.

The clubs’ motto is ‘Be Better’ and this is intended not just in a sporting sense but reflects the ethos of making sustainable contributions to all aspects of Island life, complementing the Island’s UNESCO Biosphere status.

The clubs’ crest has been designed around one of the Island’s national birds, depicting the Raven (synonymous with our Celtic and Viking heritage).

The parent club crest is gold to reinforce the highest reward in sport and its seniority. The red of the football and cycling clubs’ crests represents the Isle of Man’s stunning sunsets, with the white backdrop representing a vale of mist drawn by Manannán Mac Lir. The four water lines recognise the importance of the surrounding sea and symbolise the north, south, east and west of the Island. The motto is incorporated in Manx Gaelic: Bee ny Share.

The clubs are ensuring they make a positive environmental impact.

They have committed three years’ support to Beach Buddies Isle of Man, which cleans up and educates the Island about plastics with support from DEFA.

The clubs’ competition, training and replica kits are made of recycled ocean plastics. A portion of sales from replica kits will go to Beach Buddies, with online purchasers encouraged the match the clubs’ donation.

The clubs’ sportsmen and women will also act as positive role models, attending Beach Buddies event and school sessions and encouraging young people to take positive action against plastic pollution. Athletes will also be involved in other schemes that assist the Island’s natural environment, such as tree planting, too.

Cycling Club Isle of Man will also promote the Isle of Man Government’s Cycling to Work and Active Travel programmes.

Tickets for all Sporting Club Isle of Man events will be digital, reducing the consumption of natural resources in the ticket-issuing process and also waste.

Football Club Isle of Man will work with fans, caterers, suppliers and charity partners at home matches to ensure that, wherever possible, materials are recycled and waste is reduced. This, too, will be publicised, to demonstrate that large events can have a much lower environmental footprint.

FC IOM will encourage progress in green energy usage and is working towards creating green energy at its home ground, The Bowl, Douglas.

International media coverage of the clubs, by BBC Sport, TalkSport, and international football publications Four Four Two and 11 Freunde is promoting the Isle of Man to new audiences, with potential economic benefits.

Digital platforms, which users will use to tune into the club’s activities, will tell the world that the Isle of Man is a UNESCO Biosphere and promote the Beach Buddies’ model for others to follow in their locations.

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Football Club Isle of Man
Garff Commissioners

Garff commissioners are passionate about protecting our natural resources. They work in partnership with Laxey and Dhoon Schools on a range of projects including a campaign initiated by students to reduce single-use-plastic. They also have a sponsored partnership with Beach Buddies and provide beach cleaning facilities at Garff's five main beaches.

In 2019, in conjunction with 'Manx-Birdlife', the commissioners have developed a new policy regarding hedge-cutting, which hopes to minimise biodiversity loss in the Sheading's hedge-rows. Similarly, Garff commissioners no longer use harsh chemical when spraying highways and pavement for weeds.

Garff commissioners now install energy saving LED lighting when replacing street-lights in their constituency and encourage recycling in a variety of locations across Garff Sheading. The commissioners are also keen to encourage safe cycling in the area, having launched the ‘Share the Space’ campaign in 2017 with Dhoon and Laxey Schools.

Garff commissioners are also proud of our culture and heritage, and as such, support Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust and Maughold Parish Social Club. They produce local guides for visitors, such as 'The Laxey Visitor and Heritage Trail Guide' and have close involvement in community events, including long-standing cultural events such as Maughold Parish Day and Laxey Fair, and newer events such as Prash Laxaa, the Great Laxey Brass Band Festival. They also support projects such as the 'Visit Laxey Valley' Project which is seeking to promote the area's mining heritage.

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Hospice Isle of Man & Compassionate Isle of Man

Hospice Isle of Man is a charity providing specialist Palliative and End-of-Life Care to the community of the Isle of Man.

One of the aims of Hospice is to help more people receive compassionate care in the community. To support this aim, Hospice led the development of a community enterprise, Compassionate Isle of Man, whose aim is to strengthen the resilience of individuals and communities at times of crisis and personal loss, through a culture of care and compassion.

Compassionate Isle of Man works as a collaboration of commercial companies, statutory services and charities and has a network group to coordinate projects.

Recent initiatives include the Sit and Chat benches where people can connect and have a conversation, supporting World Kindness Day in schools and the provision of Back Home Boxes for patients being discharged from hospitals.

Hospice Isle of Man also hosts a group of Compassionate Isle of Man volunteers who provide companionship and support to people in their own homes.

If you would like to know more about Compassionate Isle of Man and how you can help please contact 01624 647498.

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Hub Club - Southern Community Initiative

Southern Communities Initiatives have some great projects on the go, such as "Men in Sheds" - hobbies place for older men; the social fitness group - "Southern Striders"; "Animates" - community pet care project.

Unlocking the potential in our community.

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Southern Communities Initiative
Isle of Man Beekeepers

• Promoting best practice in beekeeping

• Raising awareness of the vital importance of bees for pollination

• Helping to increase the native Manx black bee population

• Working to safeguard the Island's Varroa-free special status

• Supporting beekeepers in monitoring bees for disease

• Collaborating in international research for programmes in bee conservation

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Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation
Isle of Man Federation of WIs

The Isle of Man Federation of WIs has 520 members in 26 institutes across the Island.

The WI offers women the opportunity to enjoy friendship, widen their horizons and influence local, national and international affairs.

The WI champions initiatives in health, education and the environment.

It is currently involved in an initiative to end the ‘soup’ of microplastics found in oceans and is working with local charities, and at local events, to raise awareness of this issue.

The Island’s WI contributes to nationally adopted initiatives by way of resolutions to annual meetings.

On the Island, a varied programme of events is organised by the Federation’s four main subcommittees and by individual WIs.

Its main annual showcase is the WI marquee at the two summer agricultural shows.

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Isle of Man United Nations Association

The aim of the charity is to encourage Isle of Man residents to take an interest in international affairs and support the principles and work of the United Nations and its Agencies, including education and humanitarian activity.

Isle of Man United Nations Association aims to encourage the discussion of matters and events of international and universal concern, particularly in relation to the Isle of Man, and to provide a forum for persons and entities within the Isle of Man interested in and concerned with international affairs. It organises discussions and events each year, helps Manx students attend a UN Summer School and runs an annual Model Security Council for sixth formers.

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Isle of Man United Nations Association
Manx Blind Welfare Society

Manx Blind Welfare Society is a charitable organisation looking after the interests of around 500 blind and visually impaired people on the Isle of Man.

Manx Blind Welfare Society works with many people, charities, organisations and businesses to offer volunteering opportunities across a wide range of areas, to promote good practice when dealing with blind and visually impaired people.

Their community engagement programme enhances the awareness of MBWS and visual impairment to all groups in the Island.

At present, Manx Blind Welfare Society is developing an area of land to enhance interaction between their members and nature. It has been developed to ensure wildlife and the existing flora thrive. This will benefit not only their members but also other sectors of the community.

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Manx Footpath Conservation Group

The Manx Footpath Conservation Group is a friendly walking group who provide a comprehensive programme of walks throughout the year. The group explore and conserve, by walking the footpaths of the Island and reporting defects and issues to the relevant authorities

The group pride themselves on providing a walk that will be suitable for everyone; from gentle strolls followed by social lunches, strenuous day-long hill walking, day walks that are taken at a more leisurely pace, to short walks on a summers evening which are a perfect way to unwind after the working day.

The wide variety of walks organised by the group provide the opportunity to meet new people and explore our beautiful island, whilst having a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being.

Many of the walks are in conjunction with Island organisations such as Manx National Heritage Weeks and Wildlife weeks. The group also undertake a programme of interesting winter talks on a variety of topics by local heritage, local individuals and wildlife organisations.

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Manx Lottery Trust

The Manx Lottery Trust is an Isle of Man registered charity and an independent charitable trust.

A delegated partner of The National Lottery Community Fund, it provides grants to eligible charities and not for profit organisations for suitable projects and community initiatives, supporting the Manx community.

MLT recently successfully distributed £250k made available by Treasury Isle of Man to support community projects which demonstrated a clear commitment in line with the Island’s UNESCO Biosphere recognition.

15 projects were awarded grant funding from the Island Community Fund. 14 Charities benefitted from 70% funding and 1 other organisation from 50% funding. In total, match funding amounted to £105,768.

Projects had to meet at least one of the Biosphere Reserve focus pillars, Conservation, Development and Learning. Of the successful projects the number of projects meeting each of the three stated pillars were: Conservation 8, Development 14, and Learning 12.

In addition to the 3 pillars, the location of projects was also considered as follows:

Zone 1: Core Zone (extra special sites for conservation of nature or culture, 4 projects)
Zone 2: Care Zone (link to other zones and are areas to take good care of, 13 projects)
Zone 3: Sustainable Development Zone (urban areas and all remaining areas outside of core and care zones, 7 projects)

Although the Island Community Fund is now closed, our Community Awards Programme and Smaller Grants Scheme are still available for eligible charities and other organisations who wish to apply for community, cultural, health/welfare, and environmental projects.

MLT is now holding paper free meetings.

Virtual meetings are now arranged, where possible, to save both time and travel.

Our social media/press releases and project visits provide regular opportunity for engagement with the local community.

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Manx Lottery Trust
Manx NFU - Business Partner

The Manx NFU works to create a strong agricultural economy on the Isle of Man for our members and to provide a reliable, sustainable and secure food supply for the Manx people. We represent farmers from the majority of farm businesses on the Island.

It is intriguing how sites in Germany and Switzerland used the UNESCO Biosphere accolade to help their local food and tourism sectors - we hope the same will apply to the Isle of Man.

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Manx National Farmers Union
Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch

Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch is a registered charity aimed at conserving whales, dolphins and porpoises around the Isle of Man through active research and education.

We raise awareness of these amazing species through outreach such species identification talks and public spotting events, as well as visiting local schools interest groups. An active online presence also helps spread the message of this fascinating part of our island's natural history.

A dedicated team of volunteers carry out land and boat based effort watches, along with other ongoing research projects. Public sightings are a very important part of our research and help us collect extra information when we are not in the field.

You can report your sightings of any whale dolphin or porpoise to our website https://www.mwdw.net/

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Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch Charity

The ManxSPCA rescue, rehabilitate and release the Island's wildlife, from hedgehogs to herring gulls. Their staff and volunteers care for these lost, abandoned or injured creatures, restore them to health, bring back their confidence and rehabilitate them.

At the ManxSPCA, they recycle what they can, from paper to metal and glass; and in their two charity shops, they are reducing waste and encouraging people to buy pre-owned clothes and bric-a-brac.

As a way to support and promote our culture, in the ManxSPCA cares for Manx cats, Loaghtan sheep and Manx shearwaters, all iconic species associated with our Island and culture.

At present, they are partners with other agencies, such as DEFA and MWT, to support wider environmental issues such as the preservation of wildlife habitats, and an appreciation of the natural world that surrounds us. ManxSPCA host school groups at Ard Jerkyll, and visit schools and youth centres.

Adding to this, they give talks at WI meetings and take part in community events such as the agricultural shows. The ManxSPCA organises fundraising events, such as car boot sales and dog shows, which attract a wide audience and add to the Island's community spirit.

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One World Centre

Set up in 2004, the One World Centre is a registered Manx Charity supported by a range of parties. As a Development Education Centre it’s our mission to encourage understanding and respect for the lives and cultures of all people – so that we can help to share a fair society that celebrates our global differences and interdependence. This sees us highlighting the links between our lives in the Island and those of people in developing countries; raising awareness of global economic, social, political and environmental issues; challenging stereotypes; fostering a positive attitude that embraces human rights and responsibilities and creating opportunities for people to become active global citizens. OWC is actively involved in maintaining Fair Trade Island status for the Isle of Man, as well as other Education for Sustainable Development activities.

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One World Centre, Isle of Man logo
Pilates Isle of Man

Pilates Isle of Man is located in Peel – close to where Joseph Pilates famously developed his method of exercise while at Knockaloe internment camp during World War I.

Lizzy Main, the studio’s owner, not only teaches Pilates’ method but, via workshops, talks and school visits, talks about his time on the Island, linking it back to exercise.

She maintains links with internment site by working with Knockaloe.im for projects such as outdoor event Pilates 1020.

The studio, in the old Viking longhouse building, is also a community hub, used as art venue by Creative Art Network, individual artists to showcase their work and other practitioners.

The studio promotes physical and mental health and wellbeing, alleviating the burden on health services. It delivers recognised programmes for clients with cancer and neurological conditions.

It also supports with charities including Isle of Man Breast Care, the MS Society Isle of Man and UK and Sailing for the Disabled.

Environmentally, it employs steam cleaning to cut chemical usage; has only reusable cups; uses LED lighting and low energy rated heating and alleviates the need for air conditioning by opening windows – encouraging people to breathe fresh air!

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Pilates Isle of Man
Queen's Pier Restoration Trust

The Queen’s Pier Restoration Trust is restoring the Island’s only remaining Victorian pier to enhance understanding of this particular piece of Isle of Man’s heritage.

Carried out entirely by volunteers, the restoration is a true community project and involves people with expertise ranging from engineering and logistics to fund-raising.

Recreating the attraction will increase footfall, helping the economy in the Ramsey and Island as a whole, the charity hopes. There is interest in the project from across the globe.

The restored pier will allow visitors to walk 2000 feet from the shoreline out into the Isle of Man’s first, and largest, marine nature reserve.

The fascinating restoration is being reported on by broadcast and print media and faithfully recorded via the charity’s social media channels and the community is supporting it through well-attended and successful fund-raising events.

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Queen's Pier Restoration Trust
Ramsey and District Beekeepers' Association

Ramsey and District Beekeepers' Association was formed 91 years and was the first beekeeping association on the Isle of Man.

Part of the Isle of Man Beekeeepers' Federation, it is in the process of developing a northern community apiary at Glen Truan Country Park (a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Partner).

The association's aim is to educate and encourage the local community to visit and get involved with its apiary to learn about bees, beekeeping and the importance of bees to the Isle of Man. The apiary will be open to visitors Island-wide.

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Ramsey and District Beekeepers Association
Rotary Club of Douglas

The Rotary Club of Douglas is a long-established Isle of Man charity that forms part of the global Rotary International movement.

The Club’s Environmental Sustainability Policy influences its decisions and activities and members and their families are encouraged to follow the principles, too. This can be as simple as sharing transport, or using public transport, when attending meetings.

In a global context, the Club is a significant supporter of Rotary International's long-term campaign to eradicate polio from the world. It has raised more than £150,000 for this cause and continues to contribute as the aim comes closer to being realised.

It has given significant funds to international organisations such as Shelter Box and Water Aid, helping to alleviate the effects of natural disasters and providing clean drinking water.

Locally, the Club donates to groups such as Manx Wildlife Trust and Beach Buddies in order to protect and improve the local environment.

It makes annual donations of more than £35,000 to charities and organisations carrying out a broad spectrum of community activities, including the Manx Blind Welfare Society, Housing Matters, Hospice, Ellan Vannin Home, Manor Ark, IOM Foodbank, Victim Support, Manx Carriage Driving for the Disabled, Marown Memorial Playing Fields, Crossroads Care, and Sailing for the Disabled.

It also has direct involvement with such charities, for example helping the IOM Foodbank with collections in local supermarkets.

Within the community, the Club has been well known for arranging for Santa and his sleigh to appear around the Douglas area for more than 60 years, in particular visiting primary schools in Douglas, Onchan, Braddan and Marown.

The Club organises the annual memorial service in remembrance of the 35 Manxmen who died in the Winter Hill Air Disaster of 1958.

It supports cultural heritage through financial donations to organisations such as Douglas Town Band, Laxey Mines Railway, and Onchan Memorial Hall. Each year, it invites the reigning Manx Bard to speak to the Club.

As part of plans to celebrate its centenary in 2023/2024, the Rotary Club of Douglas is discussing with the Isle of Man Government the creation of a new, 150-acre, woodland which will have significant, long-term, environmental and community impact.

The Club promotes the Isle of Man by hosting a group of young people, typically from Europe, for a week-long visit every summer. These visitors enjoy the Island’s history, culture and countryside.

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Rotary Club of Douglas
Rowany Golf Club Limited

Rowany Golf Club allows players to experience golf in a beautiful setting on the edge of Port Erin.

The club leases the land from Port Erin Commissioners and has a number of initiatives to improve the environment.

It is investing in new equipment, aeration and spraying devices to improve the condition of the course and the efficiency of its maintenance. A volunteer work party meets weekly to carry out improvements.

Sub-standard palm trees were felled, with advice from DEFA, and replaced by indigenous trees and a planting project continues, to add more trees. Use of different fertilisers is being tested to reduce their environmental impact.

The club offers golf in many formats to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy the healthy pursuit.

Discounted rates encourage use of the course by children, students and apprentices, the over-80s, those who do not wish to compete or hold a handicap, those who wish to play only nine-hole competitions, those belong to other local clubs, too, and those who live overseas.

The club places strong emphasis on encouraging young people to take up golf. It has an annual campaign to attract schoolchildren, junior nights (where around 20 youngsters attending each week), prizes for juniors in many competitions and coaching by professionals for juniors showing talent. Adding to this, the annual Rowany’s Week of Golf has attracted over 650 entries this year including a significant number of visitors.

The club established in 1895 is at the heart of, and welcomes the whole community, hosting events, awarding prizes redeemable at local businesses and offering a social membership, through which non-players can enjoy use of the facilities and discounted food and drink.

It encourages golf tourism, with competitive rates for visitors, discounts for larger parties, extra buggies and trollies and shotgun starts for visiting societies.

We are now about to bring in a structured coaching programme – Junior Golf Passport- and hope to encourage the youngsters to work their way through it and graduate, whilst also improving their game!

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Rowany Golf Club Limited

Seasidecottages.im has a luxury, four-storey, self-catering holiday cottage at Port Erin beach.

The owners encourage energy-saving and can control the heating remotely so it is not wasted.

They collect recycling from guests.

Guests are encouraged to enjoy the Island’s natural beauty, culture and heritage, eat and drink local produce and support local businesses, including cycle hire and water sports providers.

Weekly website blogs posted by the owners also encourage guests and other browsers to make the most of what the local community and the Isle of Man have to offer.

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Southern District Agricultural Society

The Southern District Agricultural Society is a charitable organisation that promotes the importance to the Island of agriculture and produce through its annual show, held at Orrisdale Farm, Ballasalla, in July.

The show celebrates the work of the Island's hard-working farming community and connects people with life on farms and with country practices and issues.

It has been running for 105 years and is an integral part of the calendar for the farming community and wider public.

The show showcases livestock, equine, canine, poultry and small animal exhibits, farm and garden produce, confectionery and crafts.

Trade and catering stands allow local businesses to promote products and services to large crowds in an affordable way.

Caterers are encouraged to use locally sourced produce, with a focus on reducing food miles and promoting Manx provenance.

A heritage tent highlights the evolution of not only the show but agriculture and the Isle of Man countryside as a whole.

The event is a real community one, relying solely on volunteers to plan it, set it up, run it and take it down.

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Southern District Agricultural Society
Sporting Club Isle of Man

Sporting Club Isle of Man showcases and promotes the Isle of Man through the actions of the sports teams it owns, formed to compete at the highest levels of UK and European sport.

It has so far launched Cycling Club Isle of Man and Football Club Isle of Man, with other sports to follow.

Sport is an important part of the Isle of Man’s cultural heritage and uniting behind the Island’s sporting success bring together our community.

The clubs’ motto is ‘Be Better’ and this is intended not just in a sporting sense but reflects the ethos of making sustainable contributions to all aspects of Island life, complementing the Island’s UNESCO Biosphere status.

The clubs’ crest has been designed around one of the Island’s national birds, depicting the Raven (synonymous with our Celtic and Viking heritage).

The parent club crest is gold to reinforce the highest reward in sport and its seniority. The red of the football and cycling clubs’ crests represents the Isle of Man’s stunning sunsets, with the white backdrop representing a vale of mist drawn by Manannán Mac Lir. The four water lines recognise the importance of the surrounding sea and symbolise the north, south, east and west of the Island. The motto is incorporated in Manx Gaelic: Bee ny Share.

The clubs are ensuring they make a positive environmental impact.

They have committed three years’ support to Beach Buddies Isle of Man, which cleans up and educates the Island about plastics with support from DEFA.

The clubs’ competition, training and replica kits are made of recycled ocean plastics. A portion of sales from replica kits will go to Beach Buddies, with online purchasers encouraged the match the clubs’ donation.

The clubs’ sportsmen and women will also act as positive role models, attending Beach Buddies event and school sessions and encouraging young people to take positive action against plastic pollution. Athletes will also be involved in other schemes that assist the Island’s natural environment, such as tree planting, too.

Cycling Club Isle of Man will also promote the Isle of Man Government’s Cycling to Work and Active Travel programmes.

Tickets for all Sporting Club Isle of Man events will be digital, reducing the consumption of natural resources in the ticket-issuing process and also waste.

Football Club Isle of Man will work with fans, caterers, suppliers and charity partners at home matches to ensure that, wherever possible, materials are recycled and waste is reduced. This, too, will be publicised, to demonstrate that large events can have a much lower environmental footprint.

FC IOM will encourage progress in green energy usage and is working towards creating green energy at its home ground, The Bowl, Douglas.

International media coverage of the clubs, by BBC Sport, TalkSport, and international football publications Four Four Two and 11 Freunde is promoting the Isle of Man to new audiences, with potential economic benefits.

Digital platforms, which users will use to tune into the club’s activities, will tell the world that the Isle of Man is a UNESCO Biosphere and promote the Beach Buddies’ model for others to follow in their locations.

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Sporting Club Isle of Man
The Children's Centre

The Children’s Centre is a Manx Charity, established in 1868, which provides care, support and services to children, young people and their families on the Isle of Man.

The organisation has robust ethical sourcing guidelines along with an environmental statement covering areas such as energy use, waste and preventing accidental harm to the environment thorough activities.

All staff are encouraged to adopt the Environmental Four R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Responsibly Resource.

The Charity delivers a number of projects with environmental links, through its unique facilities at the Children’s Centre Farm, which connects young people with nature and educates and upskills in horticulture, farming practices, animal husbandry and the importance of Isle of Man produce to the islands heritage and economy.

The Children’s Centre adventure based activities encourages young people to enjoy, learn about, take pride in and respect the island’s outdoor environment all aimed at enabling children and young people to realise their full potential.

The farm connects with the wider community through open days and works with partners such as beekeepers, food producers, wildlife organisations and crafts people to display and promote the islands biodiversity, talent and produce.

The Charity is a committed ambassador for, and promotes the ethos and ethics of, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of man. All materials used by the Charity must meet their Ethical and Environmental Sourcing Guidelines and Environmental Statement.

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The Church of England Parish of the West Coast

The Church of England Parish of the West Coast encompasses five church communities: the Cathedral in Peel, Dalby, Michael, Patrick and St John’s.

Our churches are exploring the challenge offered by A Rocha to become Eco Churches (www.arocha.org/en/projects/eco-church/). This involves looking at all areas of church life:
• Worship and teaching
• Management of church buildings (if applicable)
• Management of church land (if applicable)
• Community and global engagement
• Lifestyle.

There are three levels to attain and the Cathedral is delighted to have gained the Silver Award in 2019.

The Cathedral has set up a range of bird boxes and is hoping that swifts might nest in the tower next year. Advice about biodiversity has been provided by the Manx Wildlife Trust and Manx BirdLife. Tours of the gardens can be arranged.

Current activities range from the straightforward to large investments: from changing to LED bulbs to gaining planning permission for under-floor heating using air source heat pumps. There are hurdles ahead: gaining registered building consent, approval from the Diocesan authorities and raising the money to achieve a space that can be used widely by the community.

The parish recycles as much as possible and composts cardboard and vegetable matter. Waste associated with building projects is recycled on site wherever possible. If disposable catering products are used they are compostable.

The Parish of the West Coast supports local farmers by buying home grown products for catering where practicable. The five church communities attract visitors to their well-managed grounds (cemeteries, gardens, orchards and allotments) as well as their historic church buildings which are rich in local heritage. There has been considerable new planting which has included large numbers of trees and almost a kilometre of new hedging.

The Parish of the West Coast aims to serve the local community and its congregational members have been responsible for recent developments associated with the Islands Foodbank, Credit Union and Big Table Café; the latter is a pilot scheme at the Cathedral that offers lunch on a Monday to all, regardless of ability to pay.

All churches in the Parish of the West Coast are open to the public during the day. They are currently working on creating visitor facilities and offering a more focused destination for learning outside the classroom for schools.

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The Church of England Parish of the West Coast
The Cook Shack

The Cook Shack in Bride is a cookery school that promotes the story of Isle of Man food and drink, local produce and the beauty of the Island.

The business works with farmers to feature their produce to new audiences and users of The Cook Shack are also educated about the local area when visiting for courses.

The Cook Shack teaches cookery skills to children, including those in learning support units, and charities. It works closely with the Skills for Independent Living Scheme (SKILS) and will host a day in July when the SKILS clients can learn to cook in a pressure-free environment.

The Cook Shack also delivers talks to young people on entrepreneurship and pursuing their dreams.

It is sponsored by famous food names Kenwood, Aga and Miele and works with UK media to promote the Island.

The Cook Shack was built sustainably, with cedar sidings that blend into the environment. Its operators have planted more than 100 trees on the site.

The vast majority of The Cook Shack’s waste is recycled or composted, plastics use is kept to a minimum and plastic straws are banned. Despite its high number of clients, The Cook Shack and the owners’ house have just one traditional refuse bin for the fortnightly collection.

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The Cook Shack
The Creative Network

The Creative Network is a not-for-profit organisation with an artists' network of 70 members. Their artist members are conscious of their potential role and responsibilities in the context of contemporary Manx culture. This awareness is evident in the many instances of innovative collaborations and community engagement between their members and formal government-led organisations such as MNH, local commissioners, regional community clubs, groups and centres, and the more organic and informal links that evolve through shared practices between artists.

The best example of this is their annual Isle of Man Art Festival which began in 2012. The IOM Art Festival is committed to providing an enjoyable, fulfilling and inspiring experience for our artists, our island community and visitors, while enhancing art appreciation, art education and community spirit.

The festival is increasingly focused on attracting new audiences and encouraging an appreciation of the value of creativity. Many visitors tell them that they not only love the experience of seeing art at first hand, but also enjoy the random discussions with their artists, learning about their individual development, the inspiration behind their work and the influence that the island, its wildlife, history and heritage has had on their artwork.

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The Manx Bard - The Poet of the Isle

The Manx Bard is an exciting cultural initiative for the Island, sponsored by the Isle of Man Arts Council and endorsed by Manx Litfest and Isle of Man Poetry Society.

Each year sees the Island’s most worthy poet appointed as Manx Bard via an annual competition. In recognition of our proud poetic heritage, the title of First Manx Bard was awarded posthumously to our national poet T.E. Brown. There have so far been three living Manx Bards.

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Manx Bard logo
Time Enough

Time Enough is a website promoting the hospitality and leisure industries on the Isle of Man.

The site assists visitors and locals to find up-to-date information on all there is to do in the Island, with a map, news feed, a community calendar, attractions and events sorted by tags and a spotlight page focusing on specific topics of interest.

More than 2000 attractions and places of interest and 500 events are listed.

Listings point viewers to organisations’ own websites/Facebook pages.

It is free to appear on the site and this assists smaller community projects and businesses with limited advertising budgets.

The business is entirely paper-free.

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Time Enough
Visit Laxey Valley

Visit Laxey Valley aas established in 2019. Its main aims are to promote the environment, heritage and culture that exists within the whole of the Laxey Valley to both visitors and residents alike.

The valley stretches from the top of Snaefell, through the beautiful countryside of Agneash, past the world famous Lady Isabella Water Wheel and into the village of Laxey itself - rich in mining history and heritage transport links - right down to the foreshore.

Visit Laxey Valley aims to protect and nurture this unique environment, especially as heritage tourism grows; boost our Biosphere’s economy, enhancing its environment, cherish its culture and heritage and also protect its natural resources.

The charity's work complements the three main aims of UNESCO’S Man and the Biosphere Programme globally by: promoting conservation, encouraging suitable development and increasing knowledge.

It aims to be able to partner and help other organisations in their efforts to support restoration and development of heritage tourism attractions and to encourage exploration and learning about the environment and heritage through building close links with other like-minded groups such as Manx National Heritage, Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust, Isle of Man Dark Skies.

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Visit Laxey Valley
Western Civic Amenity Site Board

The Western Civic Amenity Site Board runs the public amenity site in St John’s on behalf of five local authorities: German, Marown, Patrick, Peel and Michael.

The site encourages the public to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. Recycling of items deposited at the site has increased over each of the last eight years. In 2017/18, 71.46% of the waste processed at the site was then recycled and reused.

The site supports events and saves unwanted items for charities and groups it knows will up-cycle or reconfigure them and get good use out of them. The site also provided materials to build the temporary Year of Our Island garden in St John’s.

The site is purchasing electric vehicles: one replacing a diesel vehicle and another for use in conjunction with primary schools, to increase plastic recycling, as plastic cannot be deposited in all the Island’s bring banks.

The site has also adopted a green energy initiative and has changed all lighting to LED and has installed solar panels and a solar thermal hot water system with night-time storage heaters. Since its installation at the end of January 2018, the system has produced more than 700kWh of electricity (April 2018).

At present, an education trailer operated by the Western Civic Amenity Site has been shortlisted for a national award. The UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man-branded trailer was developed by site manager Mike Rose and his team as a teaching and public information aid. It visits schools and events.

It is among nine projects shortlisted for the National Recycling Awards 2020 in the category of Campaign of the Year 2020 under £20,000.

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Western Civic Amenity Site Board
Zero Waste Mann

At Zero Waste Mann we believe a rethink of current ideas on WASTE DISPOSAL is long overdue. Instead we should be aiming for 'RESOURCE RECOVERY' because everything we throw away has value.
'Zero Waste' is happening all around the world. We want it to happen on the Isle of Man.

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Artreach Studios

The Artreach Studies provide a variety of courses in a number of art disciplines for children, adults and families, in a calm, relaxed, non-judgemental environment.

Through art, they encourage mindful responses to the natural environment, appreciation of the Island’s culture, and the creation of artworks from local sources, using recycled materials.

Single-use plastics are not used within the workplace and art supplies are always re-used. They encourage participants in their workshops to re-use and re-purpose materials, to cut down on waste and to add layers of history and interest to art works.

The Artreach Studies have worked with institutions including Culture Vannin, Manx National Heritage and the Island’s schools to deliver culturally significant and environmentally friendly community art, including a lantern workshop, school art weeks and other projects which highlight the Island’s cultural heritage and natural resources.

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EcoMann website - Isle of Man school resource centre for ecoschools

EcoMann is here to help you learn all about looking after your environment both on the Isle of Man and throughout the world.

This website is full of information to help you do just that and will be popping up along the way to make sure you don't miss the best bits! This will also help your school with work towards Eco-school topic areas.

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Eco Mann
Isle Be Creative

Isle Be Creative is run by author, illustrator and artist Debra Tracey, offering public art, commissions and workshops.

Debra’s work focuses on Manx cultural heritage. She created ‘Archie Knots’ – inspired by renowned Manx artist Archibald Knox, using Manx tartan colours and featuring fuchsia and cushag – for Hospice Isle of Man’s Wallabies Gone Wild trail.

Debra’s glass birds and creatures local to the Isle of Man are sold through Manx National Heritage.

Debra uses traditional methods in her practice rather than modern, convenient, methods if the latter impact negatively on the environment.

She is creating mosaics for a project in Manchester and taking a more time-consuming approach to affixing these to the installation to avoid unnecessary plastic use.

This extends to her own packaging, where plastics are avoided in favour of recycled, or compostable, bubble wrap.

She has designed workshops at which attendees learn to create art with waste, and collects others’ waste to use at these. Recently, Debra delivered 8 weeks of ’Time for Tea’ live video demonstrations on Facebook, using used tea bags as a resource.

Debra’s work in the community includes running silk painting and creative writing workshops in schools. She is working with Biosphere Partner The Hub in Port Erin on a painted banner of the town that will include local flora and fauna, and she has started another silk banner, using Manx Wildlife trust as the main resource for research, to include marine life for the theme.

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Isle Be Creative
Kids Love Learning! Isle of Man

Kids Love Learning! Isle of Man is an organisation for parents and carers who home educate their children.

It encourages learning about topics affecting the environment such as waste reduction and recycling and the harm caused by single use plastics and pollution.

It supports Beach Buddies and similar charities.

It also supports learning about the Island’s culture and heritage and young people’s participation in cultural events and activities.

It is keen that children play an active role in their community by helping charities, visiting residential homes, contributing to improvements in their areas and observing town and village traditions.

It encourages home educating families to play a role in UNESCO Biosphere activities and initiatives.

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Kids Love Learning! Isle of Man
King Williams College and The Buchan

King William's College (Manx: Colleish Ree Illiam) is an International Baccalaureate HMC independent school for ages 3 to 18, situated near Castletown on the Isle of Man. The College is located on two sites in Castletown. The College, known as KWC or to the local people as King Bill's, was originally for boys only but became co-educational in the 1980s. Today there are roughly four hundred pupils, many of whom are from beyond the British Isles. The school(s) have been supporters of the project since its early stages.

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Manx Aviation and Military Museum

The Manx Aviation and Military Museum can be found in the south of the island; the museum preserves and raises awareness of the island’s aviation and military heritage, having concentrated many aspects into one attractive site close to the airport. It offers a place of interest to both the local community and to visitors and it receives regular visits from the islands schools.

The museum’s curator strongly believes in a minimal intervention with the environment in all that they do. When developing the museum a large range of pre-used material was incorporated into its building projects and in the construction of its display cases. All lighting has been converted to energy-saving LED and cans, paper and green waste are all recycled. The museum is a UNESCO Biosphere Refill Station.

An area of derelict ground at the museum has been converted into a memorial garden which overlooks the airport runway. The garden has proved to be a very popular haven for wildlife and, from spring 2019, the museum has withdrawn the poisonous chemicals which were previously used to control snails.

The society which operates the museum has erected several memorials around the Island to commemorate people who have died in aircraft accidents. All of these memorials are in rural or upland areas and they have been erected on a “minimal environmental impact” basis. They provide an additional reason for people to explore the countryside.

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Manx Basking Shark Watch

MBSW is a registered charity working to understand and protect this endangered species and we would like your help. We conduct surveys from our boat the Happy Jack, however if you have seen a basking shark and can remember the location we would love to hear about it. Please report your sightings on our website on this link - http://www.manxbaskingsharkwatch.com/report.aspx

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Manx Basking Shark Watch logo
Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch

Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch is a registered charity aimed at conserving whales, dolphins and porpoises around the Isle of Man through active research and education.

We raise awareness of these amazing species through outreach such species identification talks and public spotting events, as well as visiting local schools interest groups. An active online presence also helps spread the message of this fascinating part of our island's natural history.

A dedicated team of volunteers carry out land and boat based effort watches, along with other ongoing research projects. Public sightings are a very important part of our research and help us collect extra information when we are not in the field.

You can report your sightings of any whale dolphin or porpoise to our website https://www.mwdw.net/

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Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch Charity
One World Centre

Set up in 2004, the One World Centre is a registered Manx Charity supported by a range of parties. As a Development Education Centre it’s our mission to encourage understanding and respect for the lives and cultures of all people – so that we can help to share a fair society that celebrates our global differences and interdependence. This sees us highlighting the links between our lives in the Island and those of people in developing countries; raising awareness of global economic, social, political and environmental issues; challenging stereotypes; fostering a positive attitude that embraces human rights and responsibilities and creating opportunities for people to become active global citizens. OWC is actively involved in maintaining Fair Trade Island status for the Isle of Man, as well as other Education for Sustainable Development activities.

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One World Centre, Isle of Man logo

Schools have seamlessly linked in UNESCO and UBIOM themes into pupils learning journeys - E in UNESCO stands for Education!
Many schools are very active in Eco-schools and Manx Culture is important too. There are opportunities for UNESCO to show us good examples to talk about in lots of subjects.

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the Dome @ The Nunnery

‘The Dome’ is an education and entertainment facility based at The Nunnery, Douglas.

'The Dome' is very environmentally friendly and is even hidden from view in the Nunnery grounds, therefore does not distract from (or impact) it's beautiful setting.

It produces 360° video content for local screening and distribution/export to immersive cinemas/planetariums, contributing to the economy. We are actively updating our catalogue of 'Manx' films. which definitely promote our Island and we intend to sell/export internationally.

Its output includes education, entertainment & escapist experiences and content that encourages people to explore the Isle of Man and learn about Manx culture and heritage.

In line with the Island’s Dark Skies status, it offers a nine-minute film about light pollution, ‘Losing the Dark'.

‘the Dome’ is interested in collaborating with organisations to produce more content that encourages awareness of environmental issues amongst other topics.

‘the Dome’ @ utilises motion sensor lights, projectors with an Enervee Score® - of 96/100. Insulation and glazing means heating is kept to a minimum and what little waste it produces is all recycled.

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the Dome
Wildlife Park

Bringing learning to life! The Curraghs Wildlife Park, with its unique wetland setting and animals from around the world, is an exciting and inspirational place of learning for all ages. Nothing compares to coming face to face with real animals – with their help we can make learning an unforgettable experience.

There are over 50,000 visitors to the Wildlife Park every year and which now runs a lively Public Education Programme designed to deliver informal learning opportunities for all visitors.

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Isle of Man wildlife park, curraghs, logo


54th Parallel Consulting

54th Parallel Consulting is a consultancy business company that provides bespoke marketing solutions with a sustainable approach.

The reduction of the use of paper and plastic is one of the aims at 54th Parallel Consulting, and the incorporation of notions of sustainability in all the solutions is offered to the clients, helping them adopt more eco-friendly ways of doing business.

Also, for every client who invests in 20 hours of consulting work, 54th Parallel Consulting will pledge the monetary equivalent of one hour of work to PlasticBusters.

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AFD Group

AFD Software Ltd specialises in helping businesses with address management software.

AFD provides employment with minimal commute-to-work distances, making it realistic for staff to walk and cycle.

AFD Group purchased the near-derelict Island Film Studios site in 2014 and developed it as the Mountain View Innovation Centre – its headquarters and a thriving community hub.

It has planted 4,000 trees, installed environmentally friendly sewage and hot water systems, is upgrading insulation and has installed LED lighting controlled by motion sensors.

Staff and other site users are provided with reusable drinking bottles that can be filled from water points installed throughout the site in a bid to reduce single use plastic bottles.

Recycling units make it easy for employees and community members to sort their waste, which is then recycled.

As employee numbers grow and there is more footfall to site with the introduction of a membership initiative, AFD has increased shower facilities to support those who prefer to commute on foot or by bicycle. Bicycle storage is available.

A solar PV array on the roof means Mountain View is the largest solar electricity generator on the Isle of Man.

The company is launching a staff electric vehicle scheme whereby staff can make journeys using some of the surplus electricity generated on-site.

The AFD Group endeavours to ‘buy local’ even if this means paying a bit extra.
Staff and other users of the Centre have free use of allotment beds to grow fruit and vegetables.

AFD also recognised that its landscaped gardens, with an abundance of flowering trees, plants and meadow, offered an ideal habitat and home for honey bees and two colonies have been established. Local beekeeping experts have delivered educational sessions at the Centre, in recognition of bees' importance to a healthy environment and economy.

The AFD Group is founded on objectives which recognise its role in society.

The company embraces all aspects of what makes the Isle of Man a special place to live and extends this beyond the site walls.

The group’s annual charity event sees it generously support a wide range of charities nominated by directors and staff. In 2017, more than 60 charities received more than £1,250,000.

AFD sponsors and hosts the One World Centre’s Charity Challenge, which encourages local young people to be global citizens. Its staff donate their time and expertise to help run the event.

The company provides its facilities free of charge or at a subsidised rate for community groups and charities.

AFD is a proud supporter of the revived Ramsey Carnival, pledging sponsorship until 2020.

It has purchased a 4x4 vehicle for Beach Buddies and taken part in the charity’s events.

AFD Group’s businesses include the children’s TV Series Friends and Heroes, which was the first ever to be dubbed in Manx. As well as making this available internationally, AFD donated copies to Bunscoill Ghaelgagh.

Further promoting Manx culture, staff are encouraged to answer the phone in Manx and site signage is bi-lingual where practical.

A sculpture garden is being developed around the Mountain View estate.

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AFD Group
Ambitions Ltd

Ambitions is a Douglas-based company providing a range of business services.
It believes in steady, sustainable growth and has a stable workforce, several of whom have been with the company for more than a decade.
Ambitions’ directors and staff don’t travel for business unless absolutely necessary, instead utilising technology to speak with clients further afield.
The company recycles everything possible, prints only when it needs to and all the staff drink from reusable coffee cups.
With strong Manx roots, Ambitions answers the telephone using the Manx language.
The company has a strong corporate responsibility ethos and believes in giving back to the community.
Its directors are involved in a number of local charities, including Scouting, the Parkinson’s Society and the Science Institute. The company is sponsoring a young Manx sidecar racer in his 2018 season.
Ambitions advertises positions globally, realises applicants are drawn to the Island because of its enviable environment and, as a partner, will actively promote the Isle of Man’s Biosphere status.

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Ambitions Ltd
Andreas Meat Co Ltd

Andreas Meat Co Ltd is a meat wholesaler that sources its product through Isle of Man Meats, supporting the Isle of Man’s agriculture industry.

The long-established company employs 13, successfully contributing to the economy.

The company attends the Royal Manx Agricultural Show, promoting agriculture and sustainable produce.

During the recent refurbishment of its factory, Andreas Meats took the opportunity to reduce energy output and emissions, adding insulation and upgrading refrigeration facilities.

The company has switched to reusable and biodegradable packaging trays. Staff now use reusable rather than plastic drinking cups and bottles. The company is committed to recycling and is looking to make further changes.

Andreas Meats is also passionate about being part of the local community. It supports Andreas Village Playgroup and the junior squads at Ramsey Rugby Club and donates to charities for events and raffles.

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Andreas Meat Co Ltd
Ashgrove Marketing Agency Limited

Ashgrove Marketing is an Isle of Man based creative design, branding and PR agency.

Working with clients both on and off the Island, Ashgrove seeks to promote the Isle of Man’s unique natural environment and rich cultural heritage – and encourage more sustainable behaviour. This includes working on projects with positive environmental and well-being impacts, using local suppliers and talent wherever possible, supporting local charities and organisations, and airing “green” and environmentally sustainable topics in the agency’s regular media output.

Taking a lead from the agency name, Ashgrove Marketing is a great supporter of tree planting in particular and has funded a large number of saplings in recent years. The agency is now embarking on a pro-bono campaign in collaboration with IoM Woodland Trust and Portfolio Magazine to encourage a significant uptake in native tree-planting in the Isle of Man. This will involve a year-long advertising campaign along with PR and social media coverage focusing on why trees are critical for our environment, for biodiversity and to help mitigate climate change.

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AstroManx is pleased to be involved with the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man project and recognises that

• On the Isle of Man the awareness of our natural environment encompasses not just our beautiful landscape and maritime environment but also covers the wonders and clarity of our stunning Manx Night skies. The Isle of Man has now been formally acknowledged in January 2014 with Dark Sky Discovery status with 26 sites.

• This means that the Isle of Man skies have a higher concentration of Dark Sky Sites, with 26 Dark Sky Sites than any other area in not just the British Isles, but in Europe.

• On the Island, the Milky Way has been known in Manx Gaelic as “Raad Mooar re Gorry” or the “Great Way of King Orry” commemorating the landing of King Orry in the late 11th century.

• The popular and stunning phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights can also be seen from Manx shores on many occasions, far more southerly than is often the case.

• From not just the dark sky sites, Manx stargazers can see some amazing sights in our night skies. With the naked eye, you can clearly see the Milky Way, a sight often unseen on the adjacent Isles. The Orion Nebula - some 1500 light years away, and the Milky Way’s companion galaxy the Great Andromeda Galaxy, the light from which has been on its way to us for about 2.5 million years. The best equipment for stargazing is the naked eye, just look up and marvel at the sights, but with the aid of binoculars or a telescope our Manx night skies can be quite spectacular.

• Amateur and hobby astronomers continue to be enthralled by the quality of the night sky and are delighted to share this experience with other locals and visitors.

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AstroManx Logo
Aura Alchemy

Aura Alchemy is a Holistic Therapy Salon in Port St Mary, with sustainable practise a driving force for the business.

Some examples of how Aura Alchemy protect natural resources are: by switching off appliances that are not in use, replacing halogen bulbs with LED bulbs, grouping clients to reduce peak demand for energy, providing reusable bamboo cups for client’s water, referring clients to the internet for information over printing leaflets, using paper buds instead of plastic, using only rechargeable batteries, washing towels on a cool setting and sourcing natural, locally sourced or environmentally clean products.

Aura Alchemy wishes to develop the economy in a sustainable way by looking at the supply and demand of their clients and addressing how to reduce their carbon footprint considerably. Aura Alchemy have replaced their old boiler for a new, more energy efficient piece of equipment and the pipes are regularly checked, maintained and cleaned to ensure no water is escaping. The salon makes up their own natural cleaning products as not to spray any more toxins into the air.

Staff are regular helpers with Beach Buddies, clearing the beaches and supporting local tourism and the environment. They also frequently collect litter on their lunch break, walking up and down the High Street and round the Harbour.

The salon is looking to donate funds raised from an upcoming open night to the Manx Wildlife Trust, and they have planted two new trees using the tips received in the salon. They have recently helped Scoill Phurt le Moirrey by clearing the back woodland to create a play area for the children, with a forest-like feel to encourage outdoor learning. The salon regularly posts on their website and social media advising clients and friends of any ongoing environmental or cultural events they can help with, and are continuously trying to educate those around them about the ways in which they can be more environmentally friendly.

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Baie Mooar Guesthouse

Baie Mooar Guesthouse is a scenic bed and breakfast in Ramsey, Isle of Man.

In a picturesque setting, this bed and breakfast takes good care of its guests, its property and its surrounding environment.

During your stay, it will be comforting to know that Baie Mooar reduces its plastic waste where possible. It uses re-fillable glass bottles of tap water for rooms and all complimentary toiletries are in re-fillable and reusable plastic.

Your breakfast is as fresh as the sea air, with ingredients locally sourced, where possible, to support local businesses and the Island's economy. Baie Mooar Guesthouse also run a supper club, showcasing the best of Manx produce.

All cleaning products are eco-friendly and the lights are energy saving, too, with sensor lighting in hallways to reduce energy consumption.

Using local tradesmen, Baie Mooar Guesthouse has refurbished its entire property, repairing instead of removing and renewing.

Baie Mooar has strong links with tourism attractions and other B&Bs, as well as supporting local events and promoting the Isle of Man in its marketing.

Run by proud locals, this B&B does more than cater to you in the morning and night, helping guests plan their stay with advice on trips and where to go/ what to do, to ensure their guests have the best possible stay.

During Cyclefest, discounted rates were given to those staying, in support of the event, and a Manx Litfest writers' retreat was held at Baie Mooar, with the discounted rates included.

As a partner, Baie Mooar will promote UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man through social media, guest information packs and by encouraging other accommodation providers to get involved.

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Baie Mooar Guesthouse
BallaKarran Meat Company

BallaKarran is farmed by Will and Janette Qualtrough. It comprises of various parcels of land, part of which, at Cregneash, has been in the family for generations.
The use of sustainable farming practices, rearing its animals naturally, means there is less reliance on oil-based products. As a result, it has the coveted Pasture for Life certification.
BallaKarran Meat Company is a mobile farm shop run by Will and Janette selling its own beef and lamb, along with Manx reared beef, lamb and pork and Manx vegetables, dairy products and condiments.
BallaKarran proudly displays the Isle of Man food provenance label and is signed up to the Isle of Man Butcher’s Charter.
As well as major towns and villages, it aims to serve communities where there is little choice of local produce, in support of the Island’s economy. It participates in the Island’s burgeoning Food Assembly and in other food events.
In a bid to reduce use of plastics, and waste, where possible, BallaKarran encourages customers to bring their own containers and bags for purchases and serves meat the way traditional butchers did, wrapping meat in paper and using only paper carrier bags.
BallaKarran will promote UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man at every available opportunity.

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BallaKarran Meat Company
Ballakelly Farm

Ballakelly Farm is a family-run farm and butcher’s business in Andreas, Isle of Man.
The fifth generation of their family to farm the land, Rachel and Alan Teare have 500 acres of grass and arable land and finish almost 3,000 top quality livestock each year.
The farm has a self-sustainable business model and uses as much of its land as possible, growing the grain its cattle eats and putting all its manure back into the land.
It harvests apples from its orchard for cider and feeds the by-products back to pigs.
It has beehives, for honey, which it uses in its products, and plans to expand on this.
Through its engaging online presence, by attending events and by welcoming visitors, Ballakelly promotes education about food provenance, farming methods and their contribution to the Biosphere.
Ballakelly Farm is working with the Manx Wildlife Trust to encourage to the farm wildlife that complements farming practices.
It is investigating windmill and other forms of energy to power the farm.
It leads a village initiative to create compost from garden waste that is then used in manure.
Ballakelly minimises use of plastic by offering customers its own, hessian and cotton re-usable bags and upcycling bags, including Morsbags made in Isle of Man Prison.
It uses only compostable vegware at events.

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Ballakelly Farm
Beachpowder Ltd

Beachpowder Ltd is the company behind a new, talc-free, natural product that effortlessly removes sand from the skin.

The product was inspired by the Isle of Man’s sandy beaches, enjoyed by the founder and her family for generations.

Its creation encourages more people to use the Island’s beautiful beaches, which are promoted on the product’s website.

When developing the product, Beachpowder researched natural mica, which creates sparkle. However, it discovered that child-labour is sometimes used in mining natural mica, so instead chose synthetic mica, which is more expensive but ethically produced.

The ingredients in the product are natural plant and mineral powders, which don’t harm the environment.

Beachpowder’s packaging is cardboard apart from the lid and base, which are made from recycled plastic and can be removed and recycled again. The company will switch to plant-based plastic for these as soon as it is possible to do so.

The company re-uses packaging materials and, when despatching orders, uses recycled corrugated cardboard rather than plastic.

It limits energy use in its workshop, preferring to wear warmer clothes rather than put on heating and using energy-efficient lightbulbs.

The company recycles paper and glass and provides re-usable stainless steel water bottles for its employees.

The company supports the Family Library in Douglas and 10% of sales made in the library during its ocean-themed summer reading scheme will go directly to support the facility.

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Beautiful Blooms Ltd

Beautiful Blooms Ltd is a family run business located in Ballasalla.

Besides the obvious services of all aspects of floristry the business also provides an office plant rental service. It is well documented that office plants do much more than simply decorate a space. They help cleanse the air and there is evidence that they can contribute significantly to the well-being of staff - physically, emotionally and mentally. The company maintains the plants without the use of pesticides.

Beautiful Blooms Ltd reduces the importation of foliage and flowers wherever possible by growing more and more of its own. It has an onsite garden and a nearby smallholding where plants grow and flourish in line with organic principles.

Hedgerows on the smallholding benefit wildlife. They are mostly managed by livestock.

The business recycles as much of its used materials and waste as possible.

Beautiful Blooms Ltd reduces its use of presentation cellophane wrapping by increasing the use of water resistant paper wrap instead. The paper wrap is renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable at home. Furthermore the paper wrap is FSC certified and approved by internationally agreed environmental and quality standards as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Beautiful Blooms Ltd uses LED lighting throughout its premises.

The company supports charity events through donations of lovely bouquets or gift vouchers as raffle prizes. Additionally it supports other institutions, e.g. schools and local residential homes.

In addition to growing quite a variety of flowers and foliage themselves, they have also started to buy some flowers from a local grower.

Beautiful Blooms Ltd have started to compost all of their green waste at our smallholding instead of sending it to landfill. The compost will then be used to assist in further local production.

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Beautiful Blooms Ltd.
Bella Luna Beauty

Bella Luna is located in beautiful Derbyhaven bay.

It uses natural products and promotes a healthy lifestyle, which has long term benefits for the individual and the Island's economy.

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Bella Luna Beauty
Betty Laurincova

Betty Laurincova is an architectural designer and urban design consultant with a diploma in UX design. At the moment she is working to visually communicate future developments and changes in the built environment, her work is to help people connect with the urban space we live in, and be aware of the impact we have on our environment.

One of her business goals is to work on connections between people and the places they live in. Her plan is to step by step organise and facilitate workshops with stakeholders and/or the public that will help plan the built environment in the most user-friendly, resilient and resourceful way.

Betty Laurincova ran one small test workshop at one of the Christmas Markets and she was pleasantly surprised by the interest in this matter.

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Blackfridge is a young fin-tech business based in Douglas who use blockchain technology for institutional payments and settlements. Blackfridge is looking to engage and support local businesses and community projects. Their staff already actively supports local charities and cultural events with pride and enthusiasm.

Blackfridge is focused on minimising their impact on the environment by following best practices and are a fully digital business strictly reducing and limiting their use of paper and print media. They also aim to use only recyclable materials and recycle as much waste where they can.

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BlueWave’s mission is to deliver the fastest, most cost effective and future-proof communication solutions to the Isle of Man’s business community and beyond. The company offers a broad range of communication services to businesses using its network of fibre optic and wireless connections. Following its acquisition by UK based aql in 2015, BlueWave now offers a full operator portfolio across wholesale, developer resources and voice services, including providing 5G Network-as-a-Service to enable innovation using next generation technology.

As an environmentally conscious company, BlueWave utilises effective practises such as limiting travel around the Island and working with customers remotely to help reduce emissions and damage to the natural environment.

BlueWave has invested heavily in regenerating redundant telecoms sites around the island, making sure they do not fall into complete disrepair, with a commitment to ensure any wildlife it may impact is restored, including replanting local wildflowers.

These regenerated sites have become a strategic part of BlueWave’s drive to help support the Isle of Man’s telecoms and internet infrastructure, plus boost the Island’s digital economy.

BlueWave supports local charities and not-for-profit community organisations with free-of-charge connectivity. The company has recently worked with Isle of Play to make sure their new head office is fully connected, plus, The Children’s Centre to install a high-speed connection, making sure they stay connected with the 1,000 children, young people and families they work with each week. It has also provided the Isle of Man Code Club with a connection that enabled the club to quickly relocate, without missing out on any coding sessions.

As part of the company’s environmental commitment, it plans to take its mobile network ‘off grid’ by 2021, which would make it the first completely self-sustainable network on the Isle of Man.

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Bottle Monkey

Bottle Monkey is a wholesaler, independent craft beer shop and events organiser based in Douglas.

The business is always seeking new ways to reduce its impact on the environment.

At its tasting events, Bottle Monkey avoids single-use plastics in favour of glass and in its shop it uses reusable glass growlers for beer on tap. It also promotes the sale of recyclable cans.

The business reuses packaging when possible and offers customers biodegradable recycled wood pulp six-pack carriers.

Bottle Monkey stocks local beers and spirits and collaborates with other cafes, producers and venues to promote local produce, via joint events and on social media.

The business assists local small businesses that don’t have outlets by hosting pop-ups at which they can showcase their produce.

It has changing artwork displays in its windows and offer artists the chance to sell their work while their art is in the windows.

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Bottle Monkey
Breeze Candles

Breeze Candles hand-makes candles, diffusers and wax melts, offering a local alternative to buying fragranced products from off the Island.

The four-year-old company is constantly looking to find more sustainable materials for its products.

Breeze Candles offers a popular refill service on its diffusers and customers who return packaging for diffusers receive money off their next purchase.

Like its other candles, its tealight candles now come in recycled board boxes rather than plastic packaging. Its wax melts are in degradable bags made from corn starch.

Breeze Candles uses local suppliers, including printing and wooden gift tags.

The company also offers free delivery on the Island but follows delivery routes, rather than making individual journeys, to reduce fuel use.

Breeze Candles also prides itself on being accessible to those who are not online, or cannot get out to shops, accepting phone orders and offering a catalogue when needed.

Products reflect the culture and folklore of the Island, with names such as Fairy Dust (with artwork by a local artist) and Manx Toast.

Despite being only a small, young, business, Breeze Candles offers considerable support to local charities, giving back to the community.

It produced a special candle for Relay for Life Isle of Man, raising more than £400, has sold gonks in aid of Hospice, raising a similar sum, supports the ManxSPCA and offers raffle prizes to other causes.

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Breeze Candles
British & Irish Trading Alliance Isle of Man Chapter

The British Irish Trading Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation that encourages its members to build relationships and generate business through exciting networking, educational and social events held in both the U.K. and Ireland. The Isle of Man Chapter is committed to support and encourage IOM based businesses with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Department for Enterprise.

The British Irish Trading Alliance (BITA) has announced the launch of #beplasticaware, an initiative of its newly established Global Forum to increase awareness of the impact of plastic pollution across the world. This will be a long-term focus dedicated to galvanising BITA members and communities through charitable action and organisational dedication to plastic reduction.

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Butterfingers Ltd

Butterfingers creates cakes for all occasions, using as many local ingredients as possible.

The business is committed to sustainability, uses biodegradable packaging and has removed the plastic 'window' on cake boxes to contribute towards reducing single use plastic waste.

All compostable waste is taken to its farm and converted into fertilisers which are then used on its fields. This includes any packaging from goods coming into the business and any food leftovers.

In its cake production, Butterfingers uses the highest energy rated appliances and, for delivery, the most energy efficient vehicle.

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Capital International Group, Isle of Man

The group of companies operate from the Isle of Man and specialise in the provision of financial services, including Trading & Stockbroking, Custody & Administration, Cash & Investment Management and Investment Structuring. The Capital International Group has been built on the foundations of innovation, integrity and excellence to deliver the highest quality of customer service. Focus on financial institutions such as life companies, pension schemes, fund and wealth managers, collective investment schemes, corporate and trust service providers, financial intermediaries and include the Isle of Man Government as a client.

Proud to be active partners in Junior Achievement and community sports sponsorship. Have also had involvement in the Small Countries Financial Management Programme.

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Capital International Group
Castletown Golf Links

Castletown Golf Links is situated on the Langness Peninsula at the South-Eastern tip of the Isle of Man.

The Golf Links were created in 1892 by Old Tom Morris of St. Andrews, Scotland, widely known as the founding father of the way golf is played today. The layout of holes encompasses the narrow sand spur linking the main Island to Langness Peninsula and the rugged clifftop coastline creating a great variety of holes and challenges for the golfer.

Advancement in technology allows us to spray low impact wetting agents onto the maintained parts of the course permitting more effective uptake of moisture into the managed root zone and therefore less requirement on other chemical inputs and irrigation systems. Working around natural rainfall plus careful selection (and nurturing) of grasses to work with our natural ecosystem form the foundation of our greenkeeping maintenance processes.

Furthermore, the team focus on achieving a balance between regularly maintained areas, using low impact treatments, and rugged surrounding areas where nature is allowed to take its course with minimal disturbance. This environment mix, with the ever-present sea and views as far as the eye can see as a back drop, form a spectacular environment in which to enjoy golf. Castletown Golf Links recently being recognised as the 8th most spectacular golf course in the British Isles by National Club Golfer magazine.

We regularly interact with the Department of Environment, Forestry & Agriculture (DEFA) to discuss activity on the golf course and how best we can promote a productive environment for local bird, animal, and plant life. In 2015 we embarked on a project to re-route our classic 18th hole to better take advantage of the surrounding topography plus views of the ancient ruins on St. Michael’s Isle. The work, carried out in consultation with DEFA and Manx National Heritage was completed by creating a newly protected offset site further along the coastline. The vegetation on this site was determined as having an excellent basis to help promote an increased population of the Lesser Mottled Grasshopper, Langness being the only site in the British Isles where this species remains in situ. A local rare-breed sheep farmer has become part of the project with a dual benefit of providing a great landscape for his sheep to graze in the winter months whilst keeping the vegetation lower for the grasshoppers.

In 2018 we initiated a new project to help engage both our local community and visitors to Langness in better understanding the great history and vast array of wildlife present with the goal of encouraging more people to enjoy and respect the area. As part of this we are working with Manx Bird Life to establish a bird hide that can be used for educational and tourism activities whilst removing incentive for avid watchers and dog walkers to get too close to nesting birds. Additionally plans are being put in place to clean the historic “Smelt” building close to the Derbyhaven Bay and 6th hole of the golf course to allow a picnic site for families and space to inform visitors about the many historic activities understood to have taken place around this area.

Through our marketing activities, we greatly look forward to promoting our UNESCO Biosphere status and Langness Peninsula.

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Castletown Golf Links
Chartwell Financial Planners Limited

Chartwell Financial Planners provide independent financial advice to Isle of Man private clients and businesses, covering protection, investments, pensions and retirement planning. Chartwell Financial Planners are committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct.

At Chartwell, they offer financial planning advice that aligns social and environmental values to personal financial goals, making this way of financial planning easy and available to everyone. Evidence shows that companies that prioritise environmental, social governance, and ethical and sustainable investments are able to permeate all layers of financial planning.

As a company, they encourage staff to work remotely, which not only helps cut down on travel, reducing travel and energy costs and their company’s carbon footprint, but they also use digital and cloud computing solutions that enable them to be more streamlined and efficient. This cuts down on the use of everything from printer paper to the use of plastic.

Chartwell Financial Planners recognise the need to respect the island’s environment and their staff are encouraged to develop individual and corporate initiatives to keep the Isle of Man a special place to live, work, and visit. As a member of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce, they support local businesses and the islands economy where possible, and the actively engage with good causes such as working with the Isle of Man Foodbank.

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Chase Wealth Solutions

Chase Wealth Solutions offer a range of ethical and sustainable investment portfolios, which aim to avoid investment in alcohol, tobacco, oil etc., and instead, invest in companies which are making a positive change globally through Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), such as renewable energy.

We look beyond the main types of associated ethical and sustainable investments at companies who are looking to equalise pay between men and women and end child slave labour.

The ethical and sustainable investment portfolios are discussed and promoted with all new and existing clients and we have also arranged seminars on the Isle of Man for clients and businesses to attend and hear from Fund Managers who manage these types of investments.

Within our offices, all plastic cups have been removed and replaced with paper recyclable cups, and segregated bins have been provided in the staff kitchen to promote recycling. We have also given away reusable water bottles to staff and clients.

Our staff have worked with Beach Buddies to help clean White Beach on the west of the Island and taken part in tree planting, with a further commitment to help plant 1,500 more trees with the DEFA Forestry Directorate in 2020, and we invite our clients to join us in these activities as well.

We have also supported Graih, a local homeless charity, via a Christmas tree promotion and intend to work more with it in the future.

We are very active on social media and have used this to promote our activities such as tree planting and beach cleaning and we intend to further develop our social media presence and promote ESG living and investing going forward. Our new website will feature details of our activities and scenes from around the Island.

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Chase Wealth Solutions

ChefWorld are a small team based on the Isle of Man that provide relief chef cover, restaurant start-ups, kitchen design and pop up events.

The company strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible by committing to use locally sourced ingredients when possible, or ingredients with low air miles. They also recycle all the packaging they can and ensure no single use plastics, such as plastic bags, are used when purchasing ingredients. ChefWorld also have a small fleet of electric vehicles to try and further reduce their carbon footprint.

ChefWorld enjoys engaging the local community, building lasting relationships with local producers including fishermen, butchers and green grocers. In addition, the company endeavour to interact with the local community through social media, promoting local produce and the products they make, with the aim of building this platform more in the future.

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Chris Littler Webdesign

Chris Littler Webdesign is an Isle of Man website, social media and photography business.

Chris developed and has maintained the website for the Peel Heritage Trust since 2002.

He carries out photography projects in Manx towns and villages aimed at recording social history and working life for future generations.

Chris produces websites for a number of businesses who are partners of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

His business operates entirely paper-free, both in administration and products, encouraging clients to also shift to paper-free methods of communication.

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Chris Littler Webdesign
Clearwater Fiduciary Services Limited

Clearwater Fiduciary Services Limited is a fiduciary service provider for families and companies, based in Douglas.

The company acts responsibly and ethically with due respect for the impact of its business upon the wider community. This includes e.g. compliance with human rights.

The company encourages suppliers to embrace ethical principles in the operation of their own businesses. Clearwater Fiduciary Services Limited is internationally active. Its ethical principles reach people all over the world.

As a local business, Clearwater Fiduciary Services Limited provides employment on the Island.
The company minimises the environmental impact of its business operations where possible. Part of this is proper waste management, e.g. through support of local and national recycling initiatives.

Clearwater Fiduciary Services Limited promotes and supports local heritage events. It is a corporate supporter of Manx Wildlife Trust.

The company encourages staff and families to take part in environmental activities.

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Clearwater Fiuduciary Services Limited
Conister Bank

Conister Bank is committed to protecting our natural resources to maintain the ecological balance and protect future generations as the island focuses on a 75% reduction in carbon emissions by 2035 and being carbon neutral by 2050. They will actively demonstrate green initiatives like reducing waste, recycling, food consumption, transportation, and household energy, partnering with suppliers to reduce emissions and integrating green building practices.

Conister Bank is pledging its commitment to a sustainable future both for itself and the businesses it supports. The bank aims to provide financial options to businesses and individual customers to support an environmental, sustainable, and resilient future. They will continue to build a future that prioritises resilience and economic growth to achieve greener living.

Conister Bank will promote clean energy, both in the working practices within the office and in encouraging other businesses to follow suit and aims to be an active participant in reducing the environmental impact of how we live and work. We will promote lifestyle benefits such as the reduction of chemicals in the diet and personal atmosphere.

Conister Bank’s most significant contribution to tackling climate change is by financing the transition to net zero. The Bank will demonstrate that progress is always possible, by supporting the changemakers and being the leading advocate for sustainable change.
They will educate their staff and the wider public of the benefits of investing in renewable energy and promoting environmentally sustainable practice.

Conister Bank will continue to be actively involved in the community, aligning the brand with local organisations assisting the local community in raising awareness of eco-friendly initiatives in everyday life, helping to create a sustainable future. They will raise awareness of Green Finance opportunities and to give a sense of responsibility throughout its customer base and the business sector, to show that everyone can play their part.

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Craftworks Studio

Craftworks Studio is a ‘paint your own pottery’ studio in the heart of Castletown.

Guests paint pottery, in a relaxed setting, and take it home and reusing this eliminates the need for single-use cups, plates etc.

To serve drinks to guests, the studio uses compostable cups and wooden stirrers to serve drinks and has switched from plastic coffee sachets to a bean-to-cup machine, sourcing milk in glass bottles from a local dairy.

The business reuses plastics and other packaging that its materials arrive in and generates little waste.

It uses bamboo toilet rolls and buys cleaning fluid from dispensers at Braddan store Top Banana rather than in throwaway bottles.

The studio has also installed low-energy lighting.

The studio was closely involved in the early development of Balley Cashtal Beg (also a Biosphere Partner), an initiative that encourages visitors to explore and enjoy Castletown while searching out ceramic fairy doors.

Some members of the studio’s management belong to the Isle of Man Green Party and the Isle of Man Climate Change Coalition and the studio is pleased to host meetings of environment groups.

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Craftworks Studio
Dave's Waves Limited

Dave's Waves is a mobile centre for instruction of windsurfing in the Isle of Man, run by Dave Wilson.

Those undergoing tuition are encouraged to pick up at least five pieces of litter from beaches, using litterpickers loaned by Beach Buddies Isle of Man.

Dave is increasing his knowledge of the Island's marine nature reserves and its marine and shore life, to pass on to those using the sea for leisure.

His logo has a Celtic influence and he will also promote the Manx language and the culture and heritage significant to the beaches and coves he teaches from.

Dave reinvests profits back into the business to sustain the economy.

In his spare time, he volunteers for the community, as an Isle of Man Sea Cadets windsurfing instructor.

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Dave's Waves
Dee & Bee's Wax Wraps

Dee and Bee’s Wax Wraps is an Isle of Man company that provides a plastic-free and reusable alternative to cling film for wrapping foods.

The company’s ethos is to reduce the amount of plastic purchased and consumed.

It purchases all its beeswax from Isle of Man producers and some of its fabric from local shops. Fabric offcuts are reused by a local school or for cleaning equipment, and then as home-made firelighters.

Wax wraps are packaged in recycled card and any bags used are paper.

Bronnie Ward, who founded the company with Debbie Carcas, is a schoolteacher who teaches about sustainability and its importance in our UNESCO Biosphere.

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Dee & Bees Wax Wraps
Discover Diving - Isle of Man

Discover Diving has been a UNESCO Biosphere partner from the early days of the project.

Our divers and snorkelers regularly explore the marine environment and have provided images and data to support marine conservation for years.

Discover Diving collect marine creatures to support the touch tanks and educational work carried out by the Manx Wildlife Trust as well as providing scientific data to help marine management by DEFA.

At the dive centre we actively recycle and have banned single use plastic water bottles from our dive trips. We operate an energy efficient compressor and have been reducing our carbon footprint by providing a cylinder testing service based on the Isle of Man (which stops cylinders being shipped to England and back).

We regularly visit schools for marine education sessions. In 2016 we launched a series of snorkel trails (details on our website) to encourage everyone to do some marine exploration. We also offer beach ranger sessions for those who don’t want to get wet but do want to learn about the amazing life of marine creatures.

We offer training for all ages in snorkelling and diving so if you would like to see what lies beneath the waves in our stunning natural habitat, please get in touch.

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Discover Diving, Isle of Man logo

DotPerformance is a digital agency here to help Isle of Man businesses and organisations expand their operations into new markets and increase their operational efficiencies using a digital/Internet first approach. Experts in the production of digital marketing campaigns, websites and web applications, DotPerformance helped to produce the digital presence of the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man project.

Notable projects include bespoke web applications for smart metering and software to run the first 100% solar powered country in the world, in this case New Zealand!

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DotPerformance logo
Dream Theme Party Planners

Dream Theme Party Planners are an event planning business offering professional event planning services, including event management, event coordination, theming, décor, bespoke styling and equipment hire.

Dream Theme Party Planners strive to reduce waste and recycle where possible. They make the majority of their props and equipment from recycled materials and offer services to provide sustainable events island-wide.

The business was inspired even more so to grow and move forward in a sustainable manner, when just after the Covid pandemic hit, they offered their services free of charge for a large scale event at Ramsey Grammar School – the School Prom. The request was to make the prom as sustainable as possible, which was achieved with no single-use items being used in the execution of the event.

Dream Theme Party Planners frequently engage with the local community. They have sponsored events that our local charity’s hold and have attended various organised Beach Buddies clean-ups, and planned a free community Christmas event.

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Dry Planet Ltd

Dry Planet Ltd is a manufacturing and trading company of water efficiency products.

Dry Planet helps save water by introducing water efficiency measures in the home or the workplace.

Their award winning Save-a-Flush product has been reducing water consumption for the past 10 years.
Dry Planet’s home is the Isle of Man and they trade across the UK, primarily working with water companies who buy self branded Save-a-flush and in Africa, Australia, USA, Europe, the Middle East & the Caribbean. Their product can be personalised for companies to promote their sustainability goals and to educate.

The business has supplied Manx Utilities and is aiming to do more locally to promote the importance of water efficiency.

Give Me Tap is another partnership of theirs which reduces the need for single use plastic water bottles through purchasing their branded and reusable drinking bottles.

Give Me Tap supplies free water refills in cafes and public buildings which join Give Me Tap. The money from purchasing your water bottle goes towards building water pumps for water poor regions in Africa.

Dry Planet supplies schools across the UK with their Hippo branded product to aide Eco projects and locally the Hippo water saver has been used by students in Queen Elizabeth II School. The Hippo brand is known globally and saves water in the workplace and in homes.

In the commercial property they own in Douglas, they have installed LED lighting and eradicated the use of paper hand towels in WCs. Dry Planets next aim is to reduce single use plastic and recycle all appropriate waste at the building.

Dry Planet supports the local community, as supporters of Beach Buddies they have sponsored the purchase of one of the large refuse bins to help keep our beaches plastic free.

Dry Planet can be found at local events such as agricultural shows where they promote their business and they support local cultural and charitable events.

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Dry Planet Ltd

E-Sign is an Isle of Man company offering e-signature software, giving businesses the ability to go paperless.

Sustainability is a growing part of the business’s culture.

The business is committed to using as little paper as possible in its processes and will promulgate the benefits of being ‘paper-free’ on its social media

The business is committed to recycling its waste and saving energy and uses natural lighting in its office as much as possible.

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Ellanstone Ltd

Ellanstone Ltd promotes the Isle of Man to companies looking at relocating their businesses to the Island. We also help to develop Isle of Man companies with new ideas, connections, innovations and help in developing new products or services.

Our director, Brendon Kenny, is the founder of www.changingstreams.org. This is a not profit company working to eradicate plastics in the construction sector in partnership with Liverpool University. It runs “Plastic in the Workplace” workshops to help reduce plastic consumption within the business and also in everyday life.

Ellanstone have been advocates of technology to help reduce environmental impacts. We work either from home or use hot desks in Eagle Labs. We try to use the Steam Packet in our trips to and from the island.

Our director Brendon Kenny is also Chair of BITAIOM the British Irish Trade Alliance, he has held a number of events utilising MNH sites including networking events on the steam railway. In the role of Chair of BITAIOM Brendon promotes the local business community networking organisations, Isle of Man Chamber and Isle of Man business network.

We regularly engage in litter picks and promote Beach Buddies through all our connections. Ellanstone continues the promote the unique environment of the Isle of Man through networking events, trade visits, collaborations such as connecting Wirral Chamber and Liverpool City Region to the Isle of Man.

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Fedelta is a financial services provider based in Douglas, Isle of Man.

A member of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce, the company supports the Island’s economy by using local suppliers, where possible.

It adopts a positive and friendly approach to business, supporting new start-ups and ventures.

It works with young, independent artists and designers, helping them to establish their businesses.

Fedelta champions reuse within its business to protect the environment.

The company is committing time and skills to the current A Life Less Plastic campaign to encourage reduction in the use of single-use plastics. Its marketing manager is also investigating the launch of a reusable coffee cup scheme for the Island.

Fedelta endeavours to avoid printing but shreds any paper it does print and donates it to animal shelters for bedding.

It is proud to sponsor the ACE scheme – offering schoolchildren access to Manx National Heritage attractions – in 2018 and, as a result, promotes Manx heritage and culture.

Fedelta’s community engagement includes assisting with events that encourage entrepreneurial skills among the young, visiting schools and allowing staff time to commit to good causes.

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FIM Capital Limited

FIM Capital Limited is an investment management and fund administration business based on the Island. FIM Capital seeks to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and is keen to develop their business in a way that supports a sustainable economy. The company avoids single use plastic and supports the Manx Blind Welfare Society through the recycling of clothing and shoes. They also champion re-use and the reduction of waste.

FIM Capital support other local charities and environmental initiatives and are the main sponsor of local beach cleaning charity Beach Buddies, having recently agreed a long-term arrangement with the charity. The company also provides administrative support to UK charity Plastic Oceans.

FIM Capital are keen so have a positive environmental impact, and their staff enjoy taking part in local beach cleaning events, and regularly join in with other Beach Buddies activities. Similarly, a number of staff are actively involved and keen supporters of the Manx Wildlife Trust.

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Financial Options

Financial Options offer a range of ethical and sustainable investment portfolios, which aim to avoid investment in alcohol, tobacco, oil etc., and instead, invest in companies which are making a positive change globally through Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), such as renewable energy.

We look beyond the main types of associated ethical and sustainable investments at companies who are looking to equalise pay between men and women and end child slave labour.

The ethical and sustainable investment portfolios are discussed and promoted with all new and existing clients and we have also arranged seminars on the Isle of Man for clients and businesses to attend and hear from Fund Managers who manage these types of investments.
Within our offices, all plastic cups have been removed and replaced with paper recyclable cups, and segregated bins have been provided in the staff kitchen to promote recycling. We have also given away reusable water bottles to staff and clients.

Our staff have worked with Beach Buddies to help clean White Beach on the west of the Island and taken part in tree planting, with a further commitment to help plant 1,500 more trees with the DEFA Forestry Directorate in 2020, and we invite our clients to join us in these activities as well.

We have also supported Graih, a local homeless charity ,via a Christmas tree promotion and intend to work more with it in the future.

We are active on social media and have used this to promote our activities such as tree planting and beach cleaning and we intend to further develop our social media presence and promote ESG living and investing going forward. Our new website will feature details of our activities and scenes from around the Island.

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Financial Options
Flo The Coffee Van

Flo is a quirky mobile coffee and cake van, based in a converted 1960s Citroen horsebox, and outside catering business.

Its owners Annabel and Stuart Gentry source ingredients locally, where they can, to support local businesses and reduce ‘food miles’.

Their recipes feature seasonal produce, promoting Manx fruit and vegetables and using up local growers’ surplus crops.

Their hot drinks are served in real mugs to avoid waste and their plates and cutlery are made of sustainable materials.

Flo supports Manx culture and heritage through traditional local festivals and carnivals and newer events such as Cyclefest and the Deep South Festival.

Flo has a music stage at some events and plans a new, family-friendly weekend festival, with workshops, to promote UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

Flo has also attended community events such as the Scouts’ St Georges Day parade, Braddan parish fete and Douglas fun day.

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Flo The Coffee Van
Foraging Vintners

Craft-winery using ecologically friendly methods to create sparkling made wines, mead and fruit wines in Port Erin, Isle of Man, British Isles.
An innovative business, making use of a dis-used Coal Shed in Port Erin, "upcycled" to a modern use.

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Foraging Vintners

Gelling's is a long established Isle of Man company supplying hygiene and janitorial products including catering and industrial equipment, glassware, patient care supplies, paper disposal products and more.

It evolves to ensure its products and practices meet standards and requirements in its sector.

Internally, it recycles cardboard and plastic, using a compactor to bale. It conserves fuel by having set area delivery days.

Externally, it promotes compostable and biodegradable products.

Gelling's follows Food Packaging Association and Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers' Association codes of practice.

In the community, the company supports a number of local clubs and associations.

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Glen Truan and Ballaskilley Farm

Glen Truan Leisure Limited runs the Glen Truan Golf and Country Club in Bride, Isle of Man.

The course and land cover 175 acres and the owners are planning to record and map animal, bird, invertebrate and fungi species and submit the findings to the National Biodiversity Network Isle of Man, the Island’s biodiversity database, launched in 2018.

The company is involving volunteer recorders in the initiative.

The data gathered will inform the business’s ongoing landscape management and provide valuable data on habitats and species, including rare and endangered species.

The business has decided not to stock its lakes with fish but instead to retain them as tranquil wildlife-watching spots.

The country club, reopening in late June/early July 2019, has been renovated using local contractors, will employ local people and will serve local produce, including produce grown on site.

The golf and country club promotes the Manx language via its signage, social media and staff uniforms.

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Glen Truan

Gravity is established via Junior Achievement's companies programme. It creates and sells bamboo toothbrushes as an alternative to plastic and to reduce plastic in the Island's environment.

It intends to plant a tree in the Isle of Man for every 50 toothbrushes sold.

Turning to community involvement, it promoted local talent at a fund-raising 'Night with the Stars' and raised funds at 'Light the Night', held at Kirk Braddan Church.

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Groudle Glen Cottages

Groudle fulfils the Biosphere IOM Pledge by:

• protect our natural resources: Groudle Glen Limited look after a large section of Groudle Glen. Part of Groudle Glen is privately owned but a licenced foot path agreement allows the public to use the pathways that connect to the upper glen (in public ownership) and to access Groudle Railway.

• develop our economy in a sustainable way: ongoing. Active in advising our guests about the island and things to do when they are visiting the Isle of Man.

• support and promote our cultural heritage: We have worked with local artists in developing the “Art in the Glen Project” which to date has seen the Groudle Wizard appear! This is the first piece in a planned “art trail” around the glen. It is a seven foot high wooden wizard carved by local artist Nick Barlow.

• make our environmental impact positive wherever possible: working towards making Groudle Cottages more “green”. Support Beach Buddies.

• engage with the local community: allowing access to Groudle Glen, supporting Groudle Railway on our land and working with local sports organisations in using the glen and cliffs. Supporting local charities.

• promote our outstanding living landscape and seascape through active involvement with Biosphere Isle of Man: ongoing.

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Hopes & Dreams Nurseries

Hopes & Dreams Nurseries is an Isle of Man company providing nursery and childcare services for children aged two to 12.

It plays an important role in supporting the Island's economy and growth of the economically active population, as it provides working parents with flexible childcare, including after-school and holiday clubs.

The company’s purpose is ‘Happy Children, Positive Futures’ and a fundamental aim is to nurture children who respect the Isle of Man’s unique environment, as these children will be the decision-makers and leaders of the future.

The Outdoor Explorers Club sees nursery-age children visit natural settings such as beaches, glens, forests and hills to discover natural beauty and gain confidence and skills outdoors.

Hopes & Dreams Nurseries is reducing the natural resources it consumes, and this is also reflected in its curriculum.

The company used a Government ‘Green Loan’ to replace lighting in its three nurseries with energy efficient LED lighting, reducing operating costs and the need for replacement and disposal of bulbs.

Toys and equipment made of plastics are being replaced with natural resources. Children now use bamboo drinking cups and menus will contain more local produce, supporting local suppliers and reducing food miles.

Hopes & Dreams Nurseries plans to switch to electric vehicles to transport children as vehicles require replacing.

The company has been in business for 21 years, works with 250 families and is firmly part of the Isle of Man community.

Staff lead children on visits to historically and culturally significant sites, community facilities such as libraries, post offices and residential homes and businesses such as Robinson’s.

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Hopes & Dreams
Hotchkiss Associates Limited

Hotchkiss Associates Limited is a well-respected local tax advisory practice located just outside the village of Kirk Michael. The office is a converted barn in a rural setting containing many registered trees. The conversion is insulated well, partly using the wool from sheep that were raised and sheared on the premises, and waste water drains to a septic tank rather than mains processing. Original features like the oak framework of the barn are preserved.

Inside the office there is repurposed second hand furniture, such as desks, cabinets, a sofa. The photocopier and computer screens are second hand and ‘old’ laptops are upgraded to the latest software capabilities in order to be utilised rather than discarded. The office is heated by a solar/air source heat pump, and a carbon neutral log burner, from which the waste ash is used to provide nutrients for the orchard. The office is lit by energy efficient LED bulbs.

The office reduce their paper waste by implementing electronic procedures such as: electronic document management, delivery of advice, and an electronic client signing facility to reduce travel and paper. Where printing is required, it is double sided. Paper hand towels are responsibly produced by a sustainable supplier and there are no single use or plastic cups in the office. IOM Creamery milk cartons, paper, cans, plastic bottles and glass are recycled and environmentally friendly cleaning products are used where possible.

Hotchkiss Associates encourage their staff to think sustainably through the environmental policy in the staff handbook, and an environmental champion is appointed in the office. Staff have the option to work from home to reduce fuel consumption and flexible working hours are offered to facilitate walking or cycling to work. Meetings are encouraged to be conducted over the phone/virtually to reduce the need to travel and staff are encouraged to consume tap water over buying bottled.

The mental and physical wellbeing of staff and the ability to connect with nature in the workplace is nurtured through offering the cycle to work scheme, outdoor yoga in summer months and the use of an onsite gym all year round.

Hotchkiss Associates support and promote our local heritage and culture by using only pictures and photographs by local artists.

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Hound and Howl

Hound and Howl is a newly established natural dog food company that supplies high quality, high welfare, farm-assured Manx meat and farm-assured British poultry in mince and chunk form.

We’re passionate that customers should know exactly what they are feeding their dogs.

We buy all our beef, pork and lamb from Isle of Man Meats, supporting local agriculture and the economy and ensuring provenance, traceability and sustainability.

At our premises, we use A-rated, low-energy, freezers and natural lighting. We deliver products in eco-friendly and reusable insulated cooler bags rather than in cardboard or polystyrene. We are working to minimise plastic use.

As we grow our business, and take on staff, we will increasingly support community events and will work to promote knowledge of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

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Hound and Howl
HSBC plc

As one of the world's leading international banks with a heritage of more than 150 years, HSBC has an international network of around 3,900 offices in 67 countries and territories.

The Bank has a strong presence in the Isle of Man and Channel Islands, employing more than 1,100 people across the islands.

HSBC is the first bank to be accepted as a partner into the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man project. The Bank has a strong commitment to sustainability in the Isle of Man, demonstrated by their Reduce programme, a global initiative launched in 2012. The programme focuses on several areas including paper, energy and water consumption, waste reduction, ethical supply chains and reducing HSBC’s carbon emissions by approximately 40% per employee by 2020.

Year on year, the Bank also dedicates employee time, expertise and funding to help the local community in areas such as education, sport and the environment, and supports both public and private sectors to work towards achieving the Island’s sustainability goals.

HSBC in the Isle of Man took part in the Bank’s global HSBC Water Programme, in partnership with EarthWatch, WaterAid and WWF. Running for a period of seven years, the programme enabled employees to become ‘citizen scientists’, collecting water samples from natural sources across the Island which were analysed as part of a wider global data set.

HSBC in the Isle of Man continues to develop its sustainability initiatives, move forward with the Reduce programme and tailor green products to help our customers and employees enjoy the Island’s natural environment and protect it for our future generations.

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ILS World

ILS World is a global professional services provider with its head office in the Isle of Man.

Established in 1991 the company employs 30 people in Douglas and is delighted to have been appointed a UNESCO Biosphere Partner.

ILS took the biosphere pledge because it wants to take an active role in keeping the Isle of Man a special place to live, work and visit. Our bright, modern office has energy efficient lighting and wherever possible staff are encouraged to recycle, print responsibly, support local suppliers and to be aware of our individual and corporate impact on the Island we call home.

In our grounds, we are fortunate to host the HMS St George war memorial which can be seen on a very distinctive white castle and the only surviving building of a popular pre-war holiday camp.

In a bid to help protect a small part of our Island’s cultural heritage staff volunteered in 2019 to renovate the outside of the building to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II.

Staff are encouraged to engage with good causes and charities and each year we all agree to support one particular local group which has in the past included Mannin Sepsis, Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation, Live at Home, Manx Breast Cancer Support Group and Sailing for the Disabled.

The ILS pledge to UNESCO will be regularly reviewed and updated and we are very open to implementing new ideas and initiatives to keep our pledge strong.

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ILS World
IoD Isle of Man Limited

The Isle of Man branch is composed of around 300 directors and senior decision makers. The branch supports local members and organises inspirational and valuable business events in the area.

It was invaluable in the early stages of the project to provide a briefing to members, in Autumn 2013. Members commented that it was clear that gaining UNESCO status for the Island as a World Biosphere Region would be both a prestigious and iconic accolade – if the bid succeeds, that it would be the first time an entire country has been awarded this coveted recognition. What was not so clear to the IoD audience was how relevant the project might be to the business community.

Fast forward to spring 2015 and the project name – in direct response to suggestions from the IoD – had changed to UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man. A video has been made, a website launched and a wide range of organisations are now on board. This very range of businesses and sectors was positively commented on by UNESCO HQ in Paris when the nomination was scrutinised, and resulted in the Isle of Man becoming the first entire Island Nation with the UNESCO World Biosphere accolade.

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Institute of Directors - Isle of Man
IoM Fresh Ideas

IOM Fresh Ideas is a business based here in the Isle of Man making Bird Biskits as a wild bird food.

We source as many of our raw materials as possible, such as grains, locally from Isle of Man farmers. We buy material from Laxey Glen Mills where available and look to working with farmers to develop special seed growing in the future.

The making of Bird Biskits encourages householders to recycle waste cooking fats and oils rather than pour them down the sink. This turns a waste into a valuable resource by using it to produce high energy bird food for wild birds: taking care of our environment and sustaining our wildlife.

We are investigating premises where we can provide both meaningful work and new experiences for disabled workers.

A new product to reduce cross contamination of disease in wild birds has a Patent Application and Priority Date lodged with the Intellectual Property Office so that we can now bring it to the public domain and develop stronger relations with specialist Island Groups with the intention of flying the Biosphere flag on and off Island.

We are engaging with the local community with sponsorship programmes, particularly running educational projects in schools.

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The Happy Bird Company
Island Escapes Ltd

Island Escapes is a self catering holiday lettings agency that selects properties for their quality and features.

Island Escapes manages many of the properties it lets, on behalf of the owners so is able to educate guests about water consumption and avoiding excessive laundry. It uses environmentally friendly cleaning products at its properties.

It also encourages its property owners to do the same.

Guests arriving at Island Escapes properties receive a welcome pack that includes a range of produce including Manx milk, juices, cheese and cakes, supporting those local businesses. The company will work with Isle of Man food and drink providers to enable guests to order additional items for their stay, or to take home.

Island Escapes is sponsoring a leaflet being produced by the Manx Wildlife Trust, showcasing its reserves. It has adopted the MWT as its chosen charity for 2018/19 and is asking those booking its properties to pay a voluntary £3 donation that will go to the MWT.

The company strongly promotes UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man in its global marketing of the Isle of Man online and on social media.

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Island Escapes
Island Shellfish

Island Shellfish is a Port St Mary-based shellfish processing business.
As well as being an employer, it is assisting the economy by diversifying into new markets and working to increasing the first-hand values of shellfish to local fishermen.
It also works with scientists at Bangor University to promote sustainable fisheries. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, it has given talks on positive fisheries management.
Island Shellfish promotes the Island to markets overseas, something it is expanding.
It is always striving to reduce waste and unnecessary packaging.

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Island Shellfish
Isle of Man Business Network

The Isle of Man Business Network is a not-for profit voluntary board that coordinates learning, social and charity participation events for the Island’s business network.

The organisation brings business people together to gain knowledge, build new relationships, share best practice and receive support.

Membership is open to people of all ages and across all sectors. It targets sectors it hasn’t previously engaged with through specific events.

The network offers bi-monthly events that upskill attendees in skills such as leadership, communication emotional intelligence, inclusion and others. Non-members can participate for a fee. There are also bi-monthly social events.

The network supports small businesses by profiling their journeys and signposting grants and assistance that are available.

It takes part in community, social and charity events, providing a platform to small businesses, that might not have the support of a team, to participate.

The network and its members offer practical support, such as feeding stations, at events such as the Parish Walk and end2end. They support beach cleans and plan to participate in a Beach Buddies’ event this year.

Prior to pledging support for an event or conference, the network endeavours to establish its environmental credentials.

The network itself keeps waste to a minimum by using digital communication and cloud storage and minimises waste at events it holds.

Each year the network holds two events that directly raise funds for local charities. It donated £5,500 in 2018/19.

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Isle of Man Business Network
Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce

The Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce’s vision and ethos is to represent the voice of business in the Isle of Man, fostering business relationships and driving economic growth.

Our core values are to be:
• Independent
• Collaborative
• Visible
• Inclusive
• Supportive
• Communicative
• Influential

With a membership of 300, Chamber represents the interests of business in the Isle of Man through member events, participation in government forums, the Department for Enterprise Agency model, through scrutiny and comment on various government Policies and initiatives and in responses to government consultation papers that have a bearing on or directly impact the business community.

The launch of our free Chamber membership for Start-up businesses has helped us create a community that allows businesses to support each other, whether that be through knowledge, resource or shared good practice.

Chamber also supports new and sustainable Business on the Isle of Man via our Business Connex platform. Using the breadth of our membership with its business knowledge and experience to the benefit of new and emergent businesses. Business Connex can help with introductions, support relevant networking, thus providing key resources for these new and relocating businesses.

Chamber, whilst supporting local business, also values the beautiful environment in which we thrive and supports the Biosphere theme of business working in harmony with the culture and environment in which it is located.

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Chamber of Commerce logo
Isle of Man Creamery

Our Creamery is at the very heart of the Isle of Man community. We are a co-operative of family owned dairy farms, whose farm-assured herds supply the purest milk – farm fresh.

All milk travels less than 15 miles from farm to Creamery - low food miles guaranteed.

The experienced cheese makers at the Creamery only use locally sourced milk to make our Award-Winning range of cheeses, which reflect the traditional skills and long culinary heritage of our enchanting island.

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Isle of Man Event Services Ltd

Isle of Man Event Services is a travel and tourism events providers and organisers, which offer a variety of walking and outdoor based package holidays for visitors to the Island.

Their walking holidays are run by qualified guides and leaders who are trained to respect the environment and promote the sustainable use of the countryside. Isle of Man Event Services keep numbers of their groups to manageable levels as not to impact upon unnecessary wear and tear on the islands outdoor spaces.

At present, Isle of Man Event Services is collaborating with Island based experts, tour guides and organisations to provide and promote the Islands Biosphere status with bespoke small group Biosphere Package Holidays, and they also offer a full range of Heritage Walking Holidays, working alongside leading Island experts to provide educational and informative tours, whilst visiting the Islands heritage sites. All their guided holidays are based around promoting and supporting the Islands heritage.

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Isle of Man Goats

Isle of Man Goats is a farming business specialising in goats’ products: goat dairy products from our Anglo Nubian goats, including cheeses such as feta, chèvre, crottin, and halloumi, kefir, milk, a range of delicious thick and creamy yogurts, and a choice of wheys; goat meat from our Boer goats; Manx Mohair socks and knitting yarns and finished knitwear made from our Angora goat mohair fleeces. All our cheeses and dairy products are made in the farm dairy. All dairy products entered in the Great Taste judging in 2019 won awards. The goat meat is butchered and packed in our farm butchery. Our knitting yarns are hand dyed in the farm's visitor's centre and our knitwear is hand knitted on Island.

Our aim is to farm in harmony with nature and to constantly improve the health and biodiversity of our pastures. We run free range geese and laying hens on the pastures to avoid grazing by just one species. We farm without the use of man-made fertilisers or pesticides. We sell our dairy products in glass bottles and jars, taking a deposit on the glass to encourage return and reuse, and we wrap our cheeses in biodegradable paper. We have installed a bank of 24 photovoltaic panels on one of our barns and these provide much of the power required for the meat chiller, dairy refrigeration, and running the dairy equipment. We plan to incorporate more green energy in the near future. We are currently working out a system to store the cool-down water from our pasteuriser for use in the farm’s fruit orchard and kitchen garden.

We attend the annual agricultural shows and the Food & Drink Festival, providing friendly goats for the MNFU at these events as part of their educational programme. We also enter the livestock showing classes and engage with the public as much as possible promoting Manx Farming. In January 2020 we supported the Kirk Michael Australian Bushfire Fundraiser which raised over £6,000. In 2019 we sponsored John Anderson's Walk for Freedom. We recently launched our Whey products, using the bi product whey from cheese, yogurt, and kefir production. These whey products are fabulous for bread making and cooking. Every penny raised goes to Hospice Isle of Man.

Our ethos is to produce local food for our local community, and we sell direct to our end customers. During COVID-19 Lockdown we suspended trading through the Island’s Farmers Markets and opened a Farm Shop. The Shop is open every day from 8am until 8pm. We love engaging with the many customers who visit the farm to stock up on our products.

As well as customers coming to our Farm Shop, we have had many hundreds of visitors to the Farm to meet the goats. We first started our Kidding Chaos sessions in 2014. We now run Kidding Chaos, Goat Yoga, Farm Tours, private parties, goat care courses, and regular farm Open Days. We host Schools and Youth Clubs, Special Needs groups, WIs, Retirement Clubs etc, and we are often asked to visit organisations to give a talk about the farm. We love to 'bang the drum' for Manx farming and find ways to explain why eating locally grown food is a win - win for the environment, for the whole community and for our health.

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Isle of Man Meats Ltd

The Business is owned by the FMA which is a farmer owned co-operative that is there to support the Islands agricultural sector.

We see the Biosphere status as an important aspect to the Island, and allow our customers to know that we are proud of our island, both in its heritage but also its landscapes.

Isle of Man Meats only takes animals from the local agricultural sector, meaning provenance and traceability is really strong, with all suppliers less than 22 miles (30km) away. The farming community is pro-active in their ongoing management of the islands farmland, and ensuring the land remains in good agricultural and environmental condition.

Our Terms and Conditions ensure high welfare standards and we actively work with our farmers to increase the value of their animals. When we say local, we mean no distance from Farm to our place of work of no more half an hour. Our ongoing commitment is to become more engaging with our local community. We intend to use the Business Partner status to help show the local community as well as visitors to the Island how important the agricultural sector is to maintaining a special place to live, work and visit.

1. Products will be marketed using the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man label (Lamb, Pork and Beef)

2. All the products will have been grown/reared and processed/slaughtered and packaged on the Isle of Man

3. We will provide a triple lock guarantee that any product using the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man label through Isle of Man Meats will have been processed from Isle of Man sourced meat only.

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Isle of Man Meats
Isle of Man Newspapers Ltd

Isle of Man Newspapers publishes the Isle of Man Examiner, Isle of Man Courier and Manx Independent and accompanying supplements and special titles.

A long-standing local employer, it supports the sustainable development of the Isle of Man’s economy by encouraging readers to Think Local and Buy Local.

Its Awards for Excellence promote the Island’s achievements national and internationally.

Its Destination Isle of Man publication encourages people to relocating to, and visit, the Island.

Its weekly coverage in its three titles reflects and records life in the Isle of Man, featuring the wide range of community, cultural and heritage events that take place here.

The newspapers publicise the work of environmental groups and initiatives and feature the benefits of, and partners of, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

The Awards for Excellence will, in 2018, include a new ‘Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability’ category.

Isle of Man Newspapers aims to minimise its own impact on the environment by producing all its products on recycled paper, recycling all unsold products, working towards a paperless office, using low energy lighting, encouraging car-pooling and allowing weekend staff to work from home.

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Isle of Man Newspapers
Isle of Man Post Office becomes Business Partner to UBIOM

The Isle of Man Post Office were very eloquent in how they meet the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Pledge principles, for example:

• Stamp issues always carry a historical, cultural, people related or topical Manx link

• Using FSC and recycled paper across the business

• Supporting the Manx economy as a global business and one of the Island’s largest employers

• IOMPO Sponsorship of a number of local clubs, organisations and charities

• Energy conscious property portfolio

• Engagement with every household on a daily basis

• Promoting Manx culture on a world stage through its varied stamp and coin issues

• Support the right work/life balance for our valued staff

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Isle of Man Post Office
Isle of Man Renewable Power

Isle of Man Renewable Power is a Manx company that develop renewable energy projects to support the Island energy system in transitioning to a fossil free future. At present, their headline project is a proposed solar farm on the north of the Island that will kick-start the renewable future.

For the Isle of Man Renewable Power company, protecting and preserving the natural resources is essential. That is why they commit to only developing land in a way that does not harm our Island's biodiversity, and their mission is to ensure a carbon neutral or negative Isle of Man.

The community is key to their model. Isle of Man Renewable Power try to make sure that all islanders are on board with any large projects that they operate, and also they aim Manx ownership of their renewable assets through allowing community investment.

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Isle of Man Salt Co

Isle of Man Salt Co is a newly established company reviving artisan salt production in the Island.

It uses renewable energy sources to produce sea salt. Use of a biomass wood-burning boiler in the salt-making process means that part of the process is carbon neutral.

Its packaging is all recyclable and bears Isle of Man Food and Drink’s ‘Produce of the Isle of Man’ label, awarded to 100% local produce.

In growing its business, Isle of Man Salt Co will create jobs, in support of the economy, and is working with as many local suppliers as possible, including those embracing sustainability/fellow Biosphere Partners.

It plans to run educational workshops about the fascinating history of salt production on the Isle of Man and our new more sustainable production methods.

As clean seas and beaches are central to its ethos, the company supports beach cleaning charity Beach Buddies Isle of Man.

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Isle of Man Salt Co
Isle of Man Seafood Products Limited

Isle of Man Seafood Products is a family-run business that catches, processes and exports locally caught queen and king scallops to customers as far afield as Japan and Korea, supporting the Island’s economy and reputation for fine seafood.

The company participates in the Isle of Man Government’s newly launched Fishing for Litter scheme, collecting rubbish found at sea and dropping it to allocated quayside bins to help keep the marine environment clean.

It is in the process of installing machinery that will crush scallop shells so they can used on agricultural land as a soil-improving lime product.

It is working with Rushen Eco Energy looking in to alternative ways of energy production.

The company also attends events, educating children about the marine life found off the Isle of Man.

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Isle of Man Seafood Products Limited
Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is the oldest continually operating passenger shipping company in the world, having begun operations in 1830.

Nowadays it operates daily sailings from the Isle of Man to Heysham, and seasonal sailings to Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin.

The Steam Packet Company is committed to leading the way in the shipping industry and minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. As part of this ongoing commitment, it has identified 10 principals to demonstrate how it identifies and manages its environmental impact.

The Company promises to:

• Meet or exceed all environmental legislation that relates to its operations
• Set goals for environmental protection
• Monitor, measure and work to continuously improve environmental performance
• Prevent water pollution
• Manage environmental risks from accidents, incidents and emergencies
• Minimise the use of non-renewable and environmentally sensitive resources, where practical
• Minimise fuel consumption by optimising speed and fuel efficiency and taking tidal and wind conditions into account, where possible
• Actively encourage recycling both internally and among customers, also working with recycling service providers to manage on-board waste
• Ensure that all staff are kept up-to-date on environmental issues through appropriate training
• Integrate environmental management into day-to-day operations by establishing an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified to ISO 14001*

Always looking at ways to be more environmentally minded where it can, the Company has introduced paper shopping bags, recyclable coffee cups, plates made from sugar cane and compostable cutlery made from plant-based starch to significantly reduce the use of single plastics on board fast craft Manannan. It has also replaced the vessel’s air conditioning units with a more energy-efficient system.

Steps have been made to decrease waste on the conventional ferry Ben-my-Chree too, by offering traditional reusable crockery and cutlery rather than disposable items.

In addition, its working in close partnership with Douglas Borough Council to encourage recycling on board its vessels, with receptacles for aluminium cans, plastic bottles and paper having been introduced. When emptied, collected cans will be sent to the UK and turned into new cans, car parts or aircraft parts, plastic bottles will be made into new bottles, drainage pipes, kitchen bins and fleece materials, while newspapers will create more paper.

In a bid to further reduce paper waste, the Company has also introduced mobile-friendly QR-coded booking confirmations to reduce the need to print boarding cards.

In the longer term, it’s looking to introduce more efficient engines and generators on its vessels and is considering the use of zero carbon alternative fuels.

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Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

ISO QA IOM is the first ISO accreditation service to be based on the Isle of Man. Able to offer Management System implementation, auditing and management, covering Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management, Energy Management, Information Security. Very often the savings can help the business not just to save money but to grow their business.

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ISO QA Isle of Man
Jo's Dog Homestay

Jo's Dog Homestay offers stays for pets in the Douglas home of Jo Hobson.

In exercising animals, the business respects nature, wildlife and livestock and treats the countryside with respect.

It uses oxo biodegradable bags for dog waste, to minimise damage to the environment.

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Jo's Dog Homestay
Julie Parys, UI/UX Designer

Julie Parys, UI/UX Designer designs branding, websites and other digital content and is based in Douglas.

She aims to work 100% digital. Julie Parys, UI/UX Designer limits her transport to reduce her carbon footprint and recycles as much as possible.

Julie Parys, UI/UX Designer supported Manx Basking Shark Watch by designing its website and branding for free. She wants to expand on the Manx Basking Shark Watch website with data visualisation and offers similar services to other conservation organisations.

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Julie Parys, UI/UX Designer
Kestrel Insurance

Kestrel Insurance has been in business on the Isle of Man for 30 years and employs approximately 45 people.

At its six premises, it is striving to reduce its carbon footprint, plus cut down waste in a number of ways.

The company has replaced standard with lower energy lighting at its branches and encourages staff to switch off lighting when not needed.

Kestrel Insurance encourages staff to email rather than send letters. It encourages clients to choose email as their preferred way of communicating in the knowledge that they can use their phone/tablet to confirm cover not only with the Police but also the Post Office when taxing a car.

The business encourages clients who don't have an email address to accept text messages, reducing paper use where it can.

The company believes staff wellbeing is an important part of its Biosphere commitment. It encourages staff to walk and cycle to work rather than drive, deploying employees to offices close to their homes.

The company also has a gym corporate membership, motivating its staff to stay fit and healthy.

It recycles all its plastic, when it can, and returns all empty toner cartridges for recycling.

Staff support the community and have taken part in Beach Buddies beach cleans and support many other national and local charities, including Mannin Cancer Support Group and Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation.

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Kestrel Insurance
Knockaloe Beg Farm

Knockaloe Beg Farm offers bed and breakfast, self-catering, hostel/bunk accommodation and glamping in the west of the Island to visitors and local people enjoying staycations.

Fiona and John Anderson run the business with great concern for the environment.

Over the past decade, they have rebuilt the farm using old materials where possible, breathing life back into their area of the Island.

The Andersons promote local produce and provenance to visitors, through the food served to bed and breakfasts guests and through education.

They reduce waste as far as possible and have large bins for recycling waste that is produced.

The business achieved a Gold Green Tourism Award for five years and won an Isle of Man Energy Award in 2015.

Knockaloe Beg Farm is heavily involved in community life, including the development of the old Patrick Schoolrooms, which is bringing to life the history of the Knockaloe internment camp.

It offers ‘open farm’, birthday and school visits, teaches children about how they can positively influence the environment and offers work placements to local students, too.

Globally, it sponsors children in developing countries and has twinned its 20+ toilets in a scheme to promote water sustainability.

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Knockaloe Beg Farm

KPMG Isle of Man is one of the leading professional services firms with over 100 employees and 7 partners delivering audit, tax and advisory services to clients worldwide.

As part of the Global Climate Response, KPMG have an international environmental programme which includes a global renewable energy target of 60% of purchased electricity from renewable sources by 2020. In the Isle of Man office, a number of steps have been put in place in a bid to recycle and reduce waste. Single-use cups have been replaced with reusable alternatives for staff; office stationary is reused and printers are set as default to print double-sided, to name a few examples.

Taking responsibility for a sustainable future is of central concern to KPMG. The Isle of Man firm supports the global KPMG IMPACT initiative; a global cross-sector initiative that integrates knowledge and experience regarding global issues such as environmental, social, governance (ESG) performance and sustainability, economic and social development, climate change and decarbonisation, and sustainable finance. The goal is to unite the best of KPMG to help clients fulfil their purpose and deliver against their ESG goals.

Partners at KPMG in the Isle of Man provide free Manx National Heritage passes to staff each year, encouraging employees to visit local sites and support cultural and heritage events.

The Global Climate Response means KPMG have an international environmental programme to reduce CO2 emission of each employee to 10% by 2020. KPMG have invested in Microsoft Teams for business to encourage less commuting and business travel. For global conferences, KPMG now try and send just one Partner or where possible, if recorded, do not attend at all. Microsoft Teams has also increased the opportunity for staff to work from home, meaning less cars are joining the daily commute to the office.

Further steps are being taken to become a carbon neutral office, such as reducing server capacity and migrating towards a paperless office. The KPMG IMPACT initiative also focuses on climate change and decarbonisation, with a goal to drive business models, products and services that address climate change and help clients reduce carbon emissions.

Commitment to the Manx community is at the heart of the company’s values. Each year, staff are invited to vote for their chosen Manx charity, which is supported for the next 12 months through fundraising activities and events, including an annual fundraiser event, the KPMG Prom Relay. This popular event always attracts a large crowd and serves as a successful social event for the local community.

The firm has been a long-standing supporter of Junior Achievement (JA) Isle of Man, with a KPMG Partner sitting on the JA board. There is staff involvement in the school outreach programmes. KPMG have also been involved in the Extraordinary Islanders campaign, an enormous celebration of some amazing people in the Manx community, and sponsored the ‘Outstanding contribution to the community’ category.

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Laxey Glen Mills Ltd

Laxey Glen Mills makes high-quality bread flour and other, speciality, flours using solely locally grown wheat from a dozen Manx farms.

Hailing from the Isle of Man, our flour is unique in the British Isles in that it doesn’t include any additives, as prescribed by the UK Bread and Flour Regulations for other mills.

In supporting local farmers, and paying a fair price for wheat, the Mill is encouraging the continuation of mixed and arable farming, which contributes to the Island’s landscape, biodiversity and biosphere.

We regularly meet our growers and the Manx National Farmers’ Union to ensure we work together to retain a sustainable farming community.

Our products come in paper packaging and don’t impact on the environment.

We employ six people and supply flour to bakeries employing more than 100 people, so contribute to a resilient economy.

Our imposing building is more than 150 years old and we are mindful of its heritage and are considering opening it up to visitors.

We are at the heart of the community, participate in the Food Assembly and even sponsor a world championship – the World Bonnag Championships, held annually in Dalby.

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Laxey Glen Mills Ltd
Laxey Woollen Mills

Laxey Woollen Mills is the only commercial woollen mill on the Isle of Man weaving traditional and contemporary Manx tweeds, cloth and tartans.

The Mills has produced Manx tweed since 1881 – starting even before the world famous Harris Tweed – and not only continues this tradition but innovates with new designs and products.

The Mills uses Manx Loaghtan, Manx-born Hebridean and Manx white wool, purchasing fleeces from a local farmer, providing him with a market and celebrating and ensuring a future for Manx Loaghtan farming.

It links up with small, traditional, artisan craftsmen and suppliers in Scotland and Ireland to produce its hand-tailored garments, slippers, bags, purses and accessories.

Designs and colours in Manx tweed are influenced by the colours in the Island’s landscape, hedgerows, seascapes and seasons and connect the practice and products to the Biosphere.

Keeping the tradition alive, the Mills employs an apprentice weaver, who is learning the whole craft: warping, beaming, colour and pattern design, weaving, mending and finishing.

The Mills’ looms – one of which dates back to 1926 – are pedal, rather than electricity, powered; much of the lighting in the gallery is low energy; customer bags are paper and gallery packing materials, including inner cones from yarns, are recycled.

A collaboration with Laxey Launderette means shorter runs of tweed are now 'finished’ (the final stage of washing and pressing) within half a mile of the Mills rather than sent away for the process.

Cloth trimmings are given to crafters and creative groups free of charge.
The Mills hosts exhibitions of textile art, much of which has been created using textiles and wools that are hand-spun and hand-dyed using native plants and substances.

Visitors from the Island and around the world come to see the weaving and buy tweeds, cloth and tartans, while online orders are also despatched globally.

Storyboards will soon show the many stages of woven tweed 'From Mountain Track, to Wearer’s Back' (the original slogan from 1881) so customers and visitors can better understand the tradition.

The Mills’ Hodgson Loom Gallery and Shop provide space for Isle of Man artists and photographers to exhibit and sell their work.

Many featured artists are influenced by the Island’s landscape, history, folklore and Celtic and Scandinavian artistic traditions.

Every year, the gallery holds a themed open art competition and exhibition.

It actively promotes Manx artists and sculptors and holds a five-week exhibition to coincide with the Isle of Man Art Festival in May and, running this on through TT fortnight so Manx art reaches a wide audience
Newly opened within the Mills is the Laxey Tale Story, part of Visit Laxey Valley’s project to introduce visitors to the wealth of industrial heritage in Laxey and stunning scenery from Laxey harbour to Snaefell summit.

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Laxey Woollen Mills
Leela's Kitchen

Leela’s Kitchen is a small local business that sells spices, sauces and snack mixes, cooks for dinner parties and stages cookery classes and have recently started delivering Indian Thali's in fully biodegradable packaging across our Island.

Its Indian owner Kumar Menon is keen that the traditions of cooking are maintained.

His method of creating dry frying his spices, releasing oils that make them more flavour some and longer lasting, means they must be sold in containers. However, Leela’s Kitchen has moved from recyclable plastic tubs to biodegradable pots showcasing endangered species on the labels.

Leela’s Kitchen works in schools, educating children about the importance of cookery as a skill, and supports local charities through donations of vouchers for its services.

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Leela's Kitchen
Long & Humphrey

Long & Humphrey are Douglas-based advocates and notaries public.

The company is passionate about the Island and conscious of its position in, and responsibility to, the environment, community and heritage.

It provides practical support and legal services on a pro bono basis to a number of sports clubs, heritage organisations and social and wildlife charities.

This involvement extends to offering free advice and sitting on trustee boards and committees for charities such as South Douglas Old Friends’ Association, Mooinjey Veggey, Cronkbourne Cricket Club and the Isle of Man Sea Cadets.

In addition to staff participating in beach cleaning, Long & Humphrey is looking to extend its commitment to the charity Beach Buddies.

The company promotes and supports culture and heritage events and encourages staff involvement. A number of employees are Manx speakers.

Long & Humphrey also sponsors the Isle of Man Real Ale Festival.

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Long & Humphrey
M&P Legal

M&P Legal is a law practice based in Bucks Road, Douglas, Isle of Man.

It has recently established an environmental law unit in anticipation of a growth in demand as green issues become more prevalent. For instance, environmental impact assessments are becoming integral in large new planning developments. Manx environmental law differs in some respects from English law so local input is advised. M&P Legal’s environmental law unit has produced a digest of all Manx law relating to the environment.

M&P Legal is a long-standing member of Manx Wildlife Trust and supports the charity’s events. M&P Legal has worked on a pro bono basis for an Isle of Man charity striving to reduce plastic consumption and pollution and has assisted other clients on environmental matters.

At its offices, the company recycles materials where possible and the water for meetings is supplied by filtered tap water rather than plastic bottles. Employees use Skype or phone to avoid unnecessary travel.

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M&P Legal
Mackerel Mann

Mackerel Mann is a family-run Isle of Man business delivering fresh locally caught produce to local customers.

Owner Luke Corkill operates the June Rose, a small fishing vessel, from the Isle of Man and mackerel is all line-caught, so fished as sustainably as possible.

The business promotes the sustainable ways in which we can balance enjoying and protecting our seas and seeks to be an ambassador for the fishing industry.

Mackerel Mann engages with green initiatives such as Fishing for Litter and is passionate about keeping our waters clean.
The business encourages its customers to provide their own bags or buckets to pick up their seafood to minimise packaging waste.

On his social media platform, Luke encourages the local community to shop locally to create a strong circular economy to safeguard industries for future generations.

Mackerel Mann support community events. As well as providing prizes for various initiatives, Luke is also discussing a visit to a local nursery to talk about the life beneath our seas and what everyone can do to protect the resources.

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Mackerel Mann
Mannin Group LTD

The Mannin Group LTD is a long-established Manx family business employing around 26 people on the Island at its modern headquarters in Cronkbourne. You may know them from their well-known magazine brands – Manxlife and Business365 – or as one of the islands largest print companies, creating many products including banners and signs.

The groups Manxlife magazine takes pride in promoting local wildlife, recycling, community projects and activities, and the company ensures that materials are sources locally when possible and that the majority of its products are printed on recycled paper.

In addition to recycling all paper and metal in the office, in 2018, the Mannin group removed all single use plastic cups from their premises. In addition, the Mannin group are currently working closely with other local businesses on an exciting project to further minimise the use of single use plastic cups within the commercial sector.

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Mannin Group LTD
Mannin Hotel

The Mannin Hotel on Broadway, Douglas, opened the year the Island gained its UNESCO Biosphere status, 2016.
The art deco design building features a modern heat exchange system that minimises energy usage, making it 40% more efficient than similar buildings.
This technology saw the hotel and Stewart Clague Services (also a partner to UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man) win the Best Innovation in the Private Sector Award at the 2017 Isle of Man Energy Awards.
In-room information for guests is displayed on TVs rather than in paper form. Guests are encouraged to reuse towels. Waste is recycled where possible.
The hotel bottles its own mineral water from a local source, reusing bottles to avoid throwing away large quantities of plastic or glass bottles.
The Mannin has partnered with electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla to provide charging points in its car park.
The hotel is a member of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce and The Mannin is committed to supporting the local economy and uses Manx producers where possible.
In the community, the hotel regularly donates to charity and is this year raising money for the RNLI, which was founded in the Isle of Man.
It’s embedded in the hotel’s training and culture that staff are all proud ambassadors for the Island and take pride in promoting Manx culture, heritage and events.

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Mannin Hotel
MannVend Ltd

MannVend Limited is a refreshment specialist supplying to the catering trade and workplaces.

The company is taking part in an innovative green waste initiative that is leading the way in British Isles.

More than 100 MannVend customers are using Vegware products that are made of plant materials and are biodegradable .

The company ran a successful trial to compost Vegware packaging waste at Ballaneven under the guidance of DEFA and the site is now licenced to receive and compost certain types of biodegradable packaging wastes.

Ballaneven doesn’t currently have the infrastructure to compost other types of biodegradable packaging waste but MannVend is supporting this aim.

To further contribute to plastics reduction and encourage responsible disposal of waste, MannVend offers customers machines that dispense still, carbonated and flavoured water into reusable bottles.

It has machines that crushes used cans, bottles and plastic cups – rendering them easier to store and transport for recycling – and issue a reward voucher for deposits.

A proud Manx business, MannVend sources everything locally where possible in support of the economy and works with local artisans. For example, its Noa Bakehouse ‘bean to cup’ machine, using the bakery’s own roast, is popular with workplaces and caterers.

MannVend supports the environmental charity Beach Buddies with advertising on the screens of its dispensing machines, promoting the responsible disposal of used plastics and assisting it in gaining new volunteers.

MannVend is also active in the Manx community. It operates a feed station at the Manx Telecom Parish Walk, a major charity fundraiser. MannVend’s managing director is patron of the Isle of Man Live At Home Scheme and the company supports the charity’s events and fund-raising.

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MannVend Ltd
Manx Co-op

The Manx Co-op looks to sustainable solutions in business, and has already implemented many of these solutions across their stores on the Isle of Man.

Use of plastics has been minimised with plastic and polystyrene packaging being replaced for card where possible, and packaging made easier to recycle. The Manx Co-op have a commitment that all own-brand packaging will be 100% recyclable by the end of 2021. There is a charge for single-use plastic bags and stores encourage customers to bring their own shopping bags. Every Co-op store on the Island is a partner with the Isle of Man Food Bank ensuring waste food goes to those in need where possible.

The Manx Co-op has been involved with the local community for over 100 years. It has invested over 100k a year in to Manx community causes via the local community fund membership contribution, soon to be doubled to over 200k a year. They provide financial and physical support to local events through sponsorship, prizes and volunteer help.

Examples of local organisations that have recently benefited from the Manx Co-op’s support include: Manx Breast Cancer Care, Isle of Man Samaritans, Manx Blind Welfare, Sailing for the Disabled, Isle of Man Live at Home Schemes and Men in Sheds.

The Co-op have also been actively supporting the Manx Wildlife Trust's Ramsey Forest Project, the Queen’s Pier Restoration and the Isle of Man Children’s Centre Community Farm.

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Manx Fish Producers Organisation

The Manx Fish Producers Organisation has probably been more proactive than any other scalloping organisation in the British Isles in promoting sustainability in its main fisheries of scallop dredging and queenie trawling.

The fishermen have supported and indeed driven such technical conservation measures as the current spread of gear and the curfews that have helped to ensure a healthier fishery over the years. There is also a healthy market for Manx pot caught lobster and crab.

It is hoped the UNESCO Biosphere accolade will further help the fishery industry to increase its credibility in its sustainability efforts, and attract customers to its catches.

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Manx Fish Producers Organisation
Manx FX Limited

Manx FX Limited is a foreign exchange specialist based in Douglas, Isle of Man.

The company shares office space and therefore resources with two sister companies.

It prides itself as a near-paperless business, encouraging applications to be made and conducting mailings and marketing electronically and by phone. The small amount of paper that is used is securely recycled.

Employees use recyclable cups and company-branded drinking bottles rather than drink from single-use plastic bottles.

Meetings are held as locally as possible to avoid driving.

The company’s managing director has personally taken part in events such as the Parish Walk, the Centurion race and the Sarah Killey Walk to raise money for local charities.

Under new management, the company is looking to support other good causes and get involved in Beach Buddies and other initiatives that support the environment.

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Manx FX
Manx Gas Limited

Manx Gas serves gas, the cleanest of fossil fuels, to the Isle of Man.

The company supplies customers with energy efficient appliances and supplies combined heat and power units.

It is reducing the need to dig on most mains replacement jobs, lessening their environmental impact.

It reduces employees’ travel through use of video conferencing, replaces company vehicles with more efficient models and recycles waste metals and batteries.

Confidential waste is recycled but Manx Gas has also now introduced recycling bins and boxes into its offices for ordinary waste.

Manx Gas displays the Biosphere Pledge on its staff noticeboard and showcases the Island’s beauty through displays of photos, taken by local photographers, in its reception.

The company is a firm part of the Island’s community. It donates a working day a year for staff to carry out community projects and supports staff taking part in charitable events out of work, through donations.

Staff recently took part in the Year of Our Island/Beach Buddies all-Island beach clean and has since provided Beach Buddies with a large bin for use by the charity at a beach or glen.

The company also holds dress-down days to benefit local charities and supports volunteers from the TT and MGP Marshals’ Association by providing portable stoves and canisters for them to use when on duty.

Staff have recently taken part in the Viking Longboat Races and will this year also compete in the Cancer Research Relay for Life at the NSC.

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Manx Gas
Manx NFU - Business Partner

The Manx NFU works to create a strong agricultural economy on the Isle of Man for our members and to provide a reliable, sustainable and secure food supply for the Manx people. We represent farmers from the majority of farm businesses on the Island.

It is intriguing how sites in Germany and Switzerland used the UNESCO Biosphere accolade to help their local food and tourism sectors - we hope the same will apply to the Isle of Man.

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Manx National Farmers Union
Manx Solar Electrical

Manx Solar Electrical is a renewable energy company specialising in the installation of solar PV, air and ground source heat pumps, battery storage (Tesla Powerwall), electric vehicle charging stations and wind power installations.

The company is assisting private and corporate clients to switch to renewable and less damaging forms energy and to consume less energy, improving their carbon footprint and saving money.
Such installations will help the Isle of Man meet its commitments under legislation, due out in 2020, to assist the Island to become carbon neutral.

Manx Solar Electrical attends community events, such as agricultural shows, holds open days with important suppliers and educates the public about renewable energy solutions appropriate to the Isle of Man’s circumstances and climate.

The company contributes to the Island’s economy, as an employer, and is an active member of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce and other bodies.

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Manx Solar Electrical
Manx Telecom

Manx Telecom is an important telecom business in the island, find out more at their website.

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Manx TurnEd - Quality Woodturning by Island Craftsman

Manx TurnEd is a small family woodturning business based on the Isle of Man and run by Manx husband and wife team of Ed and Cathy Radcliffe. Ed is key to this cottage industry, as the woodturner, and Cathy is chief pyrographer, also managing the website and marketing. Both Ed & Cathy revel in the direct sales aspect of their business as this affords them great opportunities to bring their wood to life through conversations with the public, recounting the wonderful stories about the wood they present.

Manx TurnEd aim to assist in protecting our natural resources and reducing waste through using Manx wood to produce beautiful heirlooms that both protect the wood, 'catalogue' its type and preserve it for future generations. Manx TurnEd do not use single use plastic in their packaging, they utilise recyclable paper packaging wherever possible.

Manx TurnEd also aim to grow their business in a way that respects our environment, community and heritage. They show this through aspects such as placing a 'Three Legs of Man' emblem on the reverse of each woodturned product. This serves to add to the cultural and historical value of the artwork, and firmly places it as Manx!

Adding to this, Manx TurnEd strongly support our cultural heritage, through active engagement in many local events, such as the Isle of Man Farmers' Markets and regularly attend the weekly Ramsey event on Saturdays at Ramsey Courthouse. They also attend a number of other special events throughout the year that support Manx community, culture and heritage, for example: Port Erin Beach Festival, Tynwald Day Festivities, and Artisan markets during the year.

Ed and Cathy at Manx TurnEd

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Manx Ultrasonic Blind Solutions Ltd

Manx Ultrasonic Blind Solutions Ltd is based in Douglas, Isle of Man, and supplies, cleans and repairs window blinds.

The company recycles customers’ blinds, where possible, to reduce waste. It promotes the sale of blinds made from recycled plastic found in the ocean. In handling new products, it recycles all packaging, paper, plastic and cardboard. It uses solely environmentally friendly products when cleaning blinds.

The company carefully maps routes around the Island to conserve fuel and its employees don’t use single-use plastic drinking bottles.

As the business grows, it will continue to develop practices that help to combat climate change.
The company is a proud member of the British Blind & Shutter Association (BBSA) and has been featured in its UK Show magazine, bringing recognition to the Isle of Man.

It has supported several Isle of Man charities by donating blinds and giving money instead of sending Christmas cards. It donates to the Isle of Man Food Bank.

This year, when fabric suppliers changes their samples, the company gave its existing samples to a youth charity and to schools and publicised this to encourage others to follow suit.

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Manx Ultrasonic Blind Solutions Limited
Manx Whisky Company

Manx Whisky Company is a small craft distillery that was founded to create a whisky that truly is a product of the Isle of Man.

At Manx Whisky Company, all their waste products, mostly spent grains from the mashing, are used to feed sheep or being turned into compost, and the leftover pot ale is used as a natural fertiliser.

They buy their grains directly from the farmers in our Island, and their aim is to support the growing local food and drink scene which serves as an important factor in promoting the Islands identity.

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Marine Kleen

Marine Kleen provides bio-based alternatives to chemical cleaning products in the Maritime industry, most notably designed for oil spills and the cleaning of hydrocarbons. They also provide Land-based cleaners through their Land Kleen products.

Marine Kleen produces environmentally friendly products only, and assists in removing toxins and pollution from our waterways and land. All elements of the product are naturally derived and renewable, using only naturally occurring microbes.

The product is an aqueous solution, made up of non-hazardous surfactant and bio-based enzymes containing bacterial strains, which can effectively and economically eliminate hazardous hydrocarbon pollution. The naturally occurring microorganisms found in the solution; chosen for their ability to convert hydrocarbons and grease into harmless gas and water, ‘eat’ grease, oil and hydrocarbons off of any hard surface – making it an ideal solution for marine cleaning. The product is also suitable for use in a fresh or saltwater environment.

Marine Kleen’s products come in concentrate form, reducing shipping and transportation and ultimately, the carbon footprint. The product is then stored locally on the island. The majority of correspondence in the company is done via FaceTime or emails to reduce the need to travel to any client base, with the company appealing to a global network of customers.

Marine Kleen Ltd is an Isle of Mane based company where the directors both reside and endeavours to employ local personnel in an attempt to further support the economy.

The Directors are keen to engage with the local community and the company is also a member of Isle of Man Maritime.

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Microgaming PlayItForward is a community-driven initiative that focuses on the social pillars of health, charity, sport and education.

Launched in 2014 by world-leading software company, Microgaming, the Isle of Man based project aims to change the game for place and people.

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Modern Earth Limited

Modern Earth Limited is an electrical, fire alarm and facilities management enterprise that works with many well-known corporate and private entities on the Island.

Modern Earth Limited is committed to protecting our natural resources through the active promotion and installation of renewable energy sources, such as air and ground source heat pumps, solar PV and thermal installation systems. They continue to promote renewable energy alternatives through air source heat pump installation throughout the Island.

The company takes pride in their environmentally friendly offices, which is in keeping with their brands ethos. For example, the office was designed with high efficiency LED lighting and all cleaning products used are environmentally friendly.

Where possible, the office sticks to its 'No Paper Policy' through the use of management software to organise engineers' diaries and day-time sheet keeping. All quotations and invoicing are done electronically.

A new battery recycling project is also being set up which they hope to roll out in summer of 2019.

The company also actively engages with our community and participates in several local charity events; including the Make-A-Wish foundation where they created a bespoke child’s bedroom, by making the space more interactive and enjoyable through improving the layout and lighting conditions.

The Modern Earth team were also actively involved in a recent emergency fundraising event for lifesaving treatment for a local child.

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Modus Architects

Modus Architects is a RIBA chartered architectural practice in the Isle of Man - specialising in high-quality, contemporary architecture. They work towards ensuring that important environmental guidelines become the professional norm and work with statutory authorities to investigate ways in which environmental and sustainable best practice can be integrated into statutory regulation.

Modus Architects not only has a moral and ethical obligation to their clients but to the environment as well. They are committed to addressing the climate emergency, and sustainability is at the core of everything they do.

They passionately support and promote the Manx national identity. Protecting the built heritage and conserving the local traditional and cultural values of our community for future generations is a real challenge, but Modus Architects is committed to the task.

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Netcetera is pleased to be involved in the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man project. We feel that being a greener business actually makes a lot of sense for us commercially it also makes commercial sense for businesses too;

● Energy efficient technology with cold aisle technology and ecocooling giving a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of 1.12 with our energy savings passed directly onto our customers

● 100% Carbon Zero Commitment for all our electricity

● We help businesses go Green at no extra cost

● Management Systems to audited standards for Environmental Management ISO14001, Information Security ISO27001 and Quality Management ISO9001.

● The Dataport, owned and operated by Netcetera is the only Carbon Zero Datacentre on the Isle of Man (and one of only a small number in the UK and Europe)

● We offer a Global Service to customers in over 75 countries worldwide

● Onsite Business Recovery Centre providing an all round backup solution for businesses big and small

● Over 1.5 million kilos of CO2 emissions saved to date through our use of hydroelectric power and energy efficient modern technology

● Tailormade carbon zero solutions to meet your requirements

● 24/7 technical customer support

● Sustainable development - Futureproof, scalable new hosting floor with 96 high density racks

● Security, longevity and trust - Netcetera has delivered an excellent service for almost 20 years

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Nexiom Ltd.

Nexiom Ltd is a renewable energy provider that aims to reduce our islands CO2 through the latest insulation products, installing air /ground source heat pumps and solar energy.

As a way to protect our natural resources and make a positive environmental impact, Nexiom Ltd works in the reduction of the Island’s energy consumption with air source heat pumps and solar energy, and at present they continually look for different initiatives to create low carbon energy from new areas.

The Nexiom team has a very strict environmental policy. They take responsible steps such as recycling and using one of their three electric vehicles or the vehicles that are lowest CO2 emissions in their class.

Adding to this, because the Nexiom team care about the Manx culture and local community they offer a free room by room heat loss survey to inform island residents of the areas in their home that they can improve and make eco-friendly.

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Noa Bakehouse

Noa Bakehouse is an artisan sourdough baker, coffee roaster and café in the heart of the Isle of Man’s capital, Douglas.

Noa uses local produce, whenever possible, and promotes a buy local message. Among its chief suppliers are UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Partners Laxey Glen Mills and Isle of Man Creamery.

When supplying supermarkets, it limits the products it puts onto the shelves to reduce food waste, although this has potential to mean fewer sales.

In 2019, Noa will cease to use plastic in its packaging entirely, replacing it with waxed paper.

Noa celebrates local culture and heritage. Its new bread range will be called Arran, Manx for bread.

It has hosted classes with Manx National Heritage celebrating the local traditions of bread-making.

A community hub, the café hosts concerts and performances by local authors, musicians and poets, displays work by local artists and is home to events such as mindfulness and drawing classes.

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Noa Bakehouse

When it comes to social and environmental impacts and engaging with the local community, Ocorian take their responsibilities seriously.

Selecting projects that build relationships and leave a lasting legacy is part of the Ocorian culture.

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Orrisdale Livestock Ltd

Orrisdale Livestock Ltd is a large, family-run and award-winning beef and sheep farm in Ballasalla, Isle of Man.

It has grown its business steadily and reinvested its profits as appropriate to expand in a sustainable way.

It proudly competes in all local farming events and works to foster pride in the community’s ability to organise and run such events.

To further knowledge of farming, it holds an annual Open Farm Sunday event, hosts farm visits and takes animals to schools, allowing pupils a hands-on experience.

With the modernisation of farming, disused stone barns have been turned into holiday cottages, enhancing visitor accommodation. These use low voltage lighting and energy efficient appliances.

The farm recycles all appropriate material. It intends to establish small shelter areas and wildlife margins on its land.

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Orrisdale Livestock Ltd
Outlier Distilling Company

The Outlier Distilling Company is a distillery based on Ballakelly Farm in Andreas that is looking to produce quality spirits in a sustainable way, using a wood-fired still and grain grown on site.

At the heart of the Outlier Distilling Company is a desire to do things properly: to put the environment, people and community ahead of profit. Their aim is to run and promote events that encourage people to think differently and positively.

They’re keen to work with local businesses and suppliers wherever possible, such as using Darragh Design to construct Manx wood fermentation tanks and working with Ballakelly Farm to produce some true locally sourced spirits.

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Paragon Recruitment Ltd

Paragon Recruitment Ltd specialises in the resourcing of permanent, temporary and contract workers for the Isle of Man.

It promotes to off-Island candidates the benefits of living and working in the Isle of Man, including the Island’s unique Biosphere status.

Paragon manages the Isle of Man Jobs social media initiative that is a platform for recruiting and supporting volunteers for community and social initiatives and has 12,000 members.

It has an eco-policy covering waste minimisation and removal of single-use plastics and it promotes this to business partners and suppliers.

It has replaced employees’ parking spaces with a monetary incentive to cover more environmentally friendly ways of getting to work.

Paragon also runs an ideas and initiatives scheme so its employees can suggest changes that have a positive effect on the environment. It facilitates its team’s involvement in community activities and support.

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Paragon Recruitment Ltd

PDMS, a software development company based on the Isle of Man, has been developing business systems for over 20 years and has Global House delivered hundreds of successful projects, usually web based business systems, for a wide range of clients in the public and private sector and has grown from 2 to approaching 60 staff.

PDMS are proud to hold the ISO 9001 quality, the ISO 27001 security and the 14001 environmental certifications with Lloyds Registered Quality Assurance.

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PDMS logo
Pepsi Max Bowl

The Pepsi Max Bowl is a family leisure centre offering bowling, a diner, bar and play area in Ramsey.

The attraction is run as a social enterprise and is a living wage employer. Several directors are volunteers.

It is always seeking ways to reduce its carbon footprint and support the local community.

It has stopped selling soft drinks in plastic bottles and those served to children in the diner are served in reusable beakers, while adults’ drinks are served in coated paper cups.

Cutlery is now metal rather than plastic. It discourages the use of straws by placing them behind the counter and provides only biodegradable straws, when they are requested.

Takeaway coffee is served in biodegradable cups and takeaway food in coated recycled cardboard.

It replaced its heaters with more energy efficient versions in 2017.

The venue donates space to the Manx Wildlife Trust to highlight its work and will launch a scheme to encourage customers to clean Ramsey’s beach, assisting Beach Buddies.

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Pepsi Max Bowl

PokerStars is a global leader in online and mobile. Now part of Flutter Entertainment PLC since 2020, it is one of the largest employers on the Isle of Man entertaining millions of customers across its online poker, gaming and betting products.

PokerStars has a long-standing commitment to the Isle of Man community and through its community investment programme has donated over £1.5Million to support local projects since 2013. They are also proud supporters of the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival, The Parish Walk, Cyclefest and Relay for Life, among many others.

In 2017, they established their Green Stars committees, founded with a commitment to drive and environmentally conscious and proactive culture both in and outside the workplace.

Initiatives included the removal of single use products and plastic bottles which alone meant 26,000 fewer plastic bottles ended up as waste on the Island. More recently, PokerStars has donated money to the charity Beach Buddies to purchase over 50 wheelie bins that have been placed all over the Island including glens and plantations.

Globally, Flutter Entertainment is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and has been working with global climate change consultancy EcoAct, to establish a robust roadmap for the future. In 2020 Flutter offset all their 2019 emissions by funding a rural biogas project in Vietnam.

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Pooil Vaaish Black Limestone Ltd

Pooil Vaaish Black Limestone processes raw blocks of unique black limestone from the Scarlett peninsular, into high-end bespoke finished products for indoor and outdoor spaces. These include statement pieces such as fireplaces, vanity tops and architectural features, as well as signs, tiling and flagstones.

They have invested substantially in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with the latest in Italian CNC technology, enabling them to convert a block of quarried stone into polished slabs and finished products all under one roof. This is only 3 miles from the quarry instead of the 2500 mile round trip the stone previously had to take to southern Europe!

Their experienced staff work to international standards of quality, environmental impact and health and safety. The company is working towards ISO 14000 certification (Environmental Management) and have already taken a number of steps to protect our natural resources. This includes a complete rewiring of the workshop, offices and showroom, replacement of all lighting with energy efficient units and installation of a new energy efficient central heating boiler.

They have also undertaken the replacement of all clear roof panels in the workshop so that electrical lighting is unnecessary during daylight hours, and the installation of a new wall with sound insulation protects the adjoining SPAR garage and shop from excess machinery noise. Furthermore, they have installed a full water runoff drainage system and water recycling unit to reclaim and reuse 95% of the water used in the production process; and the team is using online management systems to make their operation as paperless as possible.

In support of our community and island, Pooil Vaaish Black Limestone is a proud corporate sponsor of the Manx Wildlife Trust. They are also working with The Creative Network and the Grenaby Studio artists to provide space for creative workshops and meetings and a venue for exhibitions and festivals. A number of charities and community organisations also receive subsidised or free awards and plaques.

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Prescott Associates Limited

Prescott Associates Limited is a Chartered Landscape Architecture and Architectural Technology firm based on the island.

Prescott Associates Limited is passionate about protecting our natural resources. As designers they understand that they have an impact on the environment through their work. Consequently their projects are designed, constructed and managed on site to have the smallest environmental footprint as possible. Beyond resources, the company ensures designs are economical and future proof for ease of use and maintenance.

Their landscapes are designed to work in harmony with local habitats through the careful selection of plants coupled with methods that encourage biodiversity. The materials and products they use are as environmentally sourced as possible and they work to encourage best practice and leave a positive and lasting impact.

Through working with local contractors, suppliers and producers, the firm endeavours to develop our economy in a sustainable way. In addition, they strive to apply the principles of the circular economy to their work and daily activities. The circular economic model treats resources as valuable both at the beginning and end of their life cycle. This is achieved where possible through the specification of appropriate materials and the provision of flexibility within design.

Prescott Associates Limited is particularly inspired by the rich local heritage and the unique attributes of each site they work on, which enable them to design schemes that complement the abundance of culture on the Isle of Man. Their Millennium Groves marker stones were inspired by the Manx crosses and the layout of their Year of Our Island Garden is influenced by the concentric circles of Tynwald Hill. They also enjoy working with local artists such as Nicola Dixon whose beautiful designs depicting the Deer's Cry feature as public artwork in Peel Town Square.

Through the Blein yn Ellan Ain Garden in St Johns the firm worked with the Cabinet Office and the Island's schools to create a space to showcase the children’s garden designs inspired by their local environment. The garden was initially designed to be a temporary year-long installation, but due to its popularity, its life has been extended. The firm are currently working on the Westlands redevelopment in Peel where community gardening space has been provided allowing residents to engage with their new surroundings through growing plants which also promotes wellbeing.

As a qualified herbalist, Director Jane Prescott runs workshops which seek to promote an understanding of the health benefits of using healing botanicals along with engagement with the local environment and sustainable practices of foraging and growing herbs. The inaugural session was launched at the 2019 Manx Wildlife Week organised by Manx National Heritage.

Jane’s dissertation undertaken for her studies was titled ‘How Does Biosphere Isle of Man Present an Opportunity for a Reconnection with the Manx Tradition of Healing Herbs?’ Jane hopes to pursue the conclusions of this study wherever possible and foster the concepts of community, biosphere and sustainable development.

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PwC Isle of Man

PwC Isle of Man is part of a network of firms in 157 countries, committed to delivering quality in assurance, advisory and tax services.

The company’s global purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. It recognises that economic growth, social progress and environmental sustainability must be aligned and business has a big role to play in this.

PwC is making changes internally while helping to evolve global economies to once again deliver for society, whether it’s responsible business, diversity, community involvement and environmental stewardship.

PwC recognises that the greatest impact it has on the environment comes from the energy used at its offices and in its travel. Addressing these issues is the starting point for its environmental strategy.

PwC globally is committed to offsetting air travel emissions from this financial year and to sourcing 100% renewables for electricity consumption and offsetting residual energy use by the 2022 financial year.

PwC IoM has adopted new meeting technologies, such as Google G-Suite, to reduce the need to travel. Its Douglas office has been updated with a more finely controlled heating and air conditioning and energy-saving daylight bulbs.

A silver Partner of Manx Wildlife Trust, PwC IoM supports the charity’s #ManxPlasticPledge and the Government’s Single-Use Plastic Reduction Plan for the Isle of Man. It has removed single-use plastic cups from the office and has provided staff with reusable cups, so they can enjoy drinks on the go. It has made reusable tote bags available for staff to use when shopping, reducing their reliance on plastic bags.

Monitoring printing and educating employees not to print unless necessary has reduced paper use. Paper, metals, plastic, glass and, now, Isle of Man Creamery milk cartons are recycled daily.

PwC IoM provides time, skills and services to numerous charities and associations on the Isle of Man. For its 2017 community project, staff dedicated 238 hours to Manx Wildlife Trust’s ‘Ramsey Eco-Active’ project, an educational nature trail due to open in 2020. In 2019, staff completed a week’s volunteering at the Community Farm, run by Biosphere Partner the Children’s Centre.

Each employee has a charitable day, during which they are encouraged to volunteer with a charity, participate in a charitable event or take part in a sponsored activity. Staff are encouraged to take part in events, such as the Parish Walk and Race the Sun. The company holds charitable dress down days.

PwC IoM sponsors local sports teams and supports local charities, which encourage activity among children and teens. These includes the Douglas Athletic Football Club Junior League and Manx Gems netball teams plus the Family Library Summer Reading Scheme.

As well as contributing to the Isle of Man’s economy as a leading employer, PwC IoM runs a summer internship programme, providing school leavers and university students, encouraging them to make a career on the Island.

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PwC Isle of Man
Queen of Clean

Queen of Clean IOM, is a family-run professional cleaning company. We serve domestic and commercial cleaning services.

Queen of Clean recognise their responsibility to help protect the planet, thus they are committed to minimizing the impact that their business have on the environment using only sustainable, green cleaning products. Plus, Queen of Clean aim to reduce waste generation and seek to minimize the waste they send to landfills by recycling when they can.

They consider it is their responsibility to provide support and valuable contributions to the quality of peoples’ lives beyond the scope of their operations. The role that a clean, safe and hygienic environment plays in making people happy cannot be underestimated. Queen of Clean believes that this plays a part in reducing the number and severity of mental health problems in our community.

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Quirky.im is an Isle of Man website dedicated to supplying great quality Manx produce and products to a local and global customer base.

The site sells Isle of Man food and drink, artwork, beauty products, jewellery and much more.

The site makes it easier for on-Island shoppers to browse Isle of Man products and support producers and the local economy.

It also increases the visibility of Isle of Man produce to both on and off-Island shoppers, helping businesses to expand and reach new markets.

Quirky.im also promotes the Isle of Man’s cultural heritage. The website offers a ‘Manx experience’, with pages promoting how special the Island is, with snippets of information such as its links to Pilates and the Bee Gees, how to make Manx Bonnag, the artist Archibald Knox, national poet T E Brown and the Isle of Man’s ground-breaking granting of votes for women.

A blog features ‘Quirky’ facts about the Isle of Man’ and there are plans to further showcase the Isle of Man by featuring video footage.

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Rainbow Life Limited

Rainbow Life is an online store based in the Isle of Man. They sell carefully selected products that are ethically sourced and sustainable from suppliers that they trust from across the globe.

The products that Rainbow Life sell must meet their ethical standards, promote health-care, earth-care and fair-share, and have a positive impact on people and the planet. Rainbow Life globally support small producers who manufacture goods that may be recycled or upcycled from sustainable sources and support safe working conditions, fair wages and protect workers’ rights.

Rainbow Life is in the process of looking to attract Isle of Man based producers who meet the Rainbow Life ethos and offer them free warehouse storage and promotion through their modern website

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Report Central

Report Central is a young and growing, Google-certified, digital marketing agency that promotes the Isle of Man as a special place to visit, live & learn cutting edge digital marketing skills.

Pioneering the Isle of Man's image as a hub for digital marketing talent, Report Central helps local sustainable businesses grow through Google AdWords, social media and content marketing platforms. It not only supports the economy by employing local talent, it invest in the Islands digital future by providing extensive training and development.

In addition to their digital foundations, Report Central encourages smarter, flexible and remote working. Four of its employees operate a car pool to and from work, while working from home is promoted to help employees meet family commitments (TT, school holidays etc).

In the office, staff drink from reusable receptacles rather than single use plastics and clients are encouraged not to print emails and documents with all communications and documents being shared via a central online communication portal.

The company supports the Rebecca House charity and plans to further grow its role in the Manx community.

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Robinson’s fresh fruit, vegetable, fish and flower wholesaler and retailer is one of the Isle of Man’s longest established and best known family businesses.

Established on a market stall 131 years ago, Robinson’s has a 50,000 square foot distribution centre and supplies its own and other shops, the hospitality trade, leisure providers, businesses, care establishments and schools with more than 6,000 products.

Robinson’s contributes massively the Island’s economy both as a leading employer and purchaser from/distributor for local farms, growers and manufacturers.

Its Isle of Man Hampers and Paddy’s Fish branches promote Isle of Man food, drink and seafood on and off the Island. Its fish smokehouse was last year the winner of two prestigious Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food.

Robinson’s promotes healthy eating and wellbeing and works with education to run events for, and provides free samples to, all the Island’s schools. To mark its 130th anniversary last year, it launched Fruit for Schools and Fruit for Offices initiatives.

It sponsors and exhibits at the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival, the biggest annual showcase of local produce, and generously sponsors the Chef of the Year and Student Chef of the Year competitions that culminate at this festival. Both contests promote local food and the economy.

Investment in technology and integrated use of social media also promote the Isle of Man and its great range of produce to wide audiences.

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Roots Honey Company

Roots is an Isle of Man-based raw, unadulterated, honey company.

It plants flowers to help reduce emissions and create more sources of nectar for the Islands bees.

It encourages recycling by asking customers to recycle and re-use jars

It has beehives and keeping areas near these hives helpful for bees and other flora and fauna, and raises awareness of the importance of bees to biodiversity.

It engages with other UNESCO Biospheres to investigate potential collaboration opportunities.

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Ross Bakery

Ross Bakery is an Isle of Man business run by Simon Ross that provides bread products for restaurants and shops.

The business supports the local grain economy by creating products that people enjoy and want to buy.

Its products contain local ingredients. The Island loaf, for example, contains foraged seaweed from the shore and rye berries.

Ross Bakery has collaborated with Biosphere Partner restaurant Versa on a locally foraged wild garlic focaccia and seaweed sourdough, for its menu, and will foster other such sustainable partnerships.

Ross Bakery intends to expand to provide courses and will make local ingredients the focus of these.

The business recycles as much material as it can.

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Ross Bakery
Salmon Lake Centre & Ballacregga Corn Mill

The Ballacregga Cornmill and Salmon Lake Centre is situated close to the world famous Laxey Wheel.

They offer daytime café and tea rooms, together with a function room for large parties and evening restaurant to cover every occasion.

The centre is unique as it utilises the free energy from the flow of the river adjacent through its hydro turbine. This then provides electrical power not only for the building and its kitchens but also for innovate heat pump renewable technology which heats or cools the building from the adjacent lake. Any surplus power not used is also sold back to the Island grid.

Recently both Stewart Clague Services and the Salmon Lake Centre have been involved in work with KAST Energy Technologies and Duffy Motorsport. Helping to show that in the Island’s popular TT races, renewable and sustainable vehicles are possible and successful.

You can read more about their latest progress via the following link: https://www.businessisleofman.com/news/cleantech-alliance-leads-the-way-in-islands-tt/

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Ballacregga Corn Mill

Saltworks-Sup offers stand-up paddle-boarding experiences, safaris, snorkelling tours and dark skies events for individuals, families and groups.

It operates an ethical, ‘leave no trace’, principle on its trips, often collecting litter at sea and on beaches and disposing of it responsibly.

It works to educate customers on the importance of marine eco-systems and wildlife encountered while out on paddles, liaising with the Manx Wildlife Trust to provide information on sightings.

It promotes the Island’s coasts and walks.

It also cleans beaches in Ramsey, in support of the Marine Nature Reserve there, and harder to reach areas of the Island’s coastline, accessible by sea.

It supports, and gives a monthly donation to, Surfers Against Sewage.

It continues to work in a small sustainable way by getting the community to access parts of the Island off the normal beach routes, allowing interactions with wildlife in a respectful manner.

In addition to collecting marine litter we have also recently joined with Lizzie Carr and Plastic Patrol to offer free sessions of Stand Up Paddleboarding in conjunction with the collection, recording of marine and beach litter.

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Scents of Man

Scents of Man is an Isle of Man perfumery and skincare company that uses only sustainable materials in its products.

The company source as many skincare ingredients as it can within the Isle of Man and, where ingredients are not available locally, purchases from the UK and Ireland.

Its skincare range includes local seaweed.

Scents of Man grows and distils its own hydrosols, used in all its skin and haircare products, and grows all its botanical extracts on-site.

The company does not trade with anyone not expressly anti-animal testing/cruelty.

It does not use cheaper aroma chemicals that go into most perfumes, instead using naturally derived oils and resins, purchasing only from farmers growing sustainable crops.

Its bottles are made of glass or biodegradable plastic and it is actively searching for a plastic-free alternative. Its boxes are made from recycled paper and products and each contains a leaflet asking people not to litter beaches and be aware of the impact of litter reaching the sea.

Despite it not being financially advantageous, Scents of Man encourages customers to return empty jars and bottles to be refilled, rather than buy new ones.

In spring 2020, Scents of Man will take part in a Biosphere exhibition at the Loom Gallery, Laxey, to coincide with the display of Mannin Quilters’ Biosphere wall-hangings. It will hold talks on sustainable crops in beauty and the harmful effects of aroma chemicals on the environment.

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Scents of Man
Seven Kingdom Distillery

Seven Kingdom Distillery is a distillery, bar and restaurant based in Douglas.

The company supports the local economy by buying seasonal produce for both the bar and restaurant. The company also collaborates with many other businesses on the Island (including other Biosphere partners, such as the Foraging Vintners). The first gin to be created on the Island in recent times is the company’s Douglas Dry Gin, this includes local ingredients, for example, Manx Gorse.

Seven Kingdom Distillery supports the community by hosting charitable events and donating products or experiences to charities and auctions. In 2017 the company created a Pink Gin. Profits from the sale of the gin were donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness charity.

The company sponsors local athletes in events on and off the island. It also produced a TT branded vodka for TT 2018.

Seven Kingdom Distillery recycles as much waste as possible. It encourages its customers to return bottles by giving discounts. The company has implemented a number of strategies to minimise the use of plastics.

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Seven Kingdom Distillery
Skywind Group

Skywind Group is a well-established global pioneer of cutting-edge games content and infrastructure. Its headquarters are in Douglas, Isle of Man.

The company strives to effectively facilitate business actions that reflect the moral philosophy and values of Skywind Group and are committed to promoting greater environmental responsibility and sustainability.

The company prefers to work with environmentally-conscious suppliers and distributors and endeavours to support local and fair trade producers wherever possible by buying their products.

The company has various recycling schemes in its offices. To reduce waste it looks at optimising its products life cycles by focusing on better product quality and more energy efficient technology.

The company uses energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LED), as well as motion detectors to reduce unnecessary lighting in many of its offices. Skylights and natural daylight decrease the use of artificial light further.

As part of their corporate social responsibility strategy, employees are motivated, educated and incentivised to live and work in a sustainable manner by participating in environment related charity causes.

Skywind Group aims to generate positive, lasting change in our local communities through the establishment of long term strategic partnerships, volunteerism and philanthropic initiatives. The company is actively involved with a multitude of charity, non-profit and community engagement projects. Outreach support is offered via grant making, donations, fundraising, volunteering initiatives, promotional activities and the provision of products and/or services.

The company donates working surplus products and redundant equipment to non-profit organisations, e.g. schools, community groups and charities.

Skywind Group supports young people through internships and quality work experience.

Skywind Group celebrates local heritage and raises awareness of environmental and community issues through sponsorship initiatives and promotional activity on its social media platforms. The company also utilises the online giving platform Pass it Forward (https://www.passitforward.com) to safely manage and promote its philanthropy and volunteering activity.

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Skywind Group

SNX Ltd is a specialist energy services company, based in the Isle of Man, that provides air-leakage testing, auditing and remedial services to enable property owners to reduce energy usage and their carbon footprint.

This work is a key part of current building regulations and of new SAP requirements coming into force in the Isle of Man in 2019.

The company also provides energy assessment and management, renewable technology and passive/eco house design and development services.

SNX Ltd has been a member of the Isle of Man Clean Tech Forum since its establishment and has encouraged the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy across society.

It promotes climate change adaptation and mitigation through social media and contact with, and lobbying of, Tynwald Members.

It has won 10 Isle of Man Energy Awards and been highly commended 10 times.

The company supports the charity Antony Nolan Trust via staff volunteering to attend information talks and donor clinics.

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Sound Records

Sound Records is a Vinyl Record Store dealing in new and old vinyl, record players, and vintage clothing. They also host intimate live music gigs and offer a place to come and listen to music. They aim to grow consciously as a business to ensure no unnecessary waste of local and global resources.

Sound Records is an important part of the community and prides itself on providing community events and nurturing a sense of community in store and with its customers. Local music is showcased in store, and at events, which celebrates Manx heritage and provides a platform for new Manx music to grow and develop. For example, Sound Records are involved in creating a stage and festival space at Dark Horse Music Festival; which will promote local musicians and give artists an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Sound Records is passionate about promoting vintage records and clothing, both for their cultural and historical value, and as a way of reducing consumption of new resources. A lot of the stock is pre-owned. When records which are unsellable, the sleeves are re-used to reduce waste and when possible, damaged records are donated to other creative projects. All unwanted vintage clothing stock is donated to local charities to further reduce waste.

The company strives to be an environmentally friendly as possible, selling items in paper bags rather than plastic, recycling all possible waste from the shop and events, and re-using the plastic sleeves used to protect records. The shop also tries to minimise energy consumption by switching off appliances at the end of the day, using solar powered display lights and dimmable light bulbs within the shop. As the business grows, Sound Records will continue to develop practices that adhere to guidance that helps to combat climate change.

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St John's Mill

St John’s Mill is a Training and Conference Centre, found in a beautiful and tranquil setting, offering a unique space for events and presenting extensive facilities and resources for its users.

The site encourages bookings from a diverse range of organisations, including environmental groups, businesses, charities and trusts, with an aim to provide an optimal learning space.

The environmental location of the Mill works in favour for the premises as an aesthetic backdrop for activities and training; this enhances the well being of participants, taking them away from the daily hustle and bustle.

Originally constructed as a fulling mill, the historic building is now maintained and the original 200 year old waterwheel has been restored. The mill is also a participant of Manx National Heritage open days, inviting the general public to come and have a tour of the historic site.

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Stewart Clague Services

SCS is an Isle of Man registered company, formed in 1969 specialising in all aspects of the building services industry including air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, heating, gas, oil and biomass boilers, fire alarm, power, security, lighting, power, UPS, controls swimming pools, heat pumps, solar panels, facilities management, project management, specialist building works etc.

Long before our certification under the Environmental Management System ISO 14001, the company adopted policies towards the preservation of the environment by carefully selecting equipment/materials, promoting recycling of waste and producing energy efficient designs.

We are also proud to be accredited to further Management Systems, ISO 9001, ISO 18001 and ISO 27001 which are also important for our customers.

We are also very pleased to enter our projects into competitions, some of which have been recognised for their environmental performance and innovative nature.

In recent months SCS have invested heavily in renewable technology training so we can escalate and embrace next generation products in our works specifications for customers.

We continue to support the Ballannette conservation wetlands and nature reserve and recently invited Professor Peter Bridgewater to visit and educate us on all the flora and fauna. We are pleased to report also that later in the year Professor Bridgewater is making a special visit to Ballannette to welcome the children of Laxey school who are each going to be planting their own tree at the Ballannette meadow. We feel that this will engage our future generation to further protect and support our natural environment and resources. The new forest will be opened up for public access with a new nature trail.

2019 is a big year for SCS as it's our 50th year of trading. We have committed to raising at least £50,000 for local community charities to mark this occasion with charitable events and community gatherings throughout the year.

SCS are supporting the IOM DFE Government on the development of an ongoing Cleantech strategy, sponsoring a visit to the Cambridge Cleantech Annual Conference. This is a prime example of a private sector company working with the Government for the benefit of the Island.

Recently both Stewart Clague Services and the Salmon Lake Centre have been involved in work with KAST Energy Technologies and Duffy Motorsport. Helping to show that in the Island’s popular TT races, renewable and sustainable vehicles are possible and successful.

You can read more about their latest progress via the following link: https://www.businessisleofman.com/news/cleantech-alliance-leads-the-way-in-islands-tt/

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Stewart Clague Service
Sure telecom

Sure provides telecommunications such as mobile, broadband and landlines across the Isle of Man. We pride ourselves on being an island specialist and put our customers first as a result we were voted the best network by an independent survey in 2017.

The corporate arm of the organisation Sure Business offers world-class communications services including telecom, cloud, cybersecurity and datacentre solutions to enable local and global businesses to thrive.

Sure is committed to supporting the local community and we are proud to have a number of charitable and community programmes running in the Isle of Man. The Sure Community Foundation launched in the Isle of Man in 2019 and is run by Sure staff who volunteer their time to administer its fundraising efforts to support local charities.

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Surfside Holiday Cottage

Surfside Holiday Limited provides self-catering tourist accommodation located in Port Erin.

It promotes recycling of waste to its guests by enabling them to utilise the islands recycling efforts. The business uses recycled domestic products where possible and cleans the cottage with eco-friendly detergents.

Surfside Holiday Limited reduces its paper use by preferring utilisation of electronic and social media.

The business pursues a plastic reduction policy wherever possible, supporting the Islands’ initiative to reduce single use plastics.

Surfside Holiday Limited supports cultural and heritage initiatives by promoting them. The directors continue to support cultural and heritage initiatives in their leisure time as they are members of the Friends of Manx National Heritage, Manx Wildlife Trust, The Erin Arts Centre and Peel Centenary Centre and they share the events and experiences with guests and prospective guests.

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Surfside Holiday Limited
Swagelok Limited

Swagelok Limited is one of the Isle of Man’s largest employers and exporters and has invested millions of pounds into an advanced manufacturing base that makes a major contribution to the Island’s economy and showcases its skilled workforce.

Swagelok designs and makes fluid system products that we depend on to support our everyday lives. These products are used by market leading companies producing commodities such as fuel (for transportation and heating), food and drink and many others.

Companies that process hazardous fluids such as oils, gases and chemicals buy Swagelok products because they are specifically designed to prevent any kind of leak or fluid escaping into the environment.

Swagelok products are designed and used to support this wide range of needs in the safest and most environmentally friendly ways possible, using the most advanced technology available.

In the manufacturing process, potentially harmful wastes (e.g. oils, solvents and particulates) are segregated and disposed of via the energy from waste plant. Swagelok takes great care to ensure that there is no environmental contamination resulting from its manufacturing operations.

Waste metals are also segregated. High value metals (exotic alloys and solids) are recycled. Low value metals (steel and swarf) are skipped and collected by responsible scrap metal specialists. Carbide (cutting tools) are recycled.

Electricity usage is constantly monitored using Manx Utilities’ Energy Eye software. Swagelok employs local energy consultants to identify ways to reduce consumption. Several projects are complete and others underway and planned. Energy wastage has been reduced by 60% in a year (to September 2018).

Oil mists are filtered from all CNC machines to prevent contamination of the air. A sophisticated HVAC system constantly filters and cycles the air in the factory. Oil usage is minimised by continual oil and coolant concentration analysis.

At Swagelok’s Tromode premises, plastic cups have been replaced with paper and vending machines have been reset to allow use of normal mugs.

Swagelok has invested in a waste compactor and the compressed general waste is sent to the energy from waste plant and not to land fill.

Swagelok regularly surveys its employees to seek feedback on how they feel about working for the company. This drives improvements in facilities, values and behaviours. Swagelok runs a wellbeing initiative that focuses on improving its employees’ physical and mental health.

The company supports employees to undertake further and higher education and partners with University College Isle of Man for the manufacturing apprenticeship, employing several apprentices each year.

Swagelok employees play leading roles in such organisations and initiatives as the Chamber of Commerce Council, the Chamber’s Engineering and Manufacturing Committee, the Engineering Sector Skills Group, the Awareness of Careers in Engineering initiative, the IoM Aerospace Cluster, the Business Isle of Man Agency and Junior Achievement. They also play lead roles with local charities and engage in fund-raising activities.

Swagelok’s own social club organises many activities within the community.

The company also sponsors different community projects every year, voted for by employees, providing both funding and volunteer time.

Engineering is a strong part of the Island’s cultural heritage and Swagelok employees have strong connections with motorsport and engagement with motorcycle clubs, the cycling fraternity and the steam and model railway communities.

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Swagelok Limited
Taxa Genomics Limited

Taxa Genomics is a genomics, bioinformatics and molecular diagnostics service provider for the environmental and veterinary fields, specialising in species detection, molecular ecology and veterinary genetics.

The company is keen to apply its cutting edge biodiversity assessment tools locally on the Isle of Man by way of case studies and proof of concept testing.

An environmentally aware organisation, Taxa Genomics Limited takes every opportunity to recycle and reduce waste created by its office. It endeavours to run a paper-free office and laboratory.

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Taxa Genomics Ltd
The AB Project

The AB Project is global initiative, to reduce the use of plastic water bottle, our reusable aluminium bottles and refilling station will be present at public events, airports and other locations where maximum benefit can be gained in reducing plastic waste.

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The Collar Club Limited

The Collar Club Limited is a doggy day care provider, who alongside looking after our furry friends, is striving for sustainability.

The business protects our natural resources by ensuring all poo bags carried and used by staff are biodegradable and disposed of correctly. The Collar Club Team use tin water bottles which they carry and refill, as opposed to buying single-use plastic bottles.

The Collar Club follow the ‘Paws on Plastic’ initiative and are looking to roll out an initiative that encourages all dog walkers to pick up litter that they may find when out and about.

Through their social channels, The Collar Club is keen to encourage their customers and the wider community, to use compostable poo bags, to pick up litter when out walking and to highlight the importance of reducing single-use plastics.

The Collar Club want to encourage others to adopt more sustainable business practises through their work, as well as spreading the word about the importance of our landscape and seascape and our role in protecting and preserving them.

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The Flower Studio

The Flower Studio creates florals for weddings and events and hosts workshops.

Its designs are inspired by the beautiful Manx land and seascapes that are so important to UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man and many of its bouquets carry Manx names, promoting awareness of Manx culture and heritage.

The Flower Studio uses locally sourced produce where possible, adapting its designs to suit what is available seasonally.

Its displays are in reusable or biodegradable containers such as tin cans or baskets, enabling it to reduce the use of plastics by two thirds. It also recycles green waste, plastics, paper and cardboard.

At workshops, refreshments come from local suppliers.

The Flower Studio also educates workshop participants about the origins of materials used in designs and reusing and recycling elements of them.

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The Flower Studio
The Fynoderee Distillery

The Distillery is a new business distilling gin and making use of foraged botanicals where possible.

At the start, we will need to import certain ingredients, but hope to increase proportion of Manx produce, including botanicals as soon as we can.

There is also an intention to engage the use of NGO sector, for example Milntown Trust and Manx Wildlife Trust for botanical ingredients.

We also hope to increase the availability of Manx grown Juniper berries, which we would do through NGO partners.

The design of the new distillery has made conscious efforts to be as resource efficient as we can, which helps us with lower operating costs and is more environmentally sound as well.

The business is a strong example of how a new business can not only avoid harming the environment, but in fact enhance it and promote the "living landscape" of the Isle of Man within the local community and further afield, such is the reach of modern social media.

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The Fynoderee Distillery
The Good Health Store Ltd

The Good Health Store Ltd is a located in the south of the island, and offers the community a wide range of quality products that support a healthy lifestyle.

The Good Health Store strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible, in the store and by supporting of various environmental initiatives. They choose their suppliers based on their quality products, ethically balanced choices in respect of the environment, the community they operate in and the products they produce.

The Good Health Store do not sell plastic water bottles and are part of Refill Isle of Man scheme that offers free tap water refills to the public. They also offer a refill service on a range of cleaning products, sell reusable bags and when needed, use paper bags instead of plastic, which also include a charge in a bid to further reduce unnecessary waste. The store asks suppliers to reduce packaging when delivering to them, and in store they recycle their customer’s egg boxes and honey jars.

The Good Health Store has always aimed to grow their business organically, with local people. They support local producers, and stock a number of lines. The store encourages their customers to buy locally when possible and actively participate in local business organisations to help make Port Erin become more sustainable. The Good Health Store also supports local art and cultural events; which includes, displaying posters and donating prizes.

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The Natural Apothecary

The Natural Apothecary is located in Ramsey, Isle of Man.

It believes in protecting the environment by working with Mother Nature in a way as to cause no damage. Sustainability is a core principle of the business.

Owner Pippa Byrne is a qualified herbalist who assists those who wish to eliminate chemicals in their daily routines and live a simpler, healthier, lifestyle.

Pippa’s products contain plants grown at home organically. Natural fertilisers are used and pesticides and chemical fertilisers avoided. Other ingredients are ethically foraged, leaving no damage.

Products are hand-crafted in small batches and only natural preservatives are used.

Leftover plant matter is composted. Packaging is minimal and plastics is avoided where possible. If plastic is used, it is recyclable. Customers are encouraged to reuse and recycle the products’ glass jars and bottles.

Herbalism is closely connected to folklore and Pippa’s research into products is linked to the Island’s heritage and her business shares the ‘story’ of land-derived medicines.

While foraging, Pippa clears dropped litter. She encourages customers to explore nature and explore the Isle of Man’s beautiful countryside to boost their physical and mental wellbeing.

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The Natural Apothecary
The Nunnery

A 12th century estate, restored to its previous grandeur, The Nunnery is one of the Island’s most historic establishments. Our vision is to create a place where old embraces new. History embraces modernity and traditionalism embraces innovation and technology.

The Nunnery is striving to be an exemplar nature conservation site by protecting our natural resources through tree species preservation and re-foresting previously grazed areas with the planting of new trees and allowing Manx wildflowers to germinate in the meadows.

We strive to make our environmental impact positive by continually improving our energy conservation. This is achieved through water-saving taps, solar lighting, and measures taken throughout all the buildings to curb unnecessary heating and light wastage, via motion-detecting lights and not heating unoccupied areas of these buildings. Recycling is taken seriously with an operational re-cycling hub for the estate’s usage. Speed limits are observed for the protection and safety of people, small animals and birds.

With a strong belief in the concept of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, core to our mission is the strength of the ‘Collective’ to unleash potential and possibility. Partnerships are being established with local schools and specific interest groups and organisations, such as Manx BirdLife, Isle of Man Fungus Group, Manx Bat Group. We are on a learning path with the experts from these respected groups on how better to protect and enrich our natural fauna and flora.

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Top Banana

Isle of Man business Top Banana provides planet-friendly shopping offering healthier foods, allergy-free alternatives, wholefoods, chemical-free household products and zero-waste shopping with an extensive range of food and non-food refills.

Items on sale include water in plant-made bottles, bamboo products and biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Top Banana has an extensive refill service and offers customers bringing their own containers the chance to fill up with more than 80 liquid household products and toiletries and more than 200 food items.

The shop provides customers with both reusable and plant-made shopping bags.
Top Banana recycles all its paper, cardboard and plastic.

It has switched to LED lighting to consume less power less power and, where possible, it uses biodiesel in our company vehicles. It is also upgrading to more environmentally friendly refrigeration.

Top Banana holds an annual informative event for the public that is supported by agencies for eco-housing, recycling, composting, plastic-free seas, Manx Wildlife Trust, Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch and the Green Centre, with support from the Green Party.

The store also accommodates visiting groups, including schools and charities, keen to learn about its ethos.

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Top Banana

Versa is a Port Erin-based foraging restaurant focusing on sustainable produce and lifestyles.

Owner and head chef Pippa Lovell uses locally foraged produce in Versa’s menus, which change weekly and reflect the seasons.

Pippa participates in competitions and conferences globally, spreading the word that the Isle of Man is a land of opportunity as a chef due to its biodiverse nature.

In her marketing, including her distinctive Instagram channel, Pippa encourages others to support our UNESCO Biosphere’s biodiversity and economy by growing, foraging for or otherwise sourcing food locally in the Isle of Man.

Versa facilitates and has pop-ups at events such as the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival, where Pippa had a stand and gave a demonstration.

Versa’s unusual story featured on BBC TV News in September 2019.

Pippa also conducts foraging tours and talks.

Versa allows diners to swap local produce for meals.

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Visit IOM and ORTG

VisitIOM.co.uk and ORTG are proud to support and be involved in the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man project. As a proud ambassador for the Island, this is an exciting prospect for Visit IOM.

The website is for travellers looking to plan and book their holiday to the Isle of Man. We promote the Island as a visitor destination and work alongside tourism providers to help maintain a healthy tourism industry.

Brian Kelly, Chairman at Online Regional Travel Group, said: “Having operated on the Island for well over 20 years, all our employees have great local knowledge and passion for every aspect of life here. When the opportunity arose for us to partner Biosphere Isle of Man, we were thrilled. Helping to maintain what makes the Island a special place for people and nature, and working with a world recognised organisation and programme like the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere programme, is something we’re very much looking forward to.”

Peter Longworth, Project Lead for Biosphere Isle of Man, commented: "Visit IOM shares our goals in promoting the Isle of Man as a special place for people, nature and culture and we welcome the company as a partner. I am sure it will interest potential visitors to the Island that we have such an accolade and convince them it’s worthwhile discovering more about the story of the Island. We look forward to more visitors discovering why the Isle of Man is such a special place."

It is reassuring to know that any travel booked through ORTG is fully protected through membership of: ABTA, ATOL, IATA

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Visit IOM and Online Regional Travel Group
Wayne Tomlinson Services Ltd

Wayne Tomlinson Services Ltd carries out property renovations, repair and non-destructive testing.

The company works with those designing and constructing properties over the most effective materials to use.

It also works with property owners and insurers to locate faults and monitor the condition of properties over time.

The infra-red surveys trace issues such as heat loss, water ingress, over-heating of appliances, efficiency of white goods etc, allowing effective repairs, saving waste and reducing energy loss, in line with the Isle of Man’s policy to tackle climate change.

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Wayne Tomlinson Services Ltd
Wild Mann Tours

Wild Mann Tours is a Blue Badge tour guide showing off the Isle of Man’s natural beauty and cultural heritage to visitors – and promoting the Island as a special place to live, work and visit.

It assists large and small groups, including cruise ship passengers, to see the best of the Isle of Man.

It encourages visitors to explore the Island by foot, bicycle and public transport, to respect the environment and, on walks, to collect any litter they find and dispose of it responsibly.

In addition to catering for visitors, it offers guided walks to local groups and participates in Manx National Heritage open days.

The Island’s Biosphere status is a real selling point in attracting visitors and a key talking point with them when they arrive, the organisation says.

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Wild Mann Tours
WP Tech Support

WP Tech Support provides technical support to Wordpress customers and marketing agencies around the world. As a company they are keen to protect our natural resources. As such, they issue no paper based contracts, invoices or communications to customers and provide all communications digitally which helps reduce their carbon footprint. The company also support staff that work remotely from home, this initiative aims to promote a healthy work life balance and reduces energy usage in the office.

WP Tech Support also actively ensures their recyclable waste is separated from their normal waste and recycle electronic waste such as computers, monitors and tablets, many of which are re-used by charities. The company also sponsor several local charities and encourage staff to get involved in local community initiatives such as Beach Buddies.

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Zurich International

Zurich International is headquartered in the Isle of Man and has more than 300 employees. It is part of the Zurich Insurance Group, offering life insurance, investment and protection solutions throughout the world.

The company has a new office on the outskirts of Douglas, where energy saving is a key design feature. It uses timed LED lights, temperature controlled workspaces and on demand heated water via automatic taps.

Zurich International became the first Isle of Man business to switch to using compostable cups in vending machines through a partnership with Mannvend. The company is committed to minimizing their environmental footprint and apply a continuous improvement approach in reducing use of plastics and paper waste where possible.

Employees are involved in projects to improve the Island’s environment and encourage others to go out and enjoy it. These include carrying out work over several years at Archallagan Forest and adding a nature trail to the Curraghs Wildlife Park.

The workforce have spent thousands of hours working on community activities such as Beach Buddies’ beach cleans, lane cleaning, the Parish Walk and 1st Onchan Guides. Zurich International have a pledge signed to allow colleagues one day of volunteering at the company’s expense.

Zurich International is also a major supporter of Junior Achievement where they provide funding for the Junior School Programme Manager, and sponsorship of the ‘Learn to Earn’ programme.

The partnership with Junior Achievement aids in providing volunteers for the programme deliveries and are further committed to supporting the youth in the community.

In addition Zurich International also have a Manx registered charity, the Zurich Financial Services (Isle of Man) Charity Fund which has donated more than £40,000 to local charities in 2018.

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Zurich International


Braddan Parish Commissioners

Braddan Commissioners was UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man's first local authority partner.

In 2019, the Commissioners become the first local authority on the Isle of Man to declare a climate emergency.

The authority has provided a kerbside recycling service to ratepayers since 2007. The introduction of recycling trolleys has seen an enthusiastic response from residents. The authority hopes more recycling will result.

The authority is building 30 apartments in Union Mills (due for completion in 2021) for local authority tenants which will have no gas or oil boilers. The entire building will benefit from a high level of insulation and use electricity to heat the building and provide hot water. Electric vehicle charging points will be included as part of the scheme.

The authority is exploring options to replace gas powered boilers in its existing 151 properties with non fossil fuel alternatives such as air source heat pumps and solar or PV panels.

It is replacing all its conventional street lights with LEDs, the first authority to do so.

The authority has obtained planning permission to provide public toilets in Cronk Grianagh Park. The design incorporates a green roof and a public water Refill station.

The Braddan board follows the DEFA hedge cutting guidelines and keeps hedge cutting to a minimum.

Cutting is timed to avoid the main bird nesting season from February to August and, where possible (within the need for safety), the board allows hedges to flower and fruit, not only providing nectar and berry food sources but also increasing their seasonal visual attractiveness.

Braddan established a butterfly garden in partnership with Manx Wildlife Trust in a residential area. In 2018, it planted fruit trees on a small slope in an industrial estate. It is are currently advertising for local groups to help it plant bulbs on verges.

In 2018, Braddan also planted the first of its pictorial flower meadows at the Strang and in 2019 it planted an additional, larger, area in the IOM Business Park. The resulting flowers were spectacular and provided a welcome food source for pollinators and insects as well as an attractive display for the public from the spring through to autumn. The other advantage of the this is it reduces the need for grass cutting.

The authority commissioned and has been carefully following a Woodland Management Plan (now in its fifth year) to sympathetically conserve and encourage the woodlands in its ownership. This covers an area of open space created and planted in the early 1990s and also mature woodland. The management plan aims to encourage natural regeneration leading to a diverse, multi-aged, tree woodland with understorey and ground cover layers. This will ensure the future viability of the woodlands as well as making them more attractive for the public.

A disused former playground site at the Strang was identified as being underutilised open space which was using resources through the need to cut the grass. Braddan worked with EcoVannin to create a Community Garden which received much local support in its early days. While the garden has been productive, the board is now actively seeking individuals or groups to help with this initiative.

Braddan also altered its mowing regime on a number of the more species diverse grass swards to allow the herbaceous species in them to flower over the summer before cutting them down and removing the cuttings in late summer.

It is hoped over time that this will reduce ground fertility and increase the number and range of wildflowers.

Despite initially receiving complaints from members of the public, we believe the initiative has been worthwhile and although not as visually dramatic as the pictorial meadows the areas are showing positive signs of success, with a good display of ox-eye daisies, birds foot trefoil, red clover, lesser stitchwort, vetches and yarrow.

The board supports the Isle of Man Government’s active travel campaign to encourage people to walk and cycle to work and have made improvements to the section of Heritage Trail in our parish.

The Department of Infrastructure has recently installed a bike nest in the Heritage Trail car park. This provides a secure overnight storage area for bicycles, so people can park in Union Mills free of charge and cycle to work along the trail without the need to take their bike home each day.

Braddan provides children who pass their school cycling proficiency test with rechargeable LED bicycle lights, to encourage safe cycling.

Braddan also has a unique skate park, the idea for it coming about as a result of discussions with skaters themselves. It is used by skaters of all ages and the authority provides financial support for the hugely popular annual Skate Jam event.

In terms of culture, the Braddan board celebrates famous parishioner Archibald Knox, a celebrated artist and designer in the Art Nouveau period of British Arts and Crafts Celtic design, basing their logo on one of his designs.

As part of its community efforts, it provides annual financial support for Christmas parties for schools, youth groups and community organisations.

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Braddan commissioners (new) logo - Archibald Knox born here
Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas has been developed as a communication tool to raise awareness in energy efficiency and energy conservation on the Isle of Man. The aim is to share energy saving ideas with visitors and demonstrate ways in which people can save energy with simple no or low cost measures. Find out what others are doing, pick up some tips on saving energy and tell us what you think about our Bright Ideas.

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Bright-ideas logo
Department for Enterprise

The Department has a key role to play in the achievement of the Programme for Government’s stated intention to be an Island of Enterprise and Opportunity. We recognise that supporting economic development is of strategic importance for the Island’s future growth and prosperity. The Department’s mission is aligned with these outcomes and objectives: to create an environment, through innovation and collaboration, where the economy thrives.

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Dept for Enterprise logo
Department of Education, Sport and Culture

The Department of Education, Sport and Culture operates the Island’s 37 schools – 32 primaries and 5 secondaries – and the University College Isle of Man (UCM), which offers professional, exam/degree and recreational courses for adults. The Depatrment has been very active in linking in to the UBIOM concept and has made great use of their "It's Learning" internal resources to share expertise. The majority of schools are engaged in linking UBIOM themes into lessons and pupils learning journeys.

It works with other Government Departments and agencies to deliver services for children, including safeguarding and needs-based assistance.

It runs the Youth Service, which offers play and youth clubs and special projects, Adventure Education at two outdoor learning centres, the Youth Arts Centre and Café Laare.

It runs Manx Sport and Recreation, the NSC and Manx Arts Development and is the sponsoring Department for the semi-autonomous bodies Isle of Man Sport and the Isle of Man Arts Council.

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IOM gov logo
Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture

The Department works to protect and enhance the Island’s natural assets within the core principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability; whilst optimising quality of life, international reputation, food production energy security and outdoor amenity.

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iom gov logo
Douglas Borough Council

Douglas Borough Council recycles its office waste wherever possible and it offers a non-statutory household and commercial recycling collection. It supports the Civic Amenity Site reuse and recycling facilities together with other local authorities.

It uses vegware and has replaced single use plastic cups and stirrers in Council buildings.

Douglas Borough Council invested in bin sensors which indicate when public litter bins need to be emptied, reducing the number of journeys required, which reduces the costs and the Council’s carbon footprint. It promotes trade waste collection of recyclables thereby reducing avoidable waste levy charges being passed on to the Council’s business customers.

The Council educates on recycling issues and assists schools with their eco school programme.
Various events are used to educate on recycling as well, e.g. Heritage Open Days.

Douglas Borough Council is changing its lighting in all its public lighting columns to energy efficient LED. It invests in energy efficient vehicles (Euro 7) and vehicles with electric components to reduce its carbon footprint. This also reduces costs for fuel.

Douglas Borough Council invests in an air source heat pump in the Council’s nursery to heat greenhouses and as a result reduce the use of fossil fuels. This resulted in lower costs. At Hazel Court sheltered accommodation, it changed the heating to biomass central heating using sustainable woodchip fuel.

The Council uses harvested rainwater at the nursery to irrigate Council-maintained public open spaces and floral displays. Material gained from open space maintenance, e.g. grass, hedge and tree cuttings, is composted and used in planters and floral displays throughout the town. Both measures save money.

Savings are reinvested into public services.

The Council has an environmental policy which assists it in delivering public services in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. It has recently launched a tree give away scheme for Douglas residents and has installed free to use public water fountains along the promenade and in Noble’s Park, which will hopefully reduce the need to purchase and use plastic bottles.

The Council has recently completed an adventure playground in partnership with Isle of Play, the first of its kind in Douglas.

It promotes late night Christmas shopping for town centre retail businesses through the Christmas light switch-on as an annual event, in support of the local economy.

As of April 2019, the Council extends free library membership for all Island residents at the Henry Bloom Noble Library, to boost the retail economy and will lead to greater access to and use of the public library’s resources.

It encourages active travel by ensuring provision is made in new developments or regeneration projects for bicycle parking and easy access to public transport. Working with Government, it has provided a secure bike parking nest in Shaw’s Brow car park.

Douglas Borough Council celebrates democracy with an open house in the Town Hall and recognised Sophia Goulden through a blue plaque.

The Council promotes Manx culture and heritage for example through introduction of Manx Folklore into Summerhill Glen; remembrance of the fallen through temporary and permanent displays at e.g. Douglas Head; Archibald Knox themed Marine Garden.

The Council is actively expanding its CCTV network to help reduce incidences of vandalism and anti-social behaviour which have a negative impact on our environment.

It has moved to a system of digital invoicing which has reduced the negative environmental impact of a purely paper driven system. This has also improved efficiency.

Douglas Borough Council is investing in more sustainable properties by upgrading its existing housing stock to improve weather resistance and thermal efficiency.

The Council encourages residents to keep Douglas clean, e.g. through Keep Britain Tidy campaigns and works in partnership with Beach Buddies. Through its Warden Service, the Council helps educate the community on acceptable social behaviour regarding the environment such as dog waste disposal, waste disposal, graffiti, etc.

The Council actively pursues Green Flag awards for its public open spaces and currently has nine such awards.

The Council runs several community events such as the Carnival, Tower of Refuge Walk, Noble’s Park Fun Day, the Firework Display and the Christmas light switch-on. The Council’s library runs several community events each year as well including the summer reading challenge and weekly story time.

Each Mayor/Mayoress appoints a local charity and undertakes fundraising events to support those charities.

Elected Members hold regular surgeries in partnership with MHKs to engage with the public more – these started in 2017 and continue to run, now from the Henry Bloom Noble Library. The Council’s members are involved in community forums such as Hills Ward Community Group.

Douglas Borough Council organised the installation of free public wi-fi in Noble’s Park, which was well received.

The Council is an active participant in the Government’s apprenticeship scheme, helping young adults to gain valuable skills for the employment.

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Douglas Borough Council
Isle of Man Constabulary

Keeping people safe is the mission of the Isle of Man Constabulary.

The organisation aims to prevent harm, tackle serious offending whilst creating a culture of continuous improvement, becoming digitally enabled and building a stronger workforce.

The constabulary is proud of its neighbourhood policing style with officers playing an active role in our islands community. It promotes local events and content related to island culture and conservation on its social media platforms.

The neighbourhood teams work with all interested local groups, organisations and government agencies on local social and community issues. Officer’s visit and support all aspects of the community from structured school visits to dropping in to youth clubs and other social groups to engage and understand the communities they serve. The teams also police local community events maintaining safety for those attending and participating.

Officers from the Constabulary regularly support local charities in fund raising efforts as well as having their own charity ‘Give a Gift’ which supports underprivileged families and individuals or those who have fallen into hard times within the community. The Constabulary has food bank supplies at all its stations.

The Constabulary is very proud of its Police youth scheme, the young people support local charities and local events such as the Royal and Southern Agricultural shows and Tynwald Day. Their involvement within the community is very wide and diverse from helping with the training of the Special Olympics team to helping to educate and assist elderly members of the community with digital technology.

During the TT and Festival of Motorcycling events officers undertake additional duties in order to maintain normal policing and community functions whilst also focussing on ensuring the safety of those who visit our island.

The constabulary work with other Government agencies to protect our island wildlife having dedicated and specially trained officers to deal with wildlife crime.

The constabulary is proud of its work to include all of its increasing diverse island community and treat everyone with whom they have contact in a non-discriminatory way, respecting differences and recognising their needs, building trust and ensuring safety for all.

The constabulary takes part in the Government’s Single Use Plastics Reduction Strategy and it recycles as much of its used products as possible, e.g. metals and uniforms. Waste that cannot be recycled goes to the Energy from Waste Plant.

With the introduction of new IT systems and digital strategy the Isle of Man Constabulary plans to reduce its paper use.

It is part of the Department of Infrastructure Energy Group. Part of this includes sharing energy usage data so that Government Buildings can be compared and energy usage can become more efficient. To reduce energy consumption old light bulbs are replaced by LED light bulbs.

In planning for future building requirements the constabulary use the principles of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), an international scheme to certify sustainability performance of buildings will be applied.

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Isle of Man Constabulary
Isle of Man Post Office becomes Business Partner to UBIOM

The Isle of Man Post Office were very eloquent in how they meet the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Pledge principles, for example:

• Stamp issues always carry a historical, cultural, people related or topical Manx link

• Using FSC and recycled paper across the business

• Supporting the Manx economy as a global business and one of the Island’s largest employers

• IOMPO Sponsorship of a number of local clubs, organisations and charities

• Energy conscious property portfolio

• Engagement with every household on a daily basis

• Promoting Manx culture on a world stage through its varied stamp and coin issues

• Support the right work/life balance for our valued staff

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Isle of Man Post Office
Manx National Heritage

Manx National Heritage is the trading name of the Manx Museum and National Trust. We exist to take the lead in protecting, conserving, making available and celebrating the Island’s natural and cultural heritage for current and future generations, whilst contributing to the Island’s prosperity and quality of life.

We have recently appointed an Environmental Planner & Ecologist, a new role to MNH who has begun the process of re-assessing our sites in relation to their environmental value and requirements. The aim is to have active Conservation Management Plans in place for the larger sites in order to inform land management and activities for biodiversity gains, as well as having conservation statements for small sites to highlight their features and importance. The aim of these documents is to ensure that we are managing our sites sensitively and sympathetically to their needs as well as undertaking positive conservation management, where appropriate, to maximise the value of our sites for biodiversity and wider environmental aims, such as carbon sequestration, while employing best practise.

One of our main outcomes as an organisation is to have a positive economic impact and support a creative economy. Over 70% of the products sold in our retail outlets are produced locally and we contribute to the national economy and infrastructure by making the Isle of Man a better place in which to live, work and visit.

As an organisation we act as guardian of the Island's unique heritage and cultural assets and create a sense of time, place and identity for Manx people. Our work strengthens the community by giving opportunities for enjoyment, learning and development, whilst our sites and research communicate the significance of Man heritage and culture to locals and visitors alike.

MNH is currently reviewing its environmental policies in order to guide the organisation in making sustainable choices in all aspects of its work. This updating of related policies hopes to address those UN Sustainable Development Goals which fit within the organisations sphere of work and influence, foster a more conscious consideration of our actions within our staff, volunteers, etc. as well as to strengthen the organisations commitment to long-term environmental sustainability.

MNH is a Biosphere Stakeholder and actively participates in many of the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man initiatives. Aside from workshops and events offered by our Education and Outreach team MNH also coordinates Wildlife Week, an annual festival that works in a similar way to Heritage Open Days; promoting many of the Island's conservation and wildlife groups and NGO's, many of which are Biosphere partners. We also actively share the work of UNESCO through MNH's social media pages. We've also recently taken part in the Refill scheme.

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Manx Utilities

Manx Utilities provides electricity and water to the whole of the Isle of Man.

The company's regional sewerage treatment strategy, and the educational 'Bin it, Don't Flush It' campaign, are contributing to cleaner beaches. The utility's staff support the charity Beach Buddies.

The utility uses the Energy from Waste Plant and hydro power as sources of renewable energy. MU also encourages sustainability with energy efficiency and 'Use Water Wisely' schemes and has a home energy officer advising households and LED lighting schemes in the community.

In-house, it has created an employee sustainability team and is removing single use plastics from its buildings.

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Manx Utilities
Port Erin Commissoners

Port Erin Commissioners is the local authority for the village of Port Erin in the south of Isle of Man.

The authority is seeking planning permission to build a new, energy-efficient, workshop at Breagle Glen, including air source heat pumps, solar panels, sedum roofs, electric vehicle charge points, swift and bat boxes and bee bricks.

The commissioners-owned Cosy Nook Cafe is to be redeveloped into a sustainable and energy-efficient building.

The commissioners have worked with Rushen Primary School, Beach Buddies and the Rotary Club on a project that has resulted in the school adopting the beach, both to keep it clean and use it as an outdoor classroom.

The authority is set to start a community project to seek to plant a wildflower meadow and set aside an area for beekeepers.

It has plans to create a trail within one of the glens to encourage younger members of our community to visit and engage with nature.

The authority is the first in the Island to operate an electric van and has another on order to replace existing diesel van.

It has a rolling programme to replace existing street lighting with LED lighting.

It also operates the local bring bank scheme.

The town hall is a member of the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man’s Refill scheme to decrease plastic consumption and littering and the authority has also installed public Refill points, including on the busy Promenade.

The authority supports community events in the village and has a project to repurpose an existing building as a heritage centre.

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Port Erin Commissoners

Schools have seamlessly linked in UNESCO and UBIOM themes into pupils learning journeys - E in UNESCO stands for Education!
Many schools are very active in Eco-schools and Manx Culture is important too. There are opportunities for UNESCO to show us good examples to talk about in lots of subjects.

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The Treasury

The Treasury plays a key role in supporting and developing the Manx economy in a sustainable fashion, balancing social, cultural and environmental considerations, in tandem with responsibly growing the Islands prosperity.

The Treasury’s commitment to these precepts is underlined by signing up to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, which require an organisation to factor in environmental and social considerations in investment decision making.

Officers from the Treasury also positively engage with our local community by regularly contributing towards local charities, through dress down donations and organised charitable events.

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Visit Isle of Man

The official visitor website.

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Useful links

Isle of Man Government

The official Isle of Man Government website. The Isle of Man Government Agencies consist of Departments and Divisions, Statutory Boards and Offices. There are also many working parties and Commissions working to meet the needs of both business and local communities by creating effective new legislation, cutting red tape and reducing bureaucracy.

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Locate Isle of Man

Everything you need to know about living, working and moving to the Isle of Man.

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Visit Isle of Man

The official visitor website.

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Year of Our Island

Here on the Isle of Man we live in a special place and we gain benefits to our health, wellbeing and quality of life from living here. We have natural and beautiful amenities on our doorsteps, a culture that is strong and a nation that is proud.

This year we will be shouting about all of those things and encouraging people to explore more, do more and share more.

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Sign up to the UNESCO Biosphere ISLE OF MAN pledge

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is open to everyone. You are welcome to be involved, providing you support the principles outlined in The Biosphere Isle of Man Pledge. This is the pledge that our partners have signed up to. Encapsulating the aims of the project, this is the Pledge that all our partners sign up to.

If you are interested in being involved as a business, you’ll find more information about the benefits of being a partner and how it all works in the Project Partners Guidelines for Businesses and also for Schools, Community Groups and Charities.

To apply to become a Partner and Supporter of UBIOM, please fill in this application form, and help us to tell others what you are so proud of, and keep us updated about how you will get even better.

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