UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

Who is involved?

Our list of project partners is growing rapidly and encompasses businesses, charities and community groups across the Island.

Our Business project partners:

Visit IOM and Online Regional Travel Group
Visit IOM and ORTG become proud partners of UBIOM

VisitIOM.co.uk and ORTG are proud to support and be involved in the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man project.
As a proud ambassador for the Island, this is an exciting prospect for Visit IOM.
The website is for travellers looking to plan and book their holiday to the Isle of Man. We promote the Island as a visitor destination and work alongside tourism providers to help maintain a healthy tourism industry.
Darrel Tinnion, Business Development Manager at Online Regional Travel Group, said: “Having operated on the Island for well over 20 years, all our employees have great local knowledge and passion for every aspect of life here. When the opportunity arose for us to partner Biosphere Isle of Man, we were thrilled. Helping to maintain what makes the Island a special place for people and nature, and working with a world recognised organisation and programme like the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere programme, is something we’re very much looking forward to.” Peter Longworth, Project Lead for Biosphere Isle of Man, commented: “Visit IOM shares our goals in promoting the Isle of Man as a special place for people, nature and culture and we welcome the company as a partner. I am sure it will interest potential visitors to the Island that we have such an accolade and convince them it’s worthwhile discovering more about the story of the Island. We look forward to more visitors discovering why the Isle of Man is such a special place.’
It is reassuring to know that any travel booked through ORTG is fully protected through membership of: ABTA, ATOL, IATA

Roots Bev Co, Isle of Man
Roots Beverage Company

Roots is a IOM based low sugar healthy alternative drinks company that has set up a manufacturing facility on the Isle of Man to supply the IOM and UK market using only Isle of Man-made honey to sweeten our drinks. Roots aims to follow UBIOM pledge principles through:-
• Employing locally and sourcing as much of our ingredients as possible locally
• Setting up local bee hives and keeping areas near these hives helpful for bees and other flora and fauna
• Investing 10% of our profits to bee and wildlife related projects
• Partnering with the Children’s Centre Community Farm, and other groups to run projects that will support the local environment and wildlife and also run educational courses that cover Manx wildlife, countryside and environment
• Investigate using sustainable energy sources for our manufacturing facility
• Engaging with other UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in the World Network to investigate potential collaboration opportunities, for example Lemons and Ginger

Isle of Man Post Office
Isle of Man Post Office becomes Business Partner to UBIOM

IOM PO were very eloquent in how they meet the UBIOM Pledge principles, for example:
• Stamp issues always carry a historical, cultural, people related or topical Manx link
• Using FSC and recycled paper across the business
• Supporting the Manx economy as a global business and one of the Island’s largest employers
• IOMPO Sponsorship of a number of local clubs, organisations and charities
• Energy conscious property portfolio
• Engagement with every household on a daily basis
• Promoting Manx culture on a world stage through its varied stamp and coin issues
• Support the right work/life balance for our valued staff

AstroManx Logo

AstroManx is pleased to be involved with the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man project and recognises that
• In the Isle of Man the awareness of our natural environment encompasses not just our beautiful landscape and maritime environment but also covers the wonders and clarity of our stunning Manx Night skies. The Isle of Man now been formally acknowledged in January 2014 with Dark Sky Discovery status with 26 sites.
• This means that the Isle of Man skies have a higher concentration of Dark Sky Sites, with 26 Dark Sky Sites than any other area in not just the British Isles, but in Europe.
• On the Island, the Milky Way has been known in Manx Gaelic as “Raad Mooar re Gorry” or the “Great Way of King Orry” commemorating the landing of King Orry in the late 11th century.
• The popular and stunning phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights can also be seen from Manx shores on many occasions, far more southerly than is often the case.
• From not just the dark sky sites, Manx stargazers can see some amazing sights in our night skies. With the naked eye, you can clearly see the Milky Way, a sight often unseen on the adjacent Isles. The Orion Nebula - some 1500 light years away, and the Milky Way’s companion galaxy the Great Andromeda Galaxy, the light from which has been on its way to us for about 2.5 million years. The best equipment for stargazing is the naked eye, just look up and marvel at the sights, but with the aid of binoculars or a telescope our Manx night skies can be quite spectacular.
• Amateur and hobby astronomers continue to be enthralled by the quality of the night sky and are delighted to share this experience with other locals and visitors.


Netcetera is pleased to be involved in the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man project. We feel that being a greener business actually makes a lot of sense for us commercially it also makes
commercial sense for businesses too;
● Energy efficient technology with cold aisle technology and ecocooling giving a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of 1.12 with our energy savings passed directly onto our customers
● 100% Carbon Zero Commitment for all our electricity
● We help businesses go Green at no extra cost
● Management Systems to audited standards for Environmental Management ISO14001, Information Security ISO27001 and Quality Management ISO9001.
● The Dataport, owned and operated by Netcetera is the only Carbon Zero Datacentre on the Isle of Man (and one of only a small number in the UK and Europe)
● We offer a Global Service to customers in over 75 countries worldwide
● Onsite Business Recovery Centre providing an all round backup solution for businesses big and small
● Over 1.5 million kilos of CO2 emissions saved to date through our use of hydroelectric power and energy efficient modern technology
● Tailormade carbon zero solutions to meet your requirements
● 24/7 technical customer support
● Sustainable development - Futureproof, scalable new hosting floor with 96 high density racks
● Security, longevity and trust - Netcetera has delivered an excellent service for almost 20 years

Manx Fish Producers Organisation
Manx Fish Producers Organisation

The Manx Fish Producers Organisation has probably been more proactive than any other scalloping organisation in the British Isles in promoting sustainability in its main fisheries of scallop dredging and queenie trawling. The fishermen have supported and indeed driven such technical conservation measures as the current spread of gear and the curfews that have helped to ensure a healthier fishery over the years. There is also a healthy market for Manx pot caught lobster and crab.
It is hoped the UNESCO Biosphere accolade will further help the fishery industry to increase its credibility in its sustainability efforts, and attract customers to its catches.

Manx National Farmers Union
Manx NFU - Business Partner

The Manx NFU works to create a strong agricultural economy on the Isle of Man for our members and to provide a reliable, sustainable and secure food supply for the Manx people. We represent farmers from the majority of farm businesses on the Island.
It is intriguing how sites in Germany and Switzerland used the UNESCO Biosphere accolade to help their local food and tourism sectors - we hope the same will apply to the Isle of Man.

Groudle Glen Cottages

Groudle fulfils the Biosphere IOM Pledge by:
• protect our natural resources: Groudle Glen Limited look after a large section of Groudle Glen. Part of Groudle Glen is privately owned but a licenced foot path agreement allows the public to use the pathways that connect to the upper glen (in public ownership) and to access Groudle Railway.
• develop our economy in a sustainable way: ongoing. Active in advising our guests about the island and things to do when they are visiting the Isle of Man.
• support and promote our cultural heritage: We have worked with local artists in developing the “Art in the Glen Project” which to date has seen the Groudle Wizard appear! This is the first piece in a planned “art trail” around the glen. It is a seven foot high wooden wizard carved by local artist Nick Barlow.
• make our environmental impact positive wherever possible: working towards making Groudle Cottages more “green”. Support Beach Buddies.
• engage with the local community: allowing access to Groudle Glen, supporting Groudle Railway on our land and working with local sports organisations in using the glen and cliffs. Supporting local charities.
• promote our outstanding living landscape and seascape through active involvement with Biosphere Isle of Man: ongoing.

Douglas Town Centre Management and DDP
Douglas Town Centre Management

DDP and Douglas Town Centre Management have suppported economic regeneration and community involvement in many ways, for example;
• Douglas Town Centre Regeneration; The Development Partnership co-ordinated the initial design concept stage. This involved analysing local materials, culture and heritage in order to develop a design language that recognises Douglas as the island’s capital. Of particular note is the “Colours of Mann” project, which collated three palettes of colours from the land, sea and sky around Douglas to be used within the project to ensure that the urban environment reflects the natural colours around it.
• Douglas Cycle Study; This is a project undertaken on our behalf by a STEP student to assess the cycle friendliness of Douglas and propose ways of encouraging increased use of cycling as a means of transport.
• In 2014 were very pleased to welcome the Isle of Man Farmers’ Market to hold regular markets in the town centre to assist shoppers to purchase local produce. In a similar vein the Isle of Man Craft Guild also now hold fortnightly craft fairs in the town centre selling locally crafted goods.
• The Partnership’s event programme aims to reflect important dates in the Manx Calendar such as Hop-tu-Naa, where participants can carve turnip lanterns and learn and local traditions.
• The Tower of Refuge Walk has become an annual event that takes place on one of the lowest spring tides, when participants can walk out safely to the Tower of Refuge. In addition to responding to the seasonal rhythm of the tides, the event raises money for the RNLI, which was first established in Douglas and celebrates its founder Sir Willliam Hillary who masterminded the construction of the tower.

Highland Scientific
Highland Scientific

• Applied research in carbon base technologies framed in a “clean tech business model”
• Developing and putting in service a high throughput graphene production system
• Developing and build machines to produce DLC coatings inside pipes

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Sign up to the UNESCO Biosphere ISLE OF MAN pledge

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is open to everyone. You are welcome to be involved, providing you support the principles outlined in The Biosphere Isle of Man Pledge. This is the pledge that our partners have signed up to. Encapsulating the aims of the project, this is the Pledge that all our partners sign up to.

If you are interested in being involved as a business, you’ll find more information about the benefits of being a partner and how it all works in the Project Partners Guidelines for Businesses and also for Schools, Community Groups and Charities.

UNESCO also issued a brochure about the UNESCO MAB programme in August 2016 which features a photo from the Isle of Man, from the Manx Footpaths Conservation Group.

Download the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Pledge