UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

Who is involved?

Our list of project partners is growing rapidly and encompasses businesses, schools, charities and community groups across the Island.


Island Escapes
Island Escapes Ltd

Island Escapes is a self catering holiday lettings agency that selects properties for their quality and features.

Island Escapes manages many of the properties it lets, on behalf of the owners so is able to educate guests about water consumption and avoiding excessive laundry. It uses environmentally friendly cleaning products at its properties.

It also encourages its property owners to do the same.

Guests arriving at Island Escapes properties receive a welcome pack that includes a range of produce including Manx milk, juices, cheese and cakes, supporting those local businesses. The company will work with Isle of Man food and drink providers to enable guests to order additional items for their stay, or to take home.

Island Escapes is sponsoring a leaflet being produced by the Manx Wildlife Trust, showcasing its reserves. It has adopted the MWT as its chosen charity for 2018/19 and is asking those booking its properties to pay a voluntary £3 donation that will go to the MWT.

The company strongly promotes UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man in its global marketing of the Isle of Man online and on social media.

Butterfingers Ltd

Butterfingers creates cakes for all occasions, using as many local ingredients as possible.

The business is committed to sustainability, uses biodegradable packaging and has removed the plastic 'window' on cake boxes to contribute towards reducing single use plastic waste.

All compostable waste is taken to its farm and converted into fertilisers which are then used on its fields. This includes any packaging from goods coming into the business and any food leftovers.

In its cake production, Butterfingers uses the highest energy rated appliances and, for delivery, the most energy efficient vehicle.

MannVend Ltd
MannVend Ltd

MannVend Limited is a refreshment specialist supplying to the catering trade and workplaces.

The company is taking part in an innovative green waste initiative that is leading the way in British Isles.

More than 100 MannVend customers are using Vegware products that are made of plant materials and are biodegradable .

The company ran a successful trial to compost Vegware packaging waste at Ballaneven under the guidance of DEFA and the site is now licenced to receive and compost certain types of biodegradable packaging wastes.

Ballaneven doesn’t currently have the infrastructure to compost other types of biodegradable packaging waste but MannVend is supporting this aim.

To further contribute to plastics reduction and encourage responsible disposal of waste, MannVend offers customers machines that dispense still, carbonated and flavoured water into reusable bottles.

It has machines that crushes used cans, bottles and plastic cups –rendering them easier to store and transport for recycling – and issue a reward voucher for deposits.

A proud Manx business, MannVend sources everything locally where possible in support of the economy and works with local artisans. For example, its Noa Bakehouse ‘bean to cup’ machine, using the bakery’s own roast, is popular with workplaces and caterers.

MannVend supports the environmental charity Beach Buddies with advertising on the screens of its dispensing machines, promoting the responsible disposal of used plastics and assisting it in gaining new volunteers.

MannVend is also active in the Manx community. It operates a feed station at the Manx Telecom Parish Walk, a major charity fundraiser. MannVend’s managing director is patron of the Isle of Man Live At Home Scheme and the company supports the charity’s events and fund-raising.

Isle of Man Newspapers
Isle of Man Newspapers Ltd

Isle of Man Newspapers publishes the Isle of Man Examiner, Isle of Man Courier and Manx Independent and accompanying supplements and special titles.

A long-standing local employer, it supports the sustainable development of the Isle of Man’s economy by encouraging readers to Think Local and Buy Local.

Its Awards for Excellence promote the Island’s achievements national and internationally.

Its Destination Isle of Man publication encourages people to relocating to, and visit, the Island.

Its weekly coverage in its three titles reflects and records life in the Isle of Man, featuring the wide range of community, cultural and heritage events that take place here.

The newspapers publicise the work of environmental groups and initiatives and feature the benefits of, and partners of, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

The Awards for Excellence will, in 2018, include a new ‘Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability’ category.

Isle of Man Newspapers aims to minimise its own impact on the environment by producing all its products on recycled paper, recycling all unsold products, working towards a paperless office, using low energy lighting, encouraging car-pooling and allowing weekend staff to work from home.

Discover Diving, Isle of Man logo
Discover Diving - Isle of Man

Discover Diving has been a UNESCO Biosphere partner from the early days of the project.

Our divers and snorkelers regularly explore the marine environment and have provided images and data to support marine conservation for years.

Discover Diving collect marine creatures to support the touch tanks and educational work carried out by the Manx Wildlife Trust as well as providing scientific data to help marine management by DEFA.

At the dive centre we actively recycle and have banned single use plastic water bottles from our dive trips. We operate an energy efficient compressor and have been reducing our carbon footprint by providing a cylinder testing service based on the Isle of Man (which stops cylinders being shipped to England and back).

We regularly visit schools for marine education sessions. In 2016 we launched a series of snorkel trails (details on our website) to encourage everyone to do some marine exploration. We also offer beach ranger sessions for those who don’t want to get wet but do want to learn about the amazing life of marine creatures.

We offer training for all ages in snorkelling and diving so if you would like to see what lies beneath the waves in our stunning natural habitat, please get in touch.

Long & Humphrey
Long & Humphrey

Long & Humphrey are Douglas-based advocates and notaries public.
The company is passionate about the Island and conscious of its position in, and responsibility to, the environment, community and heritage.
It provides practical support and legal services on a pro bono basis to a number of sports clubs, heritage organisations and social and wildlife charities.
This involvement extends to offering free advice and sitting on trustee boards and committees for charities such as South Douglas Old Friends’ Association, Mooinjey Veggey, Cronkbourne Cricket Club and the Isle of Man Sea Cadets.
In addition to staff participating in beach cleaning, Long & Humphrey is looking to extend its commitment to the charity Beach Buddies.
The company promotes and supports culture and heritage events and encourages staff involvement. A number of employees are Manx speakers.
Long & Humphrey also sponsors the Isle of Man Real Ale Festival.

Island Heritage Tours
Island Heritage Tours

Chris Callow of Island Heritage Tours is a registered blue badge tour guide who promotes the Isle of Man.
The company introduces visitors and residents to the Island’s heritage, widening understanding of its unique history.
It encourages residents to explore part of their Island they may not otherwise reach, contributing to fitness and wellbeing.
The company uses public and heritage transport where possible, encourages responsible use of the countryside and avoids environmentally sensitive areas.
It supports heritage initiatives of the Isle of Man Government, Manx National Heritage, Culture Vannin, Isle of Man Railways and Year of Our Island and heritage organisations such as the Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust.
As a partner, it will raise the profile of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man to cruise passengers, package holiday visitors and other visitors it works with.

Report Central

Report Central is a young and growing, Google-certified, digital marketing agency that promotes the Isle of Man as a special place to visit, live & learn cutting edge digital marketing skills.
Pioneering the Isle of Man's image as a hub for digital marketing talent, Report Central helps local sustainable businesses grow through Google adwords, social media and content marketing platforms. It not only supports the economy by employing local talent, it invest in the Islands digital future by providing extensive training and development.
In addition to their digital foundations, Report Central encourages smarter, flexible and remote working. Four of its employees operate a car pool to and from work, while working from home is promoted to help employees meet family commitments (TT, school holidays etc).
In the office, staff drink from reusable receptacles rather than single use plastics and clients are encouraged not to print emails and documents with all communications and documents being shared via a central online communication portal.
The company supports the Rebecca House charity and plans to further grow its role in the Manx community.

Island Shellfish
Island Shellfish

Island Shellfish is a Port St Mary-based shellfish processing business.
As well as being an employer, it is assisting the economy by diversifying into new markets and working to increasing the first-hand values of shellfish to local fishermen.
It also works with scientists at Bangor University to promote sustainable fisheries. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, it has given talks on positive fisheries management.
Island Shellfish promotes the Island to markets overseas, something it is expanding.
It is always striving to reduce waste and unnecessary packaging.

Mannin Hotel
Mannin Hotel

The Mannin Hotel on Broadway, Douglas, opened the year the Island gained its UNESCO Biosphere status, 2016.
The art deco design building features a modern heat exchange system that minimises energy usage, making it 40% more efficient than similar buildings.
This technology saw the hotel and Stewart Clague Services (also a partner to UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man) win the Best Innovation in the Private Sector Award at the 2017 Isle of Man Energy Awards.
In-room information for guests is displayed on TVs rather than in paper form. Guests are encouraged to reuse towels. Waste is recycled where possible.
The hotel bottles its own mineral water from a local source, reusing bottles to avoid throwing away large quantities of plastic or glass bottles.
The Mannin has partnered with electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla to provide charging points in its car park.
The hotel is a member of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce and The Mannin is committed to supporting the local economy and uses Manx producers where possible.
In the community, the hotel regularly donates to charity and is this year raising money for the RNLI, which was founded in the Isle of Man.
It’s embedded in the hotel’s training and culture that staff are all proud ambassadors for the Island and take pride in promoting Manx culture, heritage and events.

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