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PlasticBusters on patrol

Litter has a new enemy in the form of PlasticBusters, which began patrols this year. Founder Jaime Amoedo describes how a charity walk of the Island alerted him to discarded rubbish and prompted him to set up the group.

Dave Roberts EV experience

Turning over a (nearly) new Leaf

Simple to charge, better for the environment, a calmer drive - and it goes up hills! Dave Roberts, a member of Government's Active Travel Group, writes about his first electric vehicle.

Mannin Quilters' Biosphere Wall-hangings

Mannin Quilters' Biosphere Wall-hangings go on display

Wall hangings that celebrate UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man have gone on show.

Lesser horsehoe bat by Gareth Jones

New bat species for Isle of Man

The Manx Bat Group has for the first time officially recorded the presence of Lesser Horseshoe Bats in the Isle of Man.

Balla Bird Box poster

Making school life more sustainable

The winter term of 2019 /20 has seen Ballakermeen High School’s 1700 students becoming even more determined than ever to take action around improving our environment. The Student Council explains more.

Parks Service reuses rainwater to irrigate parks and gardens

Douglas Council grows Biosphere commitment with parks innovations

Douglas Council is growing its commitment to UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man with innovative efforts from its Parks Service.

IOMFSA visit waste recycling centre

IOMFSA colleagues make positive contribution to environment

Colleagues in the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (IOMFSA) are making a positive contribution to the environment.

Traditional building

Event explores sustainable conservation of older buildings

An event this spring will explore conserving traditional buildings with climate change and sustainability in mind.

Calf of Man

Calf of Man's important role in tracking migratory birds

The Calf of Man is one of 20 'official' locations around the British Isles where movement of migratory birds is monitored. Aron Sapsford, Manx Wildlife Trust's Ornithological Warden on the Calf, writes about its importance and its most recent 'season'.


Project charts Isle of Man's journey towards tackling climate change

Mann's Green Footsteps is a Culture Vannin project charting the Isle of Man's journey towards tackling climate change. It is led by Sarah Mercer, Biosphere intern. She writes.

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