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Importance of Biosphere to tourism growth

The Island's Biosphere status plays an important role in enhancing its tourism offering.
As part of Visit Isle of Man’s commitment to Biosphere, it will welcome UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man to its northern drop-in and networking session on the 21st November from 2pm to 7pm, at Brightlife, Andreas.

UNESCO Biosphere Awards

Contributions to sustainability recognised at inaugural awards

Contributions to sustainability were recognised at inaugural UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Awards.

Beach Buddies

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man joins Beach Buddies' celebration

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man helped Beach Buddies to celebrate a significant milestone last week.

Lady Evelyn

Learn about the 'other' Laxey Wheel

Everyone knows the rich history behind the Lady Isabella. Dave Roberts, DEFA's Development Manager for Energy Policy and Minerals, writes about Laxey's 'other' waterwheel, the Lady Evelyn.

Hop tu Naa (photo: Culture Vannin)

Embrace the Celtic New Year by celebrating the ancient custom of Hop tu Naa

Hop tu Naa on the 31st October is the oldest continuously-existing tradition in the Isle of Man – a date that is historically the eve of the Celtic New Year and a time to be extra wary of witchcraft and other supernatural happenings.

Edmund Southworth

Edmund Southworth's #MyBiosphere

The Isle of Man is the only entire country to be a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, reflecting it is a special place for people and nature. Each month, authors from different walks of Manx life offer a personal perspective on #MyBiosphere. To mark Year of Our Island’s ‘Heritage’ month, we hear from Edmund Southworth:

Hope by Dr Peter Duncan

MNH talk series: 'Hope' for the Future: putting a whale at the heart of the Natural History Museum

By Laura McCoy, Natural History Curator, Manx National Heritage

On the 8th September Richard Sabin of the Natural History Museum, London, delivered a talk on Hope, the blue whale skeleton that has taken centre stage in the Hintze Hall at the Museum.

Fulmar by Neil Morris

Isle of Man seabird census 2017-2018

By Neil G Morris, Managing Director of Manx Birdlife

Nestling in the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man boasts a beautiful and varied coastline.


Three Pieces of Plastic campaign ends with beach cleans

By Richard MacNee

We think the best things come in threes. So it made sense for three organisations all interested in removing plastic from our Island to get together for an initiative during September.


Minister to present first UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Awards

Judging has taken place in the first UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Awards.