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Robin by Manx BirdLife

Don't spread glitter outdoors this festive season

All that sparkles doesn't shine when it comes to distributing glitter outdoors. Rowan Henthorn, Plastics Reduction Officer with the Isle of Man Government, appeals to us not to harm animals and birds while celebrating Christmas.


Biosphere surveys businesses over sustainability training requirements

Businesses in the Isle of Man are being surveyed over training that will help them adopt more sustainable practices.

Richard Threlfall

Global KPMG expert delivers Biosphere business webinar

Isle of Man businesses have the opportunity to learn about adopting sustainable practices via a webinar being presented by a global expert.

UK ratification of UNESCO constitution

75th anniversary of UNESCO founding

Today (16th November) marks the 75th anniversary of the foundation of UNESCO in London.

Laxey Woollen Mills

Partner profile: Laxey Woollen Mills

Established in 1881 on the banks of the Laxey River, Laxey Woollen Mills is the only commercial woollen mill on the Isle of Man. Producing traditional and contemporary tweeds, cloth and tartans, the Biosphere Partner boasts a long heritage in locally produced, hand-woven fabric. Julia Ashby Smyth gives us a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes.

Energy-saving tips

Take the chill out of winter energy bills

As temperatures drop and nights get darker, so energy bills can rise. The Isle of Man Government has tips for taking the chill out of bills and reducing energy usage.

Willow lantern workshops

Traditional workshops reduce plastic use

Grainney Sheard, Arts Engagement Officer with the Isle of Man Arts Council, tells us how traditional pre-Christmas willow lantern-making workshops are becoming more eco-friendly this year in line with the organisation's Biosphere pledge.

Debra Tracey-Carney

Debra Tracey-Carney's #MyBiosphere

Debra Tracey-Carney, of Biosphere Partner Isle Be Creative, is November's guest author of the #MyBiosphere series in Business 365, magazine published by Mannin Media.

Slow Fashion Isle of Man

Slow route to sustainable fashion

When it comes to sustainable fashion, we should take things slowly, says Biosphere Partner the One World Centre, one of those behind a new Isle of Man movement

One of Sally Black's vases

Sally's art celebrates nature of our Biosphere

Artist Sally Black captures our Biosphere's wonders on canvas and on ceramics. She tells us about her work and where you can see and buy it.

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