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Ballaugh Forest

Biosphere holidays announced by Island travel firm

An Isle of Man travel firm is marking its Partnership with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man by launching unique Biosphere holidays.

The Plant It Forward logo

Company marks Covid lockdown with Plant It Forward campaign

Isle of Man marketing and PR company Ashgrove Marketing has joined forces with the Isle of Man Woodland Trust to launch Plant It Forward, a campaign to plant more trees for the Island’s future generations.

KWC's finalists

Students reach final of global innovation contest

King William's College has reached the final of a global innovation competition by tackling ocean plastics.

Egg carton germination

Grow your own way and reap the benefits

You can grow your own way and reap all sorts of benefits, writes Breeshey Kermode, Project Assistant with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

Andrew Cooper of the Manx NFU

How farmers are proving part of the solution in striving for a carbon neutral Isle of Man

Andrew Cooper, General Secretary of the Manx NFU, writes about how the farming industry is conducting an innovative audit of its carbon output, providing a key contribution to the Isle of Man's climate change targets.

PlasticBusters and Beach Buddies

Litter-picking groups join forces to stem the tide, piloting a new app

Two of the Island's best known litter-picking groups joined forces just before lockdown to stem the tide of rubbish washed ashore as a result of winter weather, piloting a new app.

Tanya Anderson

Make the most of your backyard biosphere, says author

Tanya Anderson writes and broadcasts about green living. She has a new book coming out in April encouraging people to make the most of their 'backyard biosphere' and she tells us about it.

KWC climate change committee

School acts over climate change

Biosphere Partner King William's College is taking action over climate change. Student Jasmine Harding outlines its ambitions.

Emma Sayle

UCM student to help businesses adopt sustainable practices

Emma Sayle, who is studying for a Masters degree in Business Sustainability at University College Isle of Man, has started a placement with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man. She writes about her project and how Partners can get involved.

The Collar Club Ltd

The doggy day care company intent on sniffing out litter

Many of us walk our beloved dogs every day – but how many pick up more than just poo? For this month's Partner profile, we meet Hannah Griffiths, director of The Collar Club Ltd, whose doggy day care business is trying to help tackle litter problems nose first.

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