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Hop-tu-Naa Finn Franklin by Culture Vannin

The scariest thing about Hop-tu-Naa? All the plastic.

This Hop-tu-Naa, there will be a scary amount of single-use plastic in circulation, writes Breeshey Kermode, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Project Assistant. Let’s work together to break the new tradition of consuming unnecessary plastics.


Don't mess up the Isle of Man, says Environment Minister

Don’t mess up the Isle of Man. That is the message from Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for Environment, after he and his wife Suzie went out on a Sunday morning patrol with PlasticBusters.

West Coast Marine Nature reserve

#MarineMondays: West Coast part three

In the final article in the #MarineMondays tour of our Marine Nature Reserves, Dr Peter Duncan, Senior Marine Environment Officer for the Isle of Man Government, writes about the connections between land and sea, the past and the present - and the importance of understanding what lies beneath 'the big, blue-grey wobbly thing' we see from the shore.

Versa webinar

Businesses and Biosphere work together for greater sustainability

A series of #Wednesdaywebinars exclusively for business Partners of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is exploring the topic of sustainability.

Hon Geoffrey Boot MHK

Minister praises Biosphere partners’ Covid efforts in video

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man partners are praised for the part they played in the Island’s response to Covid-19 in a video released this week.

Brent geese by Peter Christian

Brent geese and their fascinating relationship with the Isle of Man

This World Migratory Bird Day (October 10th), we take a closer look at Brent Geese and their fascinating relationship with the Isle of Man, in particular Langness and Derbyhaven.

Professor Hugh Davidson

Professor Hugh Davidson's #MyBiosphere

Professor Hugh Davidson MBE, Chair of Rushen Heritage Trust, is October's guest author in the #MyBiosphere series that features in Business 365 magazine, published by Mannin Media.

Coronation Garden

Food-sharing initiatives that feed the hungry, forge friendships and reduce waste

Environment champion Cat Jenkins writes about food-sharing schemes she is involved with and how they help the hungry, foster friendships and decrease waste.

Speckled bush cricket

Rare insect discovery sparks interest

Naturalist Kate Hawkins writes about the surprise discovery of a rare and protected insect in a new location in the Isle of Man.

The Manx Herbalist

Telling the story of the healing powers of herbs

Did you know that hawthorn is a heart tonic, the daisy can heal bruises, or that nettle is used to treat eczema and arthritic pain? Jane Prescott, The Manx Herbalist, tells us how plants maintain health, cure illness and soothe wounds.

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