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Whimbrel at Langness by Peter Christian

Threatened bird visits in large numbers this spring

Marking World Migratory Bird Day (8th May), Louise Samson, Biodiversity Officer at the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, writes about a threatened species that has been stopping off in the Isle of Man in large numbers this spring.

Life in the Uplands

Webinar explores life in the uplands

The next in the tri-Biosphere webinar series with Kerry and Dublin Bay Biospheres explores 'Life in the Uplands'.

EPPO bug

Giant bug let loose in Biosphere with plant health message

A giant bug has been let loose in our Biosphere – to promote keeping it healthy.

Calf of Man Bird Observatory

Vital work of Calf of Man Bird Observatory

On World Migratory Bird Day (8th May), we speak with Aron Sapsford, Ornithological Warden at the Calf of Man Bird Observatory, about its role.

Refill Refreshed

Refill Refreshed scheme reduces plastic use and waste

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is refreshing Refill Isle of Man to further reduce single-use plastic use and waste on the Island.

RTE logo

Manx birdsong to feature on radio programme being broadcast to the world

The Isle of Man will be represented on a Celtic nations' dawn chorus radio broadcast that will be heard globally this Sunday (2nd May).

Young Nature Blogger

Enter Young Nature Blogger 2021

Young people who love nature and the outdoors are invited to take part in a summer writing challenge.

Kate Summerville

Artist Kate is inspired by the sea

Isle of Man artist Kate Summerville describes how the sea that makes up nine tenths of our Biosphere, and its colourful inhabitants, inspire her work.

A bat high in a building's recess

Bats emerge as spring warms up

Look up while out and about and you may just see the fantastic sight of a bat in flight as they emerge this spring. Lydia Riddell, Biodiversity Project Officer at the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, tells us more about these beguiling creatures.

Students benefit from time with conservation charity

A conservation charity is providing an educational opportunity for students.

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