TT and our UNESCO Biosphere

Enjoy and explore our Biosphere responsibly during the Isle of Man TT Races.

Welcome to the first carbon-neutral TT and welcome back after such an absence.

We hope you have a safe, happy and memorable time in our Island, a UNESCO Biosphere, which promotes sustainability and the conservation of our nature and culture.

You can enjoy, assist and get involved in our UNESCO Biosphere by:

-      Enjoying our spectacular natural environment. We have more than 6000 species of animals, birds, plants, insects etc and welcoming you this May and June are thrift-covered cliffs, spring squill on coastal grasslands, abundant birdlife, bluebell woods, active bumblebees.

-      Going only on land that’s public or where you have the landowner’s permission – practice/race days or any day.

-      Visiting one of our 10 Marine Nature Reserves or 17 National Glens, a world away from the hurly-burly of the races.

-      Admiring, but not getting too close to, or disturbing, our wildlife. Many birds are nesting and it’s a sensitive time for them.

-     Enjoying our sweet mountain air, but staying on track and not riding over open heathland  

-      Taking a waste bag out with you for the day to collect up all your rubbish if watching races and picnicking, and taking that back to your accommodation or safely disposing of it in bins.

-      Reducing plastic waste and pollution by filling up with water using your own reusable cups and bottles at any of our 140 Refill Isle of Man Stations all over the Island. Download the Refill app and look out for the blue sticker in windows. If the sun comes out, you stay hydrated, too.

-      Visiting Manx National Heritage sites, which take you back to the beginning of time in the Isle of Man.

-      Trying something different from the array of Manx produce. We have hundreds of innovative local food and drink producers and eateries working hard to bring you a taste of the Isle of Man this fortnight.

-      Learning a few words of Manx Gaelic. You could even say hello to the fairies (it’s compulsory) at Fairy Bridge in Manx ‘Moghrey mie mooinjer veggey’ when you pass them in the morning, ‘fastyr mie mooinjey veggey’ in the afternoon, or ‘oie vie mooinjey veggey’ if you are saying good night. And some more handy Manx: ‘Laa mie ec y ratçhal’ – ‘a good day at the races', and - always handy -  ‘mist on the mountain’, ‘yn slieau fo coodagh kay’.

-     Getting involved in Manx culture by taking part in Culture Vannin's #40ManxThings (see its social channels), marking its 40th anniversary.

-    Taking home something uniquely Manx as a souvenir, made by one of our skilled artists or crafters or one of our shops.

-      Sharing with us on social media your favourite ‘non-racing’ photos taken while you are here and tag us in them. Or send them to

-      Looking out for our Biosphere advertisements on the Sea Terminal and on Isle of Man Transport’s hybrid buses.

-      Keeping up with news from our Biosphere, from wherever you are in the world, by join our Biosphere Buddy mailing list.

And, finally, it all starts with a visit. If the Island has (re)captured your heart, well, you could be here all year round. Check out Locate Isle of Man for the range of opportunities to live and work in a UNESCO Biosphere and by the TT course all year round.

Photo of a Peregine Falcon by Peter Christian.

Posted up on 26th May 2022


If you love the Isle of Man and want to help keep it special, there are a variety of ways to get involved in UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man projects. Here are a few suggestions.

Please help us spread the word about Biosphere Isle of Man!