Seagull sponsorship to support youth skills

Junior Achievement develops a seagull sponsorship scheme to help young people to 'dream big, fly high'.

'Dream big, fly high'.

That's the message from Junior Achievement Isle of Man, which has recently launched a new appeal to fund its volunteer and student training facility.

The charity, which works in every primary and secondary school, helps young people to develop the life skills they will need to succeed after education.

Supported by a team of more than 200 classroom volunteers, Junior Achievement helps 4,000 young people in the Isle of Man.

A stunning donation wall depicting Douglas Bay has been created with the help of local artist Clare Payne, the Biosphere Artist in Residence with Manx Wildlife Trust.

The Junior Achievement donation wall

Donors will have their names inscribed on a seagull, which will be located on the donation wall in the training centre. They will receive an invitation to the Junior Achievement office for a photograph with the wall.

Donors will also be given a replica bird with a display stand for their home or office and a certificate and gift set.

The rewards you will receive if you sponsor a seagull for Junior Achievement

Sue Cook, CEO of Junior Achievement, said: 'Like many small charities, we have experienced a significant reduction in our income post-Covid, and we have been looking for innovative ways to raise funds. The donation wall aims to raise £20,000 to cover the running costs of the volunteer and student training facility for the next three years. This wall represents our commitment to helping young people dream big and fly high regardless of their academic ability or social background. The volunteer training centre is essential to continue our work in schools. We hope that people will get behind the appeal.'

The cost of sponsoring a seagull is £300.

To sign up, contact Sue Cook at 666266 or email

Cover image: Sue Cook, Junior Achievement CEO, and Clare Payne, Manx Wildlife Trust Biosphere Artist in Residence, with the donation wall.

Posted up on 19th November 2022


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