New spotter sheets for Marine Nature Reserves

What is under and around our sea and why is it important that we look after it?

What is under and around our sea and why is it important that we look after it?

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, in collaboration with Manx Wildlife Trust, is producing a new series of leaflets and spotter sheets to celebrate Marine Nature Reserves (MNRs).

The Isle of Man's 10 MNRs cover more than 50% of our Biosphere's inshore marine area, and protect some of our most important marine species and habitats – from rare eel grass meadows (which are nursery areas and carbon stores) to the long-lived Iceland clam (which live to more than 500 years).

Ramsey Bay Marine Nature Reserve was designated in 2011. The other nine MNRs were designated in late 2018.

The leaflets will provide locals and visitors with information about where the MNRs are, what they protect and how to use and care for them.

The spotter sheets depict animals, birds and plants that can be seen without getting wet. They can be used by tour guides and schools.

To coincide with the recent MNR roadshow in Douglas, the series started with Douglas Bay MNR and Little Ness MNR, which lies below Marine Drive.

New leaflets and spotter sheets will be produced as the roadshow travels around the coastal venues.

Southern MNRs will be celebrated at the Festival of the Sea in Port Erin on 13th/14th July.

Spotter sheets and leaflets can be download from the Isle of Man Government website, with new ones to be added as they become available.

Biosphere newsletter photo by Caroline and Phil Roriston.

Posted up on 12th June 2019


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