Biosphere Vannin photo competition

Annie Eastham wins the photo competition for the Isle of Man's bid for UNESCO biosphere status.

A photograph of Garwick Bay was chosen as the "focal point" of the Isle of Man's bid for UNESCO biosphere status.

Annie Eastham's image was judged to have "best captured the essence of what makes the Isle of Man a special place".

More than 250 photographs were entered in the government's competition to find a "powerful image" to support the bid.

The status recognises areas with "outstanding natural landscapes" and is held by 610 reserves in 117 countries.

If successful the Isle of Man would become the first country in its entirety to be designated a biosphere reserve.

The status is already held by places including Mount Olympus in Greece and Australia's Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock.)

Mrs Eastham said: "I hope it shows what a fantastic place the Isle of Man is to live and what wonderful opportunities it has for children to play and explore."

Her image was taken during an adventure day organised by the Children's Centre.

Posted up on 5th February 2014


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