Nikole Cervantes

Business and Biosphere the subject of study

Nikole Cervantes, a Masters student at University College Isle of Man, is carrying out a 10-month research project on how businesses connect with our Biosphere and the benefits that brings:

I came from Costa Rica to visit the Isle of Man a couple of summers ago.

After I travelled around the Island, enjoyed the landscapes and tried the delicious food, I became captivated by the diversity of culture that you can find in here and I thought that the Isle of Man would be a great place to live.

Because of that first impression, and with the opportunity of progressing with my education through the UCM, I decided to stay.

I am psychologist and, right now, I am working towards a Masters Degree in Business Entrepreneurship.

I am collaborating with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man on a project addressed to local businesses. Our aim is to improve the engagement between UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man and businesses, and vice versa, and how it’s contributing to a sustainable future.

Now, you probably will be asking yourself: What is a psychologist doing working in business and becoming involved with conservation and environment?

Because together they pave the way to a successful learning experience and change.

As I am a psychologist, I have always been interested in listening to what people think and their opinions about different subjects. That is why the project I am working on is a participatory project, where we want to know the good actions you have carried out in your businesses, your doubts, limitations and ideas.

I would like to get to know what the social and human aspects are in your companies and how you envisage changing behaviours to improve environmental quality and further develop the actions that allow us to continue improving this beautiful Island.

So then, how we can engage Businesses with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man?

That is the question that we are going to try to answer in coming months and I look forward to welcoming your ideas and hope we have the opportunity to talk.

  • Nikole is currently contacting Partners. To arrange to speak with her, email
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