UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man

Who is involved?

Our list of project partners is growing rapidly and encompasses businesses, schools, charities and community groups across the Island.


Jo's Dog Homestay
Jo's Dog Homestay

Jo's Dog Homestay offers stays for pets in the Douglas home of Jo Hobson.
In exercising animals, the business respects nature, wildlife and livestock and treats the countryside with respect.
It uses oxo biodegradable bags for dog waste, to minimise damage to the environment.

Bella Luna Beauty
Bella Luna Beauty

Bella Luna is located in beautiful Derbyhaven bay.
It uses natural products and promotes a healthy lifestyle, which has long term benefits for the individual and the Island's economy.

Ambitions Ltd
Ambitions Ltd

Ambitions is a Douglas-based company providing a range of business services.
It believes in steady, sustainable growth and has a stable workforce, several of whom have been with the company for more than a decade.
Ambitions’ directors and staff don’t travel for business unless absolutely necessary, instead utilising technology to speak with clients further afield.
The company recycles everything possible, prints only when it needs to and all the staff drink from reusable coffee cups.
With strong Manx roots, Ambitions answers the telephone using the Manx language.
The company has a strong corporate responsibility ethos and believes in giving back to the community.
Its directors are involved in a number of local charities, including Scouting, the Parkinson’s Society and the Science Institute. The company is sponsoring a young Manx sidecar racer in his 2018 season.
Ambitions advertises positions globally, realises applicants are drawn to the Island because of its enviable environment and, as a partner, will actively promote the Isle of Man’s Biosphere status.

Leela's Kitchen
Leela's Kitchen

Leela’s Kitchen is a small local business that sells spices, sauces and snack mixes, cooks for dinner parties and stages cookery classes.
Its Indian owner Kumar Menon is keen that the traditions of cooking are maintained.
His method of creating dry frying his spices, releasing oils that make them more flavoursome and longer lasting, means they must be sold in containers. However, Leela’s Kitchen has moved to recyclable plastic tubs and is always investigating more environmentally friendly options.
It encourages reuse of his tubs for other purposes and if customers bring tubs back to Kumar, he will refill them, saving waste.
Leela’s Kitchen works in schools, educating children about the importance of cookery as a skill, and supports local charities through donations of vouchers for its services.

Flo The Coffee Van
Flo The Coffee Van

Flo is a quirky mobile coffee and cake van, based in a converted 1960s Citroen horsebox, and outside catering business.
Its owners Annabel and Stuart Gentry source ingredients locally, where they can, to support local businesses and reduce ‘food miles’.
Their recipes feature seasonal produce, promoting Manx fruit and vegetables and using up local growers’ surplus crops.
Their hot drinks are served in real mugs to avoid waste and their plates and cutlery are made of sustainable materials.
Flo supports Manx culture and heritage through traditional local festivals and carnivals and newer events such as Cyclefest and the Deep South Festival.
Flo has a music stage at some events and plans a new, family-friendly weekend festival, with workshops, to promote UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.
Flo has also attended community events such as the Scouts’ St Georges Day parade, Braddan parish fete and Douglas fun day.

The Flower Studio
The Flower Studio

The Flower Studio creates florals for weddings and events and hosts workshops.

Its designs are inspired by the beautiful Manx land and seascapes that are so important to UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man and many of its bouquets carry Manx names, promoting awareness of Manx culture and heritage.

The Flower Studio uses locally sourced produce where possible, adapting its designs to suit what is available seasonally.

Its displays are in reusable or biodegradable containers such as tin cans or baskets, enabling it to reduced use of plastics by two thirds. It also recycles green waste, plastics, paper and cardboard.

At workshops, refreshments come from local suppliers.

The Flower Studio also educates workshop participants about the origins of materials used in designs and reusing and recycling elements of them.

Saltworks SUP

Saltworks-Sup offers stand-up paddle-boarding experiences, safaris, snorkelling tours and dark skies events for individuals, families and groups.
It operates an ethical, ‘leave no trace’, principle on its trips, often collecting litter at sea and on beaches and disposing of it responsibly.
It works to educate customers on the importance of marine eco-systems and wildlife encountered while out on paddles, liaising with the Manx Wildlife Trust to provide information on sightings.
It promotes the Island’s coasts and walks.
It also cleans beaches in Ramsey, in support of the Marine Nature Reserve there, and harder to reach areas of the Island’s coastline, accessible by sea.
It supports, and gives a monthly donation to, Surfers Against Sewage.

Ballakelly Farm
Ballakelly Farm

Ballakelly Farm is a family-run farm and butcher’s business in Andreas, Isle of Man.
The fifth generation of their family to farm the land, Rachel and Alan Teare have 500 acres of grass and arable land and finish almost 3,000 top quality livestock each year.
The farm has a self-sustainable business model and uses as much of its land as possible, growing the grain its cattle eats and putting all its manure back into the land.
It harvests apples from its orchard for cider and feeds the by-products back to pigs.
It has beehives, for honey, which it uses in its products, and plans to expand on this.
Through its engaging online presence, by attending events and by welcoming visitors, Ballakelly promotes education about food provenance, farming methods and their contribution to the biosphere.
Ballakelly Farm is working with the Manx Wildlife Trust to encourage to the farm wildlife that complements farming practices.
It is investigating windmill and other forms of energy to power the farm.
It leads a village initiative to create compost from garden waste that is then used in manure.
Ballakelly minimises use of plastic by offering customers its own, hessian and cotton re-usable bags and upcycling bags, including Morsbags made in Isle of Man Prison.
It uses only compostable vegware at events.

BallaKarran Meat Company
BallaKarran Meat Company

BallaKarran is farmed by Will and Janette Qualtrough. It comprises of various parcels of land, part of which, at Cregneash, has been in the family for generations.
The use of sustainable farming practices, rearing its animals naturally, means there is less reliance on oil-based products. As a result, it has the coveted Pasture for Life certification.
BallaKarran Meat Company is a mobile farm shop run by Will and Janette selling its own beef and lamb, along with Manx reared beef, lamb and pork and Manx vegetables, dairy products and condiments.
BallaKarran proudly displays the Isle of Man food provenance label and is signed up to the Isle of Man Butcher’s Charter.
As well as major towns and villages, it aims to serve communities where there is little choice of local produce, in support of the Island’s economy. It participates in the Island’s burgeoning Food Assembly and in other food events.
In a bid to reduce use of plastics, and waste, where possible, BallaKarran encourages customers to bring their own containers and bags for purchases and serves meat the way traditional butchers did, wrapping meat in paper and using only paper carrier bags.
BallaKarran will promote UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man at every available opportunity.

Hound and Howl
Hound and Howl

Hound and Howl is a newly established natural dog food company that supplies high quality, high welfare, farm-assured Manx meat and farm-assured British poultry in mince and chunk form.
We’re passionate that customers should know exactly what they are feeding their dogs.
We buy all our beef, pork and lamb from Isle of Man Meats, supporting local agriculture and the economy and ensuring provenance, traceability and sustainability.
At our premises, we use A-rated, low-energy, freezers and natural lighting. We deliver products in eco-friendly and reusable insulated cooler bags rather than in cardboard or polystyrene.
We are working to minimise plastic use.
As we grow our business, and take on staff, we will increasingly support community events and will work to promote knowledge of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man.

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