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Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival

Biosphere hub at Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival

The Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival takes place next week - and there will be a Biosphere hub and a focus on waste reduction and recycling. Lucy Verdon, of DEFA's food team, writes:

Leo Wasley

Isle of Man delegate chosen to represent UK and Ireland at global gathering

A member of the UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man youth forum has been chosen to represent Biospheres in the UK and Ireland at an international gathering.

Coast cleaning

The volunteers cleaning hard to reach parts of our coastline

A small group has taken the initiative to help clear pollution present at difficult to access areas of our coastline. Adrian Carbery writes about its work.

Latest Events

12 June 2019

Inaugural UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Lecture

Professor Peter Bridgewater delivers the inaugural UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Lecture, sponsored by Zurich International.

12 May 2018

Wave Goodbye to Plastics craft workshops

In the morning, (10.30am) children will make bird feeders and use up waste plastic in creative ways for wildlife. In the afternoon (1.30pm), adults will learn to ditch plastic by making beeswax wraps, microplastic-free cosmetics and air fresheners.

09 May 2018

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man in a Changing World

What does it mean to be a small Island Biosphere Reserve in the context of climate change, environmental degradation and a world in flux?