Refill Isle of Man

Refill Isle of Man

Join #RefillIsleofMan and help reduce plastic consumption and pollution while keeping people topped up with various daily essentials when on the move.

Sign up your premises to be a Refill Station, display the distinctive blue sticker and appear on the Refill app so people know where to find you and what you can offer. Fill up on request with whatever your premises can offer - from cold tap water and hot drinks, to lunches, cleaning products and more. 

You can sign up to be a Refill Station free of charge if you

Simply fill in the form below and submit it to us at UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man. We hold the licence to run Refill in the Isle of Man.

Have a photo of your premises at the ready to upload.

You will receive a welcome pack, including your sticker, and we will add you to the app.

(To inquire about having outdoor or temporarily, pop-up, Refill Stations, visit

Refill is an award winning campaign, run by City to Sea.