Think B-I-R-D-S

Think B-I-R-D-S when cleaning beaches

The Isle of Man Government and the charity Beach Buddies Isle of Man have teamed up to help minimise the disturbance of nesting birds by people while beach cleaning.

Many bird species lay their eggs above the high water mark, but birds, eggs and nests can be well camouflaged and disruption can cause nests to be abandoned.

The ‘Think B-I-R-D-S’ guidance can be found on Beach Buddies brightly coloured bins and provides beach cleaners with helpful tips to observe during the bird nesting season on the Island, which runs until the 31st August.

Beach Buddies Isle of Man hosts beach cleaning events and provides bins around the Islands coastline for the proper disposal of beach and marine litter.

The advice applies to organised and individual beach cleans.

Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, said: ‘It’s fantastic that so many people actively help to clean our Biosphere's beaches and this guidance will help to ensure that our precious nesting birds are left undisturbed during these activities.'

Think B-I-R-D-S

Brief volunteers about nesting birds and signs to look out for; some birds make their presence obvious but others quietly move off hoping nests remain undetected.

In breeding season, walk below the High Water Mark (HWM) if you can, to avoid tramping nests.

Remove only plastic and rubbish, leave wood and seaweed (they create food and shelter).

Don’t drag any materials along areas around the HWM.

Stay away if you know, or suspect nesting birds to be present.

Pictured are Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for Environment, and Bill Dale BEM, Beach Buddies' founder, affixing stickers to a bin in Peel.

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