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22 March 2015

Countryside - All creatures great and small

BBC Countryfile logo - all creatures great and small

Adam explores all creatures great and small on the island, following in Forbes's footsteps and investigating the local rock pools with a group of young marine enthusiasts.
He finds out about farming on the island, from the school that has farm-assured status to the native Manx Loaghtan sheep. One animal you wouldn't expect to find living wild on the Isle of Man is the Australian wallaby. Adam goes on a safari to find this unexpected beast.

Great to see a really good review of some of the amazing places on the Isle of Man.  There can't be many schools that also have a farm as part of their school and lessons, great to see. There could have been up to 8 million people watched this, if you missed it, can use iPlayer to see it again. 

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